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10/28/09 Stars Beat the Leafs in OT aka “In Your Stupid Face, Jonas Gustavsson”

I just wanted to say that I love that we beat Gustavsson.  If we hadn’t…well, I probably would never live it down.  But it doesn’t matter anymore now, does it? 🙂

Both teams were sluggish, especially the Stars.  They never really got into the game until the final few minutes and into OT.  They really shouldn’t have won, but it really shows their character since they fought and won it.  It was a good win and I hope the momentum carries into the next game.

Because the only two who really played decent were B-Rad and Nealer.  And at times Turco.  Morrow didn’t have a very good game, unfortunaltely, and neither did Jamie Benn until Ribs tipped his shot.  Let’s play better tonight boys!!

BTW, does this game solidify the fact the James Neal owns the Maple Leafs?  I think yes.  First a hat trick, then an OT goal…what’s next?

3 Stars of the Game:

1. James Neal

2. Brad Richards

3. Nikolai Kulemin

Tonight we face the atrociously bad Florida Panthers.

Go Stars!

Otter Suspended

He got two games, which I guess you can say is fair.  I thought he had a good chance of getting four-plus.  I’m still disgusted that Scuderi only got a fine for his low hit, and that Mike Richards got NOTHING, when that hit was way too late and poor David Booth is having bad headaches.

That’s the news.

In other news, did you watch the Leafs-Ducks game last night?  Nik Hagman, former Star extraordinaire got a hat trick and the Leafs crushed the Sucks.  That certainly improved my day.

And now, if the Stars lose tomorrow, it won’t be as bad.  See, they’ll only be the second team to lose to Toronto, not the first.

But still.  I’ll miss you, Steve Ott. 😦

Making Fun of Brian Burke and Co.

This great YouTube gem I found on Pension Plan Puppets, a great blog you should check out.  Now, the other day I said I was a bit of a Leafs fan.  However, I’m not a Brian Burke fan.  It comes from occupying the same division as that d-bag for awhile. 😛

But just watch.  It’s funny, I promise. 🙂

I love making fun of Brian Burke more than Kyle Wellwood fat jokes.  And that is saying something. 😀

I’m a Bit of a Leafs Fan

It’s all because of Niklas Hagman and Luke Schenn.  I love those two. 🙂  It makes up for my hatred of Jonas Gustavsson. 😛

But anyway, I hope you guys all read Down Goes Brown.  It’s  one of the best hockey blogs out there, and is good if you want some may-juh giggles. 😀

I was reading, and I found this gem, featuring my second-favorite Leaf, Luke Schenn.

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