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O Captain, My Captain

ImageWe all knew it was coming. Even so, I was still pretty surprised when the Stars announced today that they swapped Brenden Morrow and third-rounder for Joe Morrow and a fifth-round pick. And thus, the Morrow era has come to an end in Dallas. I like the trade (and I think the Penguins might have slightly overpaid), but I have mixed feelings about Brenden leaving. Trades are just part of the business, but saying good-bye to a player who has given so much to the Stars isn’t easy.

Few players have shown the heart and soul that our captain has had at times, but there’s no denying that the Morrow we traded is a different Morrow than we saw in 2008. Five years ago, Morrow embarked on one of the greatest individual playoff efforts of the decade. Now, he’s an oft-injured disappointment who’s only shown rare glimpses of his magical 2008 form. Having your captain demoted to the fourth lines at times is, quite frankly, embarrassing. Morrow’s best hockey seems to be far behind him, and he wasn’t going to be re-signed. But at the end of the day, he’s still our captain and one of the greatest to ever wear a Stars sweater. So we say good-bye to one of the most frustrating (and beloved) players on the team.

The journey hasn’t always been easy for Brenden Morrow, but his passion and leadership has never swayed. If he does win a Stanley Cup, my biggest regret is that it won’t be with Dallas, the team he left such an indelible mark on. In fact, for some his true legacy will be that he was a part of some great teams that just weren’t quite good enough. But that seems unfair to Morrow.

What I’ll remember most about Morrow is his heart. It’s not something you can touch; rather, it’s something that touched all of us. I’ll never forget his Conn Smythe-worthy performance in 2008. I’ll never forget his ferocity and willingness to stand up for his team, especially when he took on the Vancouver bench hobbling on one foot. I’ll never forget everything he gave to this team. Some people are just made to be leaders. Brenden Morrow is one of those people.

With Morrow’s departure, only three players remain from that miracle 2008 playoff team—Stephane Robidas, Trevor Daley, and Loui Eriksson. This shows just how different the Stars are from that 2008 team. And Morrow leaving hurts more than anything.

For Stars fans, it will be very strange to see Brenden play in Pittsburgh. This trade feels very similar to management’s decision not to re-sign Mike Modano three years ago. Once again, a popular player is leaving and even though it’s the best decision, it’s not an easy one to accept.

Most people will remember him for this:

But this is who Brenden Morrow is:

So long, #10. And thank you for everything.


Happy Cinco de Morrow!

Okay, it’s not technically Cinco de Morrow yet.  But at 1:24 tomorrow morning, Stars fans everywhere will be awakened by their alarms to “Rock and Roll Part 2” and celebrate a truly unforgettable moment in Stars history.  Cinco de Morrow is our holiday, a unique one that only Dallas Stars fans celebrate.

Because it was at 1:24 a.m on May 5, 2008 that Brenden Morrow redirected Stephane Robidas’ pass between the legs of Evgeni Nabokov and ended the eighth-longest game in history.  I remember that night perfectly.  It was a Sunday night, so it’s not like I should have been staying up all night, but I did it anyway.  Game 6 had to have been the best game I’ve ever seen.  Turco and Nabokov were fabulous and it was a true marathon.  I won’t ever forget that night.

You’d better believe it.


The Aftermath

They might want to call the Vancouver Games the “Upset Games.”  At least that ‘s what they are in terms of the hockey tournament going on.  Slovakia over Russia.  America over Canada.  Czech Republic over Sweden.  WHAT IS GOING ON?  This is crazy, just crazy.  

I’m upset right now because of some of these upsets.  I wanted the gold medal final to be between a combination of Russia, Finland, Sweden, and America.  Now two huge hockey powerhouses- Russia and Sweden- are out.  How the heck does that happen?  Thirty years after the biggest upset ever (that’s the Miracle on Ice, if you didn’t feel like figuring it out), there are upsets aplenty at these Olympics.

