Monthly Archives: August 2011

It’s Benn a little while…

Hello lovelies!

I’m sorry I haven’t been recent, but I’ve had a lot on my plate lately.  Between work and school, I’ve had absolutely no time for anything, even simple things like reading and listening to music.

I changed my twitter name to @randomchapstick.  I thought you might find that relavant.

I love cheesecake, Supernatural, and pens (but not the hockey kind, y’know).  Rock music is my favorite (especially classic and alternative).  Puppies > kittens.

K byeeeeeeee.

This has been a non-hockey post.

It’s Sidney Crosby’s birthday, and I’m like whatever.

I’m sorry for neglecting this thing.  It’s just that nothing substantial is going on in the hockey world. 

Unless you count Sean Avery’s arrest.  But that was just a small scuffle because the officer looked at Sean’s scarf the wrong way or something.

As for the sale of the Stars, I’m afraid to write anything about it, so as not to jinx it.  But I do hope that it’s coming along. 

In the meantime, watch the musical American Idiot on Youtube.  It’s wonderful.  It really is.  Here’s part 1: