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Grossman’s Been Signed!!!1

Thje Stars announced the signing via their Twitter.

The Dallas Stars have agreed to terms on a 2-year contract with defenseman Nicklas Grossman for $3.25 million.

How great is this?  I mean, we all knew he’d be back, but this news kind of came out of nowhere.  I guess I just assumed that with the length of time James Neal’s camp has been taking, Grossman’s would be that way as well.

On a more “serious” note, I think we signed Nick for a good price.  He’s a good, solid defenseman who will only get better.  He’s a massive presence and wears Derian Hatcher’s number well ( though not as ferociously).  It’s a very cap-friendly hit for such a troubled cap. 

I’m very excited for Grossman to be back, and hopefully he’s spent the summer getting meaner.  I don’t think that this signing will mean anymore wins or anything, but it will guarantee that one of our favorite Swedes will be back.

Speaking of defensemen, I need to remind everyone that Jeff Woywitka exists.  I often forget about that waste of (cap) space, and I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that he’s still a Star…much to our dismay.

Just keep that in mind.

We Are One

Wrap Around Curl is one of my favorite female hockey fans out there. She’s come up with a wonderful movement that is so far nameless, but is a cause close to my heart nonetheless.

Female hockey fans have always had a tougher time winning over the approval of some male fans. According to those men, we’re puck bunnies who love pink, sparkly jersies. It’s a bunch of BS. The hockey ladies I know and love would never be caught dead in those atrocities the NHL makes specifically for us. I’m a short girl with a chest, and the men’s clothing doesn’t fit right. But I put up with it in the name of hockey.

Besides females, homosexuals are also judged. Ever since Brendan Burke was brave enough to come out last winter, he’s been a hero of mine. His tragic death was unfair and so sad that I have no words for the grief it caused me. Since Brendan’s brave confession, gay rights has become an issue close to my heart. Because of Brendan, we are a step closer to having openly gay hockey players, and I think that’s wonderful.

Wrap is leading this cause, and I think you should check it out. Hockey is my favorite thing in the world, and as cheesy as it sounds, I just want us to all get along. We don’t have to like each other, but I think we should at least respect each other. We’re not the same, but at the same time, we are one.

Please check out what Wrap is doing.

Re-Vamping the Survey

If you can recall, a year or so ago, I put out an offer for a Stars Fan Survey that anyone could take. I’ve decided to put the offer out again. I don’t care if the Stars are your favorite team or your second or third favorite team. Just know enough about Stars history to answer the questions.

For anyone interested, email me at

Feel free to recommend this to other Stars fans or whatever. I’m trying to get as many back as I can, so I can maybe post the results and analyze them.

Thanks, and go Stars!

10 Things I Miss About Dallas Stars Hockey

Look at what I’ve resorted to.  I’m actually compiling a list of reasons I miss the Stars in this off-season.  But whatever.  I need something to do.

1. Marc Crawford’s hair.  His big hair is the only thing I like about him in his tenure so far.  Plus it inspired me to make this picture:

2. Steve Ott. I miss Otter’s on-ice snarkiness that is so endearing.  His slightly evil, demonic-teddy-bear demeanor is one of the few bright spots from mediocre team.

3. The goal horn. Hands down, we have the greatest goal horn in the league.  Of course, those Minnesota people believe that we stole the horn along with their team, and I don’t blame them for being mad.  It’s a great foghorn.

I make it my goal to hear it blare at least once a game because it’s such a great sound.  Actually, it’s my favorite sound in the whole world.

4. R & R. Confession: I throw a temper tantrum every time Center Ice or whoever doesn’t give me the FSSW feed.  I need my Ralph and Razor commentary to watch the Stars’ games.  It’s like ketchup with french fries. Ralph and Razor complete the Stars.

I think we have the best broadcasting duo in the league, but that’s just me.  R&R tell it like it is.