Now, I have some words to say to some certain individuals, some good others bad:

To the Russian GM…

Dear Vladislav Tretiak, 

How does Sergei Zubov sound now that Russia’s out of the tournament?  You could have really used a defenseman like him to calm your team down and actually make them look put together.  Russia looked frantic and like they had no plan whatsoever.   It didn’t help that your coach, Vyacheslav “Slava” Bykov, didn’t look like an adequate coach.  And Mr. Tretiak, I just wanted to say that I was right.

To Alex Ovechkin…

Dear Ovie, 

Once again your team didn’t show up when it mattered most.  I’m sorry for that.  You’re awesome, you’re perfect, don’t change a thing.  Just keep being yourself and someday you will be rewarded.  Ovie, you’re one of my favorite players in the NHL.  To me, you are the epitome of my ideal hockey player- exciting, skilled, and has a personality.

When some call you a jerk, I call you a bad-ass.  When they call you dirty, I call you forcefully passionate.  When they call you non-traditional and cocky, I call you a rebel.  More than anything, Alex, just keep doing what you’re doing.

To Team USA…

Dear Americans,

What.  A.  Game.  Way to relive the Miracle on Ice and stage a miracle of your own.  I’ll admit that I was uncertain how such a young team could possible medal.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  I cheered the way I only cheer during the Olympics, if that makes sense.  When Ryan Kesler scored that empty-netter, he was no longer a dirty Canuck.  I didn’t care that Bobby Ryan was a Suck and a Mike Modano-wannabe.  I didn’t care that Brooks Orpik was a teammate of Sidney Crosby.  They were all Americans.  And that is what the Olympics does to a person.

To Sidney Crosby…

Dear Sid,

I don’t like you even more if that’s even possible.

To Brenden Morrow…

Dear Brenden,

I am not about to compliment you on your superb play for Canada.  Rather, I’m about to chew you out for it.  

Brenden, why is it that you look like you care more about Team Canada than the Dallas Stars?  Why is it that all year long you’ve wanted to make Canada’s Olympic team than you wanted the Stars to make the playoffs?  Why can’t you play for the Stars the way  you play for Canada?  Do we not give you good enough linemates on the Stars?  It’s funny, because Jamie Benn, Steve Ott, and Mike Ribeiro aren’t exactly Mike Richards and Jonathan Toews, but they still get the job done.

We want Brenden Morrow, circa 2006-2008.  Where’d he go?  Do we need to find him for you?  Where did our heart and soul of the team Morrow go?

Brenden, make itlook like you care, even if you don’t.  Please do that much for me…

In Other News:

Alex Auld has been waived.  Looks like we’re keeping Turco, huh? Of course you never know with GM Joe…

Finally, I just wanted to share this amazing gif that some wonderful perosn over at the Caps’ blog, Japer’s Rink, made.

No offense to Jaromir Jagr, but he was Ovechkin’d.

Brenden Morrow, Where Art Thou?

I just wanted to begin by stating the obvious: this has been a very frustrating year for the Stars, and especiallly for us fans.  There has been so much disappointment and no one’s sure who to blame for this all.  Is it goaltending?   The C-list defense?  Lack of motivation? 

Is it…the captain?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Brenden Morrow.  I like the way he plays and he’s got a lot of heart.  It’s just…that’s the “old” Morrow.

The new Morrow is disappointing, frustrating, lifeless…and most of all, unmotivated.  He has nothing anymore.

I know, I know, it’s the knee and those types of injuries take a long time to get back to 100 percent.  I know.  But you can’t use that excuse forever, you know.

The Stars have been frustrating to watch, and I think the root of it is Morrow.  He’s the captain and he’s supposed to give them life, give them motivation.  He can’t do that if he’s lacking in both categories.  He’s got the Modano-factor going for him: when he’s down, the team’s down. 

I’ve wondered why he was chosen for Team Canada this year, as well.  Could it be that Yzerman was going off of 2008?  If you really, REALLY think about it, 2007-2008 is all Morrow’s had.  That’s it.  Yes, he had a lot before he became captain in 2006, but 2007-2008 was his breakout year.  I think we’re all blinded by a longing for 2008 playoffs Morrow.  4-OT Morrow.  That Morrow is gone at the moment.  And he might never come back.

