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The Stars Fan Survey

Hey guys, I’m starting a project that I’ve decided to call The Stars Fan Survey.  What I’m trying to do is compare and contrast Stars fans.  How are we alike?  How are we different?

I’m really excited for this.  Anyone can take part.  I’m looking for people of different ages and any Stars fan.  I’d also like to have some people not from dallas, but are still stars fans.  If you’d like to take part, drop me a line at:

Thank you, and go Stars!

Morrow and the Red Team Wins Team Canada’s Scrimmage

And guess what?  B-Mo scored the game-winner in the shootout. 😀

Yay for him!!  I didn’t realy get to watch it because the video player broke but I read the recap this morning.  Morrow’s line with Jeff Carter and Mike Richards was one of the best, as they created several good scoring chances, and Carter scored a goal.  

The game was tied at 2-2 when regulation ended.  Morrow scored in the shootout to put the Red Team up 3-0.  They won the shootout 6-2, with Morrow’s goal the game-winner.

Brenden Morrow rocks. :)

Brenden Morrow rocks. 🙂

“One Mo Time”

I was searching around today, and I found an excellent article in last week’s Sports Illustrated.  It’s basically saying that Mike Modano is still a force who can lead Team USA in next year’s Olympics.

Read it here.

I know that Mo still has it in him, and if he makes Team USA, I’ll definitely be rooting for the Americans.  I’m not trying to be  a bad American, but it’ll be a miracle if they even medal.  My toughest choice will be whether to root for Brenden Morrow and the Canadians or Sergei Zubov and the Russians.  I’ll probably choose Russia simply because Alex Ovechkin rocks.  And I don’t really like Sidney Crosby.

Whatever, though.

How Do You Deal With Hockey Withdrawal?

August is the worst month for hockey fans.  Free agency is pretty much over, players are taking vacations, and the most exciting news is that the New York Islanders signed a player who will play in the AHL.  Basically, it sucks.

Luckily for me, I’ve got school to look forward to, but that’s not really something to look forward to.  If it wasn’t for Olympic camps, Dany Heatly, and the Phoenix Coyotes, this hockey withdrawal would kill me.  The NHL Network is great, but I don’t really like watching playoff repeats from Vancouver or Chicago.  They’re boring.  The only good series was Washington-Pittsburgh, and only games 1,2, and 6 were any good.  At least for me.

I’m running out of ideas here.

So, my question for you is, How do you deal with hockey withdrawal?

Morrow & Robidas Hit the Ice For Team Canada Camp

Well today was the first day for Team Canada’s training camp.  Our very own Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas were part of that lucky group.

Morrow spent most of his time on a line with Mike Richards and diva Dany Heatly.  I’m sorry, Brenden, but you’re a good leader, so you can keep that loser in check, right? 😉  He also spent a little bit of time on the top line with Sidney Crosby.

Robi, on the other hand, was paired with Dion Phaneuf, a total and complete loser.  Most consider Robidas a very long shot to make the team, but he keeps on believing and staying optimistic.

Hopefully they keep doing what they’re doing, and maybe we’ll see those two tear it up for Canada in February.  If they don’t make the team, I’m so rooting for Russia.  I’d root for USA, my home country, but really, let’s not get too carried away, shall we?

It’s Been a Slow Week

Not much has happened in the NHL unless you count 20 Cent’s trial and the US Olympic camp.  Also, Jose Theodore’s two month-old son passed away.  That causes me immense grief even though I’ve always been a big critic of his.  It’s so tragic.  I’d rather not think about it.

In the world of sports, the NFL’s version of Mats Sundin Brett Favre came out of retirement, after he said he was going to stay retired, to sign with the Vikings.  Personally, I don’t really like football, but I’ve been watching a lot of ESPNEWS lately to get over my hockey withdrawal.

The Texas Rangers have been doing pretty darn well this season.  Hopefully they make the playoffs, and Hicks can sell them and focus solely on the Stars.

Highlight of my week: Usain Bolt broke his own world records at this week’s World Track and Field Championships.  That man is just amazing.  He should not be able to do that, yet he can.  I don’t care that Bolt’s Jamaican, I rooted for him over my fellow Americans.  I love Bolt; he’s a total stud.  And I love his orange shoes.

Bolt and Berlino, the mascot

Bolt and Berlino, the mascot

Also, tomorrow, Brenden Morrow and Stephane Robidas attend Team Canada training camp tomorrow.  And I’m still waiting for the Dany heatly saga to finish.  And the soap opera going on in Phoenix.

