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Jamie Benn Appreciation Post 2010

Never mind about winning the home-and-home against the Blues.  You know what’s (or rather, who’s) really awesome? Jamie Benn.  Oh my, I have such a hockey crush on him.  Plus he’s completely adorable.  I love him so much.

He’s just this hockey monster.  If the opponent has the puck, Jamie’s all, “Bitch, that’s mine” and he just takes it.  Which is exactly what he did Friday night:

I love how the Stars have been utilizing Jussi Jokinen’s specialty shootout move this year.  Firs tit was Ribs, then Loui, now the Bennster.  Jussi is gone but not forgotten in Dallas.

Plus, Benn’s fearless.  He’s not afraid to drop the gloves when the time comes.

Jamie Benn = total BAMF.

Then this one time, Jamie slammed Anton Volchenkov into the bench in this season’s opener:

Jamie Benn.  Fucking shit up in the NHL since 2009.

Damn straight, mofos.

It doesn’t feel so strange anymore…

You could call this a former Stars update of sorts.  What I really wanted to talk about is how I haven’t missed Mike modano, Marty Turco, or Jere Lehtinen the way I initiallay thought I would. 

To be honest, I don’t feel their absence.  What I originally thought would be a huge gaping hole in the lineup really isn’t.  What I mean to say is that I thoguht things would never feel “normal” without those three guys on the team. 

At the beginning of the season, Mo, Lehts, and Turco were conspicuously absent, but after going undefeated for four games, I forgot about them not being there. 

We have an amazing young team, you guys.  The Pacific and the West are tough, but we’re not out of it yet.  Brad Richards is making a case for a Hart trophy nomination; Loui Eriksson has turned into an elite sniper; Jamie Benn and the kids are improving every game; Kari Lehtonen has carried this team all season.

All of this…without franchise favorites like Mike modano, Jere Lehtinen, and Marty Turco.  Their absence doesn’t feel odd and unpleasant anymore.  There is no hole in my heart, the lineup, or otherwise.

Be thankful for the team we’ve got.  Even though we may not make the playoffs, we’re in the best shape in two years.  Keep on believing.


That last Stars-Sharks made me feel a lot better about not getting to go to the midnight premierer of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.  Which, by the way, I’m going to later this morning.

I’m too giddy about HP to write a proper recap, so I’ll just post the highlights and let you see the epicness for yourselves:

They almost blew that, but thank Gawd they didn’t. 

Oh, and Ribs broke out of his goalless slump.  Woooooooooo.

Next up: tonight against the Avs.  This will surely blow my HP euphoria later tonight, but I’ll deal.


Vote All-Stars

As you know, Brad Richards, Brenden Morrow, and Stephane Robidas our our “official” nominees.  Of course, guys like Loui Eriksson and Kari Lehtonen deserved to be on the list, but we’ll just have to write them in.

Here’s my ballot:

I Hate the Pacific.


You do realize that we have yet to beat a Pacific opponent on the road, right?  In fact, we’ve only won one game against a division rival, and that came against Phoenix. 

This just sucks. It’s not that the Stars have been playing horrible, they just can’t catch a break.  From what I heard, refereeing was a bunch of BS against LA, and I’m sure that was the case against Anaheim as Stephane Auger was a ref. 

I don’t really know what to say.  What I want to do is rage and scream that this is the end of the season and we’re going to never win another game and end up with a top-three draft pick.  But I won’t do that; I’m too optimistic for such a thing.

There really haven’t been any plusses to report, unless you count Marc Crawford’s new haircut as a plus.  I don’t really know what to say now.

Dear Stars, Please just win your next game, ok?  Please please please do this.

Make it happen.

In the meantime, let’s get excited for Harry Potter adn the Deathly Hallows!

Typical Back-to-Back

Win one, lose one.  That’s usually the way a typical back-to-back works. in this latest one’s case, the Stars managed to put it on Phoenix, ony to promptly be shut out 5-0 the next night.

The pluses?

One, is Loui Eriksson.  Before his nice little streak was snapped, Loui had had ten points in five games.  He truly is one of the most underrated players in the league. This team would be nowhere without Loui.

Of course, Loui wouldn’t be as good without Brad Richards.  Loui might be our best player right now, but Brad Richards is our MVP.  B-Rad’s certainly making a case for the Art Ross and even the Hart.

Also in the awesome department, Mike Ribeiro has been an assist machine (if you don’t count the Colorado game).  Sadly, his goal-scoring hasn’t been quite as pleasant.  He hit a couple of posts in the Phoenix game, but came up empty-handed in the goal category.  I’ll just be patient for Ribs.  Very, very patient…

Jamie Benn’s been tearing it up.  He’s such a monster.  Cue the Gaga…

He ate my heart, he a-ate my heart…That boy is a monster. Muh-muh-muh monster…

Finally, I’d just like to say that the Ott-Wandell-burish line will henceforth be referred to by me as the Fuck Shit Up line.  You don’t like the name?  Too bad. Haters to the left. Otter and Burr do the actual “fucking shit up,” but Wandangles provides the sweet, silky moves.

Next up: Thursday against those damn Kings.



Chaos! At the AAC

Obviously the biggest story to come out of the Stars-Pens game is the Sidney Crosby-Matt Niskanen fight.  I’ll admit, it seriously freaked me out. When I saw that it was Crosby who was fighting Niskers, I was all, “OMFG I CAN’T EVEN. NISKERS? AND CROSBY? WHAT’S GOING ON?”

Let’s just say that if you went to the game intending to see Crosby do something crazy, well…you got your wish.  Personally, I thought it was gutless of Crosby to go after Matt Niskanen, a guy who has only ever been in one fight in his NHL career.  Hey, Sid, go with Mark Fistric next time. I guarantee you will not win that one.  This is why I don’t like Sidney Crosby.  Thank you, Sidney, for backing up my claims.

In addition to the Niskers-Crosby fight, there were three other throwdowns, two of which belonged to Jamie Benn, like this one with Chris Kunitz:

And then this one between Morrow and Kris Letang, which caused an outrage among Penguins fans:

I’m not really liking the whole, “BRENDEN MORROW WENT AFTER TANGER BECAUSE OF HIS HAND. OOOOH WHAT A TERRIBLE PERSON” bullshit.  It was some heated poking and prodding between the two, and it’s not like Morrow chose Letang specifically.  It was a spur of the moment thing. So, please, stop whining.

This was an especially satisfying win because it was against my least favorite team in the NHL.  What makes it even more amazing is the fact that the Pens got a load of free calls, including some that led to a lengthy 5-on-3, yet we still showed them what’s up.  One non-call that infuriated me was when Geno Malkin retaliated and put a blatant cross-check on Morrow, I think, and didn’t get a call.  I guarantee if a Stars player does that, he gets put in the box on a cross-check call. 

It was so sweet to beat the Pens at home for the first time in seven years. Some teams warrant a bit of a celebration after beating them, and Pittsburgh is one of those teams.  We played well and didn’t take any of the Penguins’ shit like most other teams do.

Loui Eriksson had highlight of the night:

Three words: sweet silky moves.  Jussi Jokinen would be proud of such a wonderful demonstration of his move.

Next up: Dave Tippett and the Yotes.

Make it happen.