5. Defending Big D game threads. I don’t always show up, but it’s a jolly good time when I do decide to join the party.  It’s lots of fun to interact with other Stars fans, especially the wonderful community we have a DBD.  We don’t judge over there, so that’s pretty cool, eh?

6. Division rivalry games. It’s a priority for me to watch a game where we play the Ducks or Sharks.  We own the Ducks (mostly), and Stars-Sharks games have always been intense thrillers.  Plus, it’s not like any of us like each other or anything.

But no Kings or Coyotes games.  I hate playing them.  Everyone’s favorite Slovenian raccoon, Anze Kopitar, burns us six nights a year; likewise with Ilya Bryzgalov.  Which brings me to the next thing I miss…

7. That bad feeling one gets when the Stars lose. Yes, I really do miss that.  But on the other hand…

8. That wonderful feeling one gets when the Stars win. I love seeing my boys win, even when it’s obvious we won’t make the playoffs.  It’s cheesy and cliche, but seeing them happy makes me happy. 

Some people start to root for the Stars to lose towards the end of the season and root for the high draft pick.  I tried doing that once; it tore me apart.  I literally live to see the Stars win games.

9. Jamie Benn and the Youngsters. In the darkest times of last season, young guys like Bennster, Nealer, Fishsticks, and Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) made me smile through my metaphoric tears.  The cupboard isn’t bare either; guys like Glennster, Ondrej, and Jack Campbell should bring many more smiles in the years ahead.

Plus, I love seeing the kids make their NHL debuts.  Few things are more exciting than a baby Star’s initiation.  Here’s to hoping for many more opportunities for the kids. 

10. The ride. We don’t know where we’re going.  The Stars could make the playoffs, or maybe they’ll finish last in the league.  They might win the Stanley Cup, or they might be mediocre again. 

Who knows?

Whatever ends up happening, the ride is what counts.  Trophies and playoff spots are nice, but it’s the road you took to get there that will always matter most. 

I miss that feeling of not knowing what’s to come.  It’s one of the most thrilling things about hockey, in my opinion.  October can’t get here soon enough, so the Stars can begin the ride that will take them (and us, the fans) wherever it is we’ll end up.

Go Stars!

Something to Do

There really hasn’t been a ton of Stars news.  The guys over at Defending Big D have been doing a wonderful job of giving us stuff to talk about in the dog days of August.  Go on over and join the discussion. 

Heika’s been doing a great job on player profiles, which he does every summer. Just visit the DMN Stars blog.

As for me, I’ll just direct you to my Tumblr where I’ve been getting involved in all sorts of tomfoolery.  Stop by, say hi, whatever.

And finally, here’s a picture of B-Rad lookin’ sharp…

Nine Unforgettable Memories of #9 (in a Stars Uniform)

With yesterday’s news that Mike Modano will sign with the Red Wings, it’s official that he will not retire as a Dallas Star. I wasn’t sure if that meant that this was the time for a tribute or if I should wait until he retires. I just felt that perhaps I should do it now, when my head and my heart are full of emotion.

Mo gave us a lot of stuff to remember him by in his 21 years with the Minnesota/Dallas organization. However, I narrowed the memories down to nine unforgettable ones, the memories that will linger years after he’s hung up the skates.

1. Those Hard Passes! Whenever a young guy was able to take a Modano pass well, I silently applauded them. Mo’s passes were creative, precise, and hard. Even as he showed signs of aging, those passes always remained the same- literal bullets.

2. November 7, 2007- The Night Mike Modano Became the All-Time American. I think that Ralph said it best: “And he’s alone at the top.”

It was such a great moment. The class those Sharks and their fans exuded was very nice, especially when you consider what the Trashville people did.

3. Mo’s Mighty Ducks cameo. Okay, I realize that the Mighty Ducks soon became our rivals, but whatever. I got a real kick out of seeing Mo and Basil McRae the first time I ever watched the movie. The first time I saw it was in elementary school, and I proudly pointed out to my classmates, “That’s Mike Modano, Dallas Star and the best hockey player in the world.”