Anyhoo, 39 more days til October 1!

THN: The Stars Will Finish 7th

THN has been doing their pre-season power rankings, and today, they ranked the Stars seventh in the West.  And all I have to say about that is that predictions are stupid.  Fun, but incredibly stupid.  I mean, they ranked the Sabres seventh in the East.  That probably won’t happen because the Sabres, as much as I love them, are always doomed by injuries.  THN was probably just going for an ironic effect (see: 1999 Cup-winning goal).

Besides, this might benefit the Stars to be underdogs going into the season.  They seem to perform better when there’s no pressure to win the Cup, like last season.  I love it when all the Stars fans see them playing great, and then the media goes all, “Cinderella Story” on us.  I mean, they’re just seeing what we knew all along: the Stars rock.

50 more days until Stars hockey starts.

Interesting Article…

I was reading The Hockey News this morning and Rory Boylen posted an interesting article comparing the Stars and Coyotes, and why one franchise is successful while the other isn’t (you don’t really need to guess which one is unsuccessful ).

You can read it

Patrick Kane Did Something Stupid…And Suddenly, August Isn’t As Dull

By now, you’ve probably heard about Mike Modano-wannabe,  Patrick Kane assaulting that taxi driver in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Why did Pat  and his cousin beat the poor man up?

Because the cabbie didn’t have 20 cents of change.

And just like that, Patrick Kane has given the world a leading candidate for Silliest Sports Crime of the year.  You’d think that EA’s new cover boy would have a little more common sense than he showed that morning.

I hope for the sake of this sport that the Kanes were drunk and not just stupid like a certain hockey player we know (see: Avery, Sean).  Hockey has lately only had publicity from things like sloppy seconds and divas wanting out of Ottawa.  In sports like basketball (which I despise) and football, those sorts of controversies are to be expected.  But hockey is different to me.  The players are more respectful and somewhat more intelligent than other athletes.

Well, now, Patrick Kane doesn’t have any of that going for him.  It wasn’t smart to attack a driver over 20 cents.  Not when you’re a superstar who makes big bucks and 20 cents is nothing. 

Now, his career could be in jeapordy (did I spell that right??) now.  The Hawks will have to let Kane, Jonathan Toews, or Duncan Keith go next year, and this taxi altercation might help management in their decision.  I’m not really planning on seeing Patrick Kane with Chicago after this year.

Then, think about the present: US Olympic orientation camp is in a week, fittingly the same day that Kane is expected in court.  He’ll probably still make the team, but there’s always a chance that he won’t.  How inconvenient.

When the league gets ahold of this, it could result in a nice little suspension for Kane.  If it’s a 10-game suspension, then the Stars might actually have a chance of winning the game against Chicago on October 17.  Unless that stupid curse comes out again and Brenden Morrow gets broken again.  But hopefully that won’t happen.  I hope.



Charlie Huddy= Our New Defense Coach

You’ve probably heard by now that Charlie Huddy is our newest bench acquisition. 

My first question is this, How the heck do you say his name?

Is it, like “Hoodie”?  Or is it more like, “Hootie?”  Or is it something completely different?

Well, whatever.  Here’s what SI’s Alan Muir had to say about it:

The news that Charlie Huddy had signed on with the Stars as an assistant coach didn’t exactly generate 20-point headlines outside of Dallas. Still, this stands to be one of the most impactful bench acquisitions of the offseason — and might end up being more important to the club than the hiring of head coach Marc Crawford.

I thought that was a nice thing to say- but then something else that infuriates me:

With All-Star (yeah, I double-checked) Stephane Robidas as the group’s only legitimate veteran, the struggling Stars are counting on rapid development from Matt Niskanen, Nicklas Grossman, Mark Fistric and Ivan Vishnevski, the former first rounder who should benefit the most from the repatriation of former Star Sergei Zubov.

With that one (very lengthy) sentence, he managed to make fun of Robidas and misspell Mini-Zubie’s name.  First of all, Stephane Robidas rocks.  He’s more of an All-Star than most of the regulars.  Robi rocks everyone’s socks off.  Secondly, it’s Vishnevskiy with a y at the end.  It just goes to show you how people don’t care about the Stars.  They’ll be eating their words soon. 

Oh, and by the way, it was a blurb in a Jeremy Roenick article.  Look.