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Other Stars Picks

The Stars selected four more forwards in rounds 2-7:

Round 2, 38th Overall: Alex Chiasson

-There was no doubt in Chiasson’s mind that he was going to Dallas.  They were basically the only team he talked to.   It’s good to know that they got a guy they really wanted.   Keep in mind, that he’s conveniently a right wing.

Alex Chiasson, pronounced, "shay-sawn."

Alex Chiasson, pronounced, "shay-sawn."

Round 3, 69th Overall: Reilly Smith

-Once again, the Stars chose a right wing.  He’s speedy and Canadian.  That’s all I know.

Round 4: none

-This was part of the Brad Richards deal last year.

Round 5, 129th Overall: Tomas Vincour

-He’s yet another natural right wing, but people question his consistency and “soft-ness.”

Round 6, 159th Overall: Curtis McKenzie

-They switched it up a little and got a left wing.  He’s got a good attitude to make up for his scoring ability.

Round 7: none

-This was traded to San Jose for their sixth round pick next year.

A lot of these players look like they were chosen for having good attitudes and a lot of heart.  I really like the sound of that.  🙂

It’s Draft Day!

I gotta say, I’m pretty excited.  I’ve been waiting for this date awhile.  So, here are the big questions:

Tavares or Hedman first overall?

What will come of Vinny Lecavalier?

What about Dany Heatly?

Chris Pronger?

Marian Gaborik?

Jay Bouwmeester?

How about the goalie we’re trying to woo, Jonas Gustavsson?

And most importantly, who do the Stars take with the eighth pick?

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These Are the Faces of the Future

The first five, most likely.

The first five, most likely.

I’m not gonna lie, but I’m seriously hoping for a miracle so that Brayden Schenn could become a Star.  I really like that kid.   But as we all know, it’ll be John Tavares to the Islanders, Victor Hedman to the Lightning, Matt Duchene to the Avs, and then…I’m not exactly sure.  But it has to go that way; it’s perfect for all three teams.
The Islanders need a franchise guy, and they could get that in Tavares.  He’s easily the most skilled player in the draft, and the Islanders are lucky to have the chance to draft him.
Coming up: Why Hedman and Duchene are perfect for the Bolts and Avs respectively, and pre-draft rumor involving one Vinny Lecavalier.

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