You don’t know how hard it is for me to say these things.  I don’t want to accept  that Morrow’s nothing anymore.  The sad fact is that the team has played better without him in the lineup than with him in it.  They’re a different team without him, and mostly, it’s a good different.

As hard as it is for me to say this, I think the Morrow era’s over in Dallas, and I won’t be at all surprised if he’s dealt at the trade deadline.

The Brenden Morrow we want and love and need, is lost and he might not find his way back home…

some stuff.

I hope you guys aren’t too freaked out by changes, because I just gave the site a whole new look.  Sorry to those who hate it, but I’m not changing it.  So, too bad. 😛

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has so far taken the Stars Fan Survey.  I’ve gotten a ton of responses, and I’m enjoying reading them all.  If you haven’t taken it and still want to, you can drop me a line at: dallasstars4life@gmail.com.

A bit of former Stars news: Darryl Sydor got invited to the St. Louis Blues’ training camp.  I’m crossing my fingers for him to make the team. 🙂

After the jump, a little gift for those who are pining for Brenden Morrow.


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Happy Birthday Nealer!!

It’s James Neal’s birthday today.  So, I just want to talk about how awesome he is.

I mean, Neal was one of the only good things that came out of 08-09.  He played his heart out, just so he could have a spot on the Stars.  Sadly, he was sent down to the minors, which he SO didn’t deserve, but it was, after all, “That Guy’s” fault.

The Real Deal had some pretty awesome moments last season, despite that unfortunate move by the Stars.  December was an awesome month for him.  He took out Derrick Brassard (and Brassard’s Calder Trophy) and showed us that he is indeed, “the Real Deal.”  Then, in Toronto, right before Christmas, Nealer scored his first career hat trick.  That was a good night to be a Star. 🙂

I’m pretty sure that Neal had the most multi-goal games of anyone on the squad.  I can think of five instances when he scored at least two goals in a game. 

To put it bluntly, James Neal rocks. 

And I can’t decide if he’s the next Mike Modano, or the next Brenden Morrow.  He’s got the size, speed, and scoring prowess of Modano.  But at the same time, he’s got the grit, toughness, and determination of Morrow.  So, really, he’s a combination of both.

One thing’s for certain, Neal is the real deal, and we’ll be seeing much more from this kid in the future.

You know, the Real Deal.

You know, the Real Deal.

Brad Richards is Only the 4th Highest Paid Player Now and Other Notes

-According to Pierre LeBrun, Hossa will get $7.9 million until 2015-16, and you know what that means?

Brad Richards with his $7.8 million a year is only the fourth highest player in the NHL now!  Yay!  Now my favorite Star won’t have to take so much heat for being paid so much now, because, honestly, I don’t think Hossa is worth that kind of money.  He’s a good player, yes, but he doesn’t strike me as a difference-maker. Besides, who hasn’t seen the tragic comedy that’s Marian Hossa’s recent career? ‘Nuff said.

-The Wild lost an injury-prone player to get…another injury-prone player. So what was the point of that?  Unless Martin Havlat and Marian Gaborik learn to stay healthy, Minnesota and New York both lose.

-Our very own Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas were invited to Team Canada’s training camp!  I’m very happy for both guys, and hopefully they make the team.

Brenden Morrow rocks. :)

Brenden Morrow rocks. 🙂

I’ve Got a Theory!

I was looking at a Brad Richards hockey card, and I noticed that his most productive season came the season after the lockout.  That brings me to my theory that Richards is most productive after not playing for a long period of time.  He hasn’t played since March 21 when he broke his hand, and you can hardly call that a full game.  When training camp starts, Richy will have not played for about 5-6 months. 

Brenden Morrow hasn’t played since November.  Ditto to Sergei Zubov. 

The entire team is disappointed in the 08-09 season, so all will be looking for a bit of redemption.  On top of that, Marc Crawford is a different, tougher coach.  The Stars will be serious about winning, and are good enough to go far.

Basically, this will be a team hungry to win again come October.  I can’t wait to watch the season opener and see the hunger in this team. 

Seriously, what do you think a healthy, hungry Brenden Morrow will be like on opening night?  It’ll be scary-good, I’m sure…

Let's see some more of this.

Let's see some more of this.