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The League Finally Gets It Right

The NHL has suspended James Wisniewski eight games for his hit on Brent Seabrook the other night.  I just wanted to say that Wisniewski completely deserved it.  See for yourself:

I think he’s selling it

That has got to be one of the worst things I’ve ever heard an announcer say.   Shame on Brian Hayward.   That was just horrible of him to say.  The way Seabrook went down was disgusting. 

Wisniewski is a dirtball and that was a dirtball hit.  Think about it: Wisniewski is a defender, and he comes in from the blueline well ahead of speedster, Teemu Selanne.  What does that tell you?

Seabrook himself had had a questionable hit on Corey Perry, but that was nothing compared to Wisniewski’s.  He deserved all eight games.

Thank you, NHL for finally getting it right.


10/21/09 Stars Beat the Sucks aka “The One Where Otter Rocked His Return to the Lineup”

Great, great, great night.  The Stars won, and I actually got to watch Glee last night. Like I’ve said before, if you haven’t jumped on the Glee bandwagon yet, you really ought to.  Last night’s episode had a pretty awesome rendition of “Sweet Caroline.”  And, it’s just a really good time.  Seriously, watch it. 😛

Okay, onto the Stars game.  For some reason, the Stars seem to beat Anaheim in the first meeting of the season.  This time wasn’t any different.  Steve Ott came back and  just simply rocked everyone’s socks.  Sadly, B-Rad didn’t play because of his groin injury, but at least the Stars won.

Turco was actually pretty good for a change.  For that matter, so was Jonas Hiller.  Hiller is the only reason the Ducks are going to get anywhere this season, because their forwards and defense certainly won’t do the job.  I know it’s early, but you have no idea how happy I’d be if the Ducks missed the playoffs.  They are the one team that I truly hate.  Especially Corey Perry. Ew. Cory Perry.  Bleh.

I just wanted to say, though, that I really hate the way Anaheim does their three stars.  Their guy is a homer who doesn’t believe in the visitors sweeping the three star selections.  Remember Brad May in the 2008 playoffs?  Yeah, I know, totally messed up. 

These were the “official” three stars:

1. James Wisniewski

2. Loui Eriksson

3. Ryan Getzlaf

Uhm, what’s wrong with this picture?

If any Duck deserved first star honors, it’d be Jonas Hiller, who kept them in the game.  And I might be biased, but I’ve always believed that a member of the winning team should ALWAYS be first star.  That, my friends, is the definition of pathetic.

My three stars (with logical explanations to go along!):

1. Steve Ott- He was really a force out there, and he showed us all once again, why there is only one Steve Ott.  Plus he added an empty-netter, which is always nice. 🙂

2. James Neal- His two assists were critical for the Stars in this game.  Plus, he’s awesome 🙂

3. Loui Eriksson- Loui’s goal gave the Stars an early lead that they built on.

Then, if there was a fourth star, I’d say Jonas Hiller.  Still, Anaheim is pathetic.  Sad…

See you at the game tonight! 

Go Stars!


Heeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaack!

Heeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaack!