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From Russia, Without Love

Today the roster for the Russian Olympic team  was released.  I scanned the list, and saw the usual suspects: Ovechkin.  Malkin.  Datsyuk.  Kovalchuk.  Markov.

But no Zubov. 

I checked again, but still no Zubov.  Why?

Does the Russian GM not recognize talent when he sees it?  Is he blind?  How could he leave the highest-scoring Russian defenseman ever off the team?

It broke my heart.  Zubie is so highly underappreciated, and I hate it.

I’ll still find it in my heart to root for Russia, since I love Ovechkin and Datsyuk, but not as much as if Zubie’d made the team.

Maybe come Olympic time, the Russians will regret their poor decision not to include the great Sergei Zubov…


The Jackets Are Out For James Neal’s Blood


If you remember the last meeting between these two teams, it had one of the most hilarious moments I’ve ever seen.  Let’s review said play:

Sadly Nealer got suspended for being truculent.  But whatevs.  I’m SO over it.

The Blue Jackets, however, are not.  Tonight, they’ll be looking to kill Neal.  In other words, a normally gritty, feisty game will take it a step further tonight.  This is gonna be intense.

I’m excited, are YOU excited? 

Go Stars!

Best of the Decade: Patrik Stefan

Obviously when Stars fans think of Patrik Stefan’s brief stint, we’ll all think of his empty net whiff.  Thank God we won that game, or I wouldn’t be laughing about it.  It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever seen because it’s so unbelievably embarrassing.  Indeed, Puck Daddy made the moment number one on its Top 10 Most Embarrassing Hockey Moments of the Last Decade.

Yeah, pretty awful.

But I loved it.  I think it’s hilarious that something like that would happen.  I mean, how can you miss an empty net??????  You just can’t…unless your name is Patrik Stefan aka the biggest first overall bust EVER.

So let’s watch it for old times’ sake 🙂

Shark Stew Tonight?

So…how will tonight’s Stars-Sharks game play out?  I’m thinking a 20-round shootout with a game-winner by Toby Petersen.  That’s how these Stars-Sharks games have been playing out.

I wouldn’t count on a win for the simple fact that this is supposed to be a loss in the win-lose cycle.  I’m not expecting them to win tonight.  Plus, the Sharks are really good on the road.  I’m not too optimistic for tonight’s game.

Ivan Vishnevskiy’s been called up because of the injuries to Daley and Fishsticks.  He might stay up for awhile this time around.  So that’s pretty cool.

Go Stars!

Cherish the Angry B-Rad

Because you may never see this side of Brad Richards again.  Ever.  I found it completely endearing, and I honestly went, “Aww, B-Rad!” during his tirade, in which I’m pretty sure he dropped a few f-bombs. 🙂  But I found it all very sweet.  I’m so proud of him!

And I really effing hate Todd Bertuzzi.  The fact that he scored two goals makes me sick to my stomach.  He’s such a dirty asshole that I was screaming at my TV.  B-Rad only took his penalty in retaliation for when Bertuzzo shoved him.  The call on B-Rad was an awful one, especially since Bertuzzi probably dove a little on that.

But whatevs.  WE WON THE GAME! In regulation, too!  And Karlis Skrastins, of all people, played sniper for two goals.  It was pretty much amazing.

It was a rather sloppy game on our goalie’s part, but who cares? WE WON.  My motto is this:  A win is a win, no matter how sloppy.

My Three Stars:

1. Brad Richards- I had to give it to him after that great tantrum he threw.  Plus, he had a really good game today.

2. Karlis Skrastins-  He had three points today, which is a huge total for him.  He played great.

3. Pavel Datsyuk- I’d give it to Bertuzzi, except he exhibited douch-baggy behavior at the end to B-Rad and I’ve never liked him.  I like Datsyuk, though.  He’s hilarious and he had a good game.

Next Up: Monday vs. San Jose.  See you there!

Go Stars!

Are the Wings Like Last Year’s Stars?

It seems that way, but to a lesser extent.  I’m talking injury-wise rather than underacheiving-wise.  When the Wings played the Bolts, the other day, Ohlund plowed Henrik Zetterberg, and now Hank’s out for today’s game.

And that’s on top of the injuries to Jonathon Ericsson, Johan “Mule” Franzen, Valterri Filpulla, and others.


But the Wings STILL find a way to win.  I’ve always hated them for that.  And I expect them to do the same today.  For one thing, the Stars aren’t the greatest in afternoon games, and this is the Red Wings we’re talking about.

It’d be awesome if the Stars win, but I’m not really expecting them to.  You never know, but i’m not really expecting something like that out of these Stars.

And guess what?  We get to see a new Star!  Maxime Fortunus will make his debut today!  Yay new Star!  Best of luck to him.

Go Stars!

BAM! Happy good times. And Jiri Hudler! *GASP*

Best of the Decade: Marty Turco

First of all, I wanted to say that I’ve decided to continue this “Best of the Decade” thing throughout 2010, since the decade doesn’t technically end until 2011.  So that’s out of the way.

Now, let’s talk about Marty Turco.  Ah, Turco!  You’ve been the cause of frustration for Stars fans for a lot of the decade now!  Only Turco can we count on to be brilliant one day and awful the next.  Only Turco has ever made me literally pull my hair out (Niskanen’s a close second, though).  Turco, Turco, TURCO!

He’s a great goalie, yes, but he has this ability to give us hope, only to take it away.  I’ve never liked that very much.  Also, Turco is the one who prompted me to dream up the phrase, “pull a Marty Turco.”  He plays the puck better than any other goalie, except perhaps Martin Brodeur.  

For years and years he had a reputation as a playoff underacheiver.  He has since proved everyone wrong.  In the 2007 playoffs against the Canucks, Turco was the one who brought us to Game 7 before ultimately losing a heartbreaking loss.  In 2008, he was even more amazing.  Turco backstopped us in 2008 all the way to the conference finals.  Not bad, eh?

He’s kind of lot it since 2008, but in all fairness, the entire team has lost it.  Yes, you can blame Turco for 08-09, but not entirely.  You can blame him for the losses that have come this year, though not entirely.

Whether you’ve liked him or not, Turco has been our goalie, the one consistent thing we’ve had in net this decade.  He’ll be a free agent after this season, and it’d really pain me to let him go.  Not because he’s what I think the team needs, but because he’s been here for so long.  

Turco is like that toy you have when you’re really little, and once it comes time to sell it in the garage sale, you just can’t.  You have to keep it around because it’s a memory and life wouldn’t be complete without it.  The Stars would lose a little bit of heritage if Turco left on his own terms.

You might have hated Marty’s confidence issues or you might have found them funny, but either way, there’s no denying that this decade wouldn’t be the same without Turco around.