Seventeen years after that humorous guest spot, Mo starred in his own show: his final home game in Dallas against- who else?- the Ducks. Funny how it sort of went full circle, isn’t it?

4. The Beauty. Mike was blessed with GQ looks and ended up on a few magazine covers in his career. He’s definitely gorgeous, but I never had a crush on him because he was like family. If that makes sense.

Even more surprising is the fact that he is still in possession of the same exact teeth he started with. Pretty neat, huh?

5. The Goal Celebration. While people like Alex Ovechkin and Teemu Selanne are famous for their unique goal celebrations, Modano never was. When Mo scored a goal, his celebration was simple and classy: a winning smile, stick in the air, and light in his eyes.

6. Modano, the Dallas icon. Few athletes have ever been as adored in Dallas as Mike Modano was. You have Emmit Smith, Troy Aikman, Nolan Ryan…and Mike Modano. Without Mo, hockey probably would never have made it in the South. For 21 years, Mo has been the face of the franchise, the one people always associate with the Stars.

Mike Modano is well loved in Dallas and he loves the city back. That’s why Detroit is his hometown, but Dallas is his home. There’s a difference.

7. The Class…and the Respect Mo Garnered Because of It. It’s safe to say that everyone likes (or at least respects) Mike Modano. Sure, you’ll get those angry fans who are like, “I hate Modano. He always beats my team!” Then they’ll grudgingly say, “But I respect him because he’s a class act.”

When those Sharks fans applauded Mo’s achievment as the all-time American, it was because they knew it couldn’t have happened to a classier guy. When Ruslan Salei nearly broke Mo’s neck and there was talk of retribution from the Stars, Mo calmly said that a better revenge would be to beat the Ducks. That’s Mo for you- classy and graceful.

Mike Modano proved that nice guys do finish first.

8. April 8, 2010- The Finale. We didn’t know it at the time, though we probably guessed it, but the Stars’ home finale was also Mo’s home finale. It was the best regular season game I’ve ever seen. I can’t describe it any better than I did on my game review.

Everything went perfectly, and I’m truly glad that that was Mo’s last game in Dallas as a member of the home team.

9. His Jersey Flapping in the Wind. On his best nights, Mike Modano flew. Streaking down the ice, carrying the puck, jersey flapping in the wind, Modano was Superman. It is that mental image of Mo flying and jersey flapping that I will take with me from his years in Dallas.

Someday, Mike will be back in Dallas. First, for his jersey retirement ceremony. Then, he’ll join the Stars’ front office and be back where he belongs.

Until then, I will carry with me these memories of Mo and wish him nothing but the best with the Wings. As long as he’s happy, I can’t be angry with him.

It’s been fun, #9. Go make some new memories.

So Long, Marty

It’s official: MartyTurco is now a Chicago Blackhawk after the Hawks decided to walk away from Antti Niemi.

I’m happy about this.  Sure I would have preferred Turco in the East; we all would have.  But I’m glad he’s going to a contender, and I think he’ll get to shine behind the Hawks’ wonderful defense corps.

On Marty’s years in Dallas, I thank him.  While he was frustrating and shaky at times, he was a wonderful person on top of it all.  I wish him nothing but the best, and he’ll always be a Star in my heart.

It’s a bit heartbreaking to know that he’s really done in Dallas.  It still feels like I’ll see him in those gold pads handling the puck like the wizard he is.  Like every relationship, Marty and us fans had ups and downs. 

Who could forget May 4, 2008 in Game 6 against the Sharks when Marty played one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen?  He was at the top of his game that night, and he came out on top. 

Or what about 2007 against Vancouver when he recorded THREE shutouts, yet still lost?

We had some wonderful times and some truly hard times.  No matter what, I’ll always remember Marty Turco as one of the greatest players to ever come out of the Stars organization.

Best of luck to you, Marty, and I’ll really miss you.  Go win a Cup, why don’t ya?