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Let’s Start a Riot! A Riot!

Tonight’s Game: Stars @ Blue Jackets

The first meeting between these teams resulted in the controversial James Neal suspension and the hilarious fall of Derek Dorsett.  In a meeting dating back to last season, Derrick Brassard was injured by Nealer.  So there’s some bad blood between the Jackets and their fans and James Neal.  This is the first time since the Neal suspension that the Stars will be at Columbus.

Personally, I’d like to see a riot just because riots amuse me greatly.  Plus I’ve always believed that it’s better to let all of that negativity and hatred out than to keep it in until it’s pushed you over the edge.

You can expect the crowd to boo Nealer everytime he touches the puck.  For some reason, they think that he intentionally hurt both Brassard and Dorsett.  Which is completely untrue. 

Neal’s just a Jacket-killer.  Face it.

Go Stars!

The Jackets Are Out For James Neal’s Blood


If you remember the last meeting between these two teams, it had one of the most hilarious moments I’ve ever seen.  Let’s review said play:

Sadly Nealer got suspended for being truculent.  But whatevs.  I’m SO over it.

The Blue Jackets, however, are not.  Tonight, they’ll be looking to kill Neal.  In other words, a normally gritty, feisty game will take it a step further tonight.  This is gonna be intense.

I’m excited, are YOU excited? 

Go Stars!

The Last Days of James Neal’s Innocence

James Neal was given a two-game suspension for his hit on Derek Dorsett of the Blue Jackets.  I’m really PO’ed about this, and it’s taking all of my self-control not to drop the f-bomb every other word.  I’m mad because Neal’s gone for two games, because this really sucks, and just because Neal had to do that. 

I’ll admit that, yes, Neal deserved a suspension.  I don’t think he intended to injure Dorsett, but he did.  What angers me about Neal is that this is his third boarding penalty this season, and he’s getting worriedly agressive in his play.  Now Neal has a record.  And it’s not good.  With a record, Neal can get suspended again.

Oh, and just look at the probably true flow chart from Down Goes Brown.

That’s what Neal’s got going against him now.  This is bad.  I love James Neal, I really do.  I don’t want him to have a reputation like Corey Perry as a gritty, talented douche bag.  Unfortuantely, the hit on Dorsett was eerily reminiscent of a play I’ve seen guys like Perry and the man himself, Todd Bertuzzi, do many times before.

Neal’s not a bad guy.  He’s like Brenden Morrow in the sense that he occasionally takes it too far, like last night.  I’m willing to bet that Neal’s our future captain.  But will he have a reputation like Pronger?  If he gets suspended again, then maybe.

People are already calling Neal a punk.  They’re mostly Columbus fans, but still.  If anyone’s a punk, it’s Ribs, and I love him for all of his punkiness.  They accuse Neal of hiding behind Trevor Daley when Dorsett challenged him to fight.  No.  Neal didn’t do anything of the sort.  Neal’s not afraid to fight.  Just ask Derrick Brassard.  Neal has more balls than that entire Blue Jackets team.  Don’t call him a punk, because he’s not.

What really irks me more than anything, though, is the inconsistency of the league’s discipline.  They’re more inconsistent than the Stars, and that’s saying something.  Why is it that Mike Richards wasn’t suspended for that hit on David Booth?  What’s different between the Richards hit and Neal’s hit?  You can chalk part of it up to Richards’ superstar status.

Another problem Neal faced in discipline was the classic, “He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”  It’s true; he was.  The league has recently said that they’d crack down on head shots, and Neal had poor timing in his.  It’s just an unfortunate fact.

Those are my thoughts on this.  You can watch the YouTube and see for yourself.

11/18/09 Stars Defeat the Wings aka “The One With the Make-Up Call”

Obviously, the big story from last night is the no-goal that was.  I’m biased, and I’ll always take the Stars’ side, but even I’ll admit that that was a goal.  However, the way I see it is a make-up call from the hockey gods.  Whether it was from the Calgary game or even way back in the Western Conference finals with that bad penalty call on Mark Fistric.  So, that’s out of the way.

There was nothing but good last night from the Stars.  Even if that goal wasn’t waved off, they probably would have won.  They played better than the Wings.

The power play worked (2 PP goals), and they killed four penalties off.  Alex Auld was amazing, and James Neal was awesome.

Hopefully they can build off of that win and create a little win streak.

Tonight: the Blue Jackets come to town.  See you there.

Go Stars!