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Sergei Zubov, Dallas Star 1996-2009

Here is my tribute to one of the greatest, most underrated defensemen to ever play the game, and arguably the best d-man the Dallas Stars have ever had.

It all started on June 22, 1996 when the Stars stole acquired Sergei Zubov from the Penguins for Kevin Hatcher.  Who’d have thought that this would be one of the best, if not the best, trades in franchise history.

Zubie made this team what it was.  For the past thirteen years, he’s been our number one defenseman.  A leader.  A huge part of the franchise. 

I don’t know what I’ll miss most about Zubov.  His silky smooth moves?  Him rocking the point on the power-play?  Those scary-cool no-look passes?  His calmness?  His mentoring skills?

I’m just gonna plain miss the guy and everything about him.

I always took pride in knowing that Zubov was the most underrated player in the league, his only recognition being a Norris nomination in 05-06.  Maybe I’m just being a homer here, but Zubie deserved more than simply one Norris nomination.  He should have received at least one trophy, if not five of Nick Lidstrom’s.  Zubie wasn’t just any underrated talent, he was our underrated talent. 🙂

Zubie was always a quiet, humble guy.  He never said much, but he let his play do the talking.  Zubov never sold himself, either, even though with that talent could have. He drew the respect from players around the league because they at least knew he was something special.

I’ve always loved how he looks so happy when he’s on the ice.  Seeing the way he glowed was just priceless.  It’s times like that that you realize how much he loves playing hockey.  It’s painful to know that I’ll never see that again.

To me, the worst part about this whole thing is the fact that Zubov never got a proper final game.  It was just a random game in the season and nobody knew it was his last.  He never got a standing ovation or a final circle around the ice in Dallas.  Someday, we will honor him properly.  We just have to.

It’s been known for awhile that we probably wouldn’t get him back, but that still didn’t numb the shock or the pain when I saw that he was leaving us for good.  It kills me to know that he will never play another game for the Stars.  Ever.

As sad as it is that he’s departing for the KHL, I would have been devastated to see him sign for anyone else in the NHL. 

With Zubie going to Russia, it’s sort of  touching to know that he ended his NHL career with the Stars.  Zubov is a Dallas Star through and through.  I’d like to tell him,  “Thank you,” for that, because in a way, he repaid the franchise for everything.

I cannot wait for the day when 56 is raised to the rafters of the American Airlines Center.

Thanks for everything, Zubie.  I wish you nothing but the best.  56 to the rafters!

Sergei Zubov, Dallas Star Forever

Sergei Zubov, Dallas Star Forever

Sergei Zubov Signs in Russia

TSN has just reported that Zubie signed with St. Petersburg in Russia.  I’m shocked.  I honestly thought that he would stay in the NHL.

Secretly, though, I’m glad.  It would have killed me to see him playing for any other NHL team except the Stars.  That’s selfish of me, but I honestly would have cried every time I saw him in a different NHL uniform.

Thanks for everything, 56.  I wish you the best.

Finally, Some Stars News

Trevor Daley and the Dallas Stars Foundation helped out a family in need.  It’s an emotional story.  Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but it brought tears to my eyes.  Here it is:

Also, Dallas has a new look.  It’s a little bit easier to navigate, I suppose you could say.  It’s basically just the look of though.

Mike Modano was named the fourth best American player ever by The Hockey News.  For the complete list, here’s the link:

Rick Wilson was named asociate coach by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Also, happy Jiri Hudler Arbitration Day!

For That Hockey Withdrawal, Some “LOL”

I found a joke I laughed at, like, really hard.  I tweaked it a little bit to honor the Stars, but I hope you laugh as much as I did. 🙂 

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Some Brad Richards News

Thanks to Andrew’s for the heads-up for letting us know that Brad hosted his annual celebrity golf tournament.  

And for some reason that I’ll blame on the goodness of Brad’s heart, “That Guy” was invited, but didn’t show up.  Obviously, he doesn’t care about helping kids with cancer and autism.

Other guests were: Vinny Lecavalier (well, duh!),  James Sheppard (Minnesota), Corey Perry (BLECH!!!!), and our very own James Neal :).

Here’s the article:

If You’ve Got Hockey Withdrawal…

I found a really interesting article while I was researching Joe Sakic.  It’s about a bus crash that Joe himself was involved in while playing junior hockey for the Swift Current Broncos.  Check  it out:

Also, I learned a few things about Joe Sakic that I never knew before.  One, is that his parents are from Croatia (in eastern Europe if you don’t know your geography).  Joe grew up speaking Croation and didn’t learn the English language until he was five.  This is part of the reason he’s such a quiet guy.  He also had a brother named Brian who never acheived the success that Joe did.  It’s funny how a lot of the greats had brothers no one really heard about (Gretzky, Lemieux etc.)

That’s all I got for now. 🙂

Seriously. Stop These Richards to the Rangers Rumors

Even though it’s completely and totally obvious that Brad’s not going anywhere, the stupid New York Post is still talking about a potential trade for him.  It just needs to stop.  I already explained why this won’t happen in an earlier post, so why can’t they just figure it out?

The Rangers only have $2.5 million in cap space left, so they’d have to give up a big salary to take on Brad’s $7.8 million.  The only reason this trade would make sense for the Stars is to relieve Tom Hicks of some of his financial woes.  But getting a big salary like Wade Redden’s would completely defeat the purpose of the trade.

Plus, a guy as nice as Brad Richards doesn’t deserve to be exiled to the same team as Sean Avery.  That’s just cruel.

So my message to the New York Post is: Shut up and leave Brad Richards alone.

Psh!  Like we would ever exile Brad to Sean Avery Land.

Psh! Like we would ever exile Brad to Sean Avery Land.