Monthly Archives: May 2009

1st Official Post!

It seems kinda stupid to kick off my Dallas Stars blog when they aren’t even in action right now, but whatevs. So, it’s a rematch of last year’s final tomorrow night. I’m not gonna lie, but I really don’t know who will probably win. My gut tells me Detroit, because they ALWAYS seem to win, but Pittsburgh’s been hot lately.

I feel like as big a traitor as Marian Hossa, but I’m rooting for the Wings. Truth is, I just don’t have any respect left for Crosby and Malkin after that Carolina series. Crosby was diving left and right and Malkin was being a dirtball. I had a feeling Malkin wasn’t very nice after that move he pulled on our very own Darryl Sydor by checking Syd’s head with his elbow. And he didn’t even get called for it. I thought the league was trying to outlaw head shots, but…anyway, that’s why I’m pulling for Detroit.

Oh, and here’s an interseting point I read somewhere. Detroit won its last 4 cups against Pittsburgh, Carolina, Washington, and Philadelphia in that order. Pittsburgh defeated Carolina, Washington, and Philly to get here in that order. Weird coincidence or what?