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Seen Stephan?

Remember ol’ Tobias Stephan, 08-09’s backup goalie?  The one who was a complete failure because no one believed in him?

Well, in the off-season he signed with a team in the Swiss league and we’ve heard virtually nothing since then.

Until now.

Read the translated story here.  Or watch the YouTube down below:

So not his fault.

Blame Marek Malik.


You Gotta Be Joke-inen: The Early Birthday Post

Hey, I gotta say something super important.  Tomorrow is Jussi Jokinen’s birthday.  On  April Fool’s Day.

Happy (early) birthday, Juicy, you shootout assassin.

Just saying.

Ahem, onto the Stars…the Stars play the Sharks tonight.  I’d love to see them win, but let’s face it: this season is O-V-E-R.  I’d hate to see them go for the high draft pick.  I just hate seeing them lose, no matter the results.  It’d be nice to know that my team is somewhat dignified like that.

Prediction: 4-2 Stars.  We always play pretty well against the Sharks.  Goals by Brad Richards, Mike Ribeiro, James Neal, and Loui Eriksson.

Let’s kick some ice.

Go Stars!

Playoffs? Who Needs ‘Em?

Yeah, that’s my sad attempt to feel better about the Stars not making it…again.  But you know, whatever.  I have some reasons why this isn’t the worst thing ever.  My belief is that there is ALWAYS a silver lining.

So, I give you my reasons why the Stars not being in the playoffs isn’t the end of the world:

1. You don’t have to stress over how the Stars are doing in the playoffs.  Since they’re not in the playoffs,the only thing we have to worry about is who they’ll draft, free agents, etc.  I learned last postseason that that is actually a really good feeling, a welcome break from the stressful playoff runs of the past few years.

2. The opportunity to get to know other teams is worth taking.  Last year, I jumped on the Capitals bandwagon and eventually the Red Wings bandwagon.  Throughout the playoffs, I learned more and more about these teams.  They became my teams and I felt their happiness when they won and their heartbreak when they lost.  At the end of the playoffs, I could name every player on every line of those two teams.  I was a Caps fan before, but now I’m still a Wings fan.

3. We have high hopes for next season.  With the end of our second straight  playoff-less season, we once again have a lot to look forward to.  Jamie Benn.  Tom Wandell.  More James Neal and Loui Eriksson.  Kari Lehtonen.  These kids will continue to grow and impress us all.  Besides, next season hasn’t even started.  We can hope all we want to.  It’s a fresh start.

4. They don’t have high hopes for us next season.  They being the media and the so-called “experts.”  They won’t expect anything great from the Stars.  We’ll either wallow in a pit of misery like they expect us to, or we’ll have an amazing season that makes them go, “Wow.  How about them Stars?”  It’s a no-lose situation.

Guys, this is, like, a new beginning.  Like in that song, “Second Chance” by Shinedown: Sometimes good-bye’s a second chance…

You’d better like it.

Go Stars!


I have some random links and thoughts that just don’t justify a post, so here we go:

First off, Allan Muir of SI wrote a heartbreaking article about Mike Modano.  It’s heartbreaking because it brought tears to my eyes.  Although, honestly, EVERY Modano ‘end of an era’ article makes me about to cry.   I just hate that his is probably his last season.  It kills me.  Read it here.  Watch for the Patrik Stefan reference.

Next, an excellent article about my favorite superstar in the NHL, Alex Ovechkin.  It’s written from the Pittsburgh media’s point of view.

I like the quote from Nicky (Backstrom):

He always gives money from his pocket to homeless people – every time – when we are going to a restaurant or walking to practice. Did you know that?  Nobody tells that story, and I’ll show you why.  Ask him about it

Nick’s a good kid, defending Ovie like that.  He can’t be thaat bad, right?  Of course, Sidney Crosby probably says simialr things about Matt Cooke to anyone who will listen. 

Read the rest here.

Mike Ribeiro will not play in tonight’s game because he missed a team meeting today.  Heika says Ribs will be a healthy scratch tonight.   Ribs is such a punk, but I love him. 😛

Should be a good game tonight.

Go Stars!

Ponder This…

Kari Lehtonen has allowed two goals on the last 65 shots he’s faced.  Besides, the little blemish of the 4-goals-on-29-shots debacle, he’s been extremely solid.

In five games, he has allowed 11 goals on 170 shots.

Uhm, that’s pretty much amazing.

Kari has been playing out of his mind right now.  I can see why we made that trade and how it’s paying off now.  Just think how different the season could have been had Turco not been the starter at the beginning.  Kari Lehtonen has showed us that the Turco era is SO over in Dallas.   I want Lehtonen to be the new starter.

For those naysayers, the stats don’t lie.

Lehtonen is the future.  You’d better believe it.

Jersey Swap

It’s been announced that the Stars will swap their road and third jersies for next season.  Needless, to say, I’m not too pumped about that.  I hated the white alternate sweater when it came out and I still do.  It’s not as classy and smooth as the home one.  It’s just boring.  Plus, I love, love, loke the current road jersey.  I mean, at least it still has the REAL logo on the front.  And I like those cute little Texas patches on the sleeve.  Like, I really, really love them.

It’s so sad.  I just wanted to ditch that awful alternate and now it’s the new road jersey.  Gah.

Oh well.

Hey, speaking of Stars jersies, anyone in favor of bringing back the Mooterus?  It’s sooooo retro.

Fun With Anagrams

I was recently exposed to this amazing site that changes names to anagrams. It’s pretty awsome.

Here are some Stars and hockey-related anagrams:

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