Just Say No, Sharks

The Sharks are adding Ice Girls, a move that is really terrible. 

Read about it here on Sharks blog Fear the Fin. And send your thoughts to the Sharks’ business operations via this page on the Sharks’ website.

Here’s what I sent:

To whom it may concern:


As a female hockey fan, it concerns me that the Sharks have decided to add Ice Girls at the expense of men and women who are already performing the ice duties perfectly well. This move is deeply objectifying.


Give me one good reason why the male ice workers are able to wear the standard parka/baggy pants uniform, yet the female workers have to dress like they’re at the beach to do the exact same job.


This move sends a horrible message to fans of all ages that the Sharks organization values superficiality over all else. It’s not too late to change that message: a more positive message could be sent by reverting back to how the ice crew operated before.


PLEASE reconsider the decision to add ice girls. No one deserves to be exploited, and I truly believe that the San Jose Sharks can be better than this.


Thank you.

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