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Best of the Search Terms, Volume 1

I’ve gotten so many strange search terms to find this blog that I felt the time is right to compile them all into a post.  I call it “Volume 1” because I’m sure there will be more wacky and strange search terms in the future.

So, here, we, go:

Alex Ovechkin Personal Life

Doesn’t the picture say it all?

Sasha’s his BFF, of course!  Why, what were you thinking? 😉

Dallas Stars Fashion

You want Stars fashion? Buy the calendar.

Sean Avery in a Suit & Sean Avery Smirk

I can’t help you with the suit, but is this the smirk you’re looking for?


Victor Hedman Christmas

Merry Christmas, ladies. 🙂

Why Ducks Hate Marty Turco

Because he’s known to be a Duck-killer at times. 

Cory Schneider 09-10 Canucks

I think it’s because I called him a creepy ginger kid.

Marty Turco Personal Life

You won’t ever hear me talk about a player’s personal life, except for marriages and babies.  Honestly, I am a puck bunny.  But I’m not going to act like it.

Pavel Datsyuk Wife and Kids

Ditto above.  Plus, I wouldn’t even know that.

Brad Richards Girlfriend

This is the number-one search term for my blog, and it scares me.  There’s this site dedicated to the subject.   Poor B-Rad is being stalked.  Creepy.

Evgeni Malkin Winking

Why would someone even google this?

Hatcher’s Four Categories

Uhm, what?  If someone can explain this, please feel free to do it.

That’s all for now.  But I’m sure that there will be more creep-tastic search terms.  The world is full of stalker-creeps.

Grading the NHL Awards Fashion

I feel like being a critic, so I’m going to grade the guys’ fashion from the awards the other night.

First up, is Alex Ovechkin:

I like this one. :)

I like this one. 🙂

I love his tie.  I just like his entire outfit.  It’s an improvement from last year’s red tux thing.  I love that little smirk he’s got.  It makes him look even more studly than he already is.  I’m glad that he took home the Hart.  Is it just me, or did Geno look a litttle mad that Alex won the Hart?  I don’t know what that’s about, so whatevs.


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Why I Want the Red Wings to Win Tonight

I feel like a traitor for rooting for the Red Wings over the Pens.  The truth is, I used to hate them with a passion.  But after watching these playoffs, I’ve found that I actually kinda like the Wings. 

Blame it on the comedic stylings of Pavel Datsyuk, a guy who has a great sense of humor that sounds even better with a  Russian accent.

However, I’ve stopped liking Sidney Crosby since the playoffs started.  I’d always felt sorry for all the heat the Kid takes for diving and whining.  I’d always though people made that stuff up to have a reason to hate him.  But then, I saw him whine to the refs to make the crowd stop throwing hats for Ovechkin, and then I watched him dive left and right throughout these entire playoffs.  I watched one game during the Carolina series, and I was completely disgusted with Sid’s fruitless attempts to draw calls.

Another reason I like the Red Wings is that they’re usually ahead of us in the standings, so rooting for them won’t hurt our place much.  Now, if we were battling a close race for first or something, then I’d go back into my “Detroit-loathing” mode.

I’ve pretty much forgiven the Wings for beating us in the West finals last year.  We won the season series 3-1, and that revenge felt really good.  Beating Detroit just feels differnt than beating any other team. It puts me in a good mood for weeks and it just feels more rewarding.  Embarrassing them at home by exposing their weak penalty kill was just plain awesome.  Some wounds run pretty deep, but as long as I don’t think about the heartbreak of last spring, I don’t mind Detroit winning.

Lastly, I’m only 14 and a half years old, so I want to see an actual hockey dynasty.  I’m not old enough to remember the Oilers or the Islanders at the height of their greatness.  It’d be cool to say in, like 20 years, “Hey remember when the Red Wings used to be really good?” By then, we’ll be talking about the Dallas Stars dynasty *wink, wink* and how awesome it is.

Oh, and another reason I’m rooting for Detroit tonight is that I like Nicklas Lidstrom.  You just can’t help but respect the guy, and I’d like to see him win a fifth Cup.  Plus, he’d be the very first European-born captain to lead his team to back-to-back Cups.  With that said, Go Wings!