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Dean Morton was there in spirit…

Last night’s game was dominated by bad calls and non-calls alike, which mostly favored the Sharks.  The first period saw a terrible delay of game penalty that sent Toby Petersen to the box and the Sharks’ number 5-ranked power play to a 5-on-3.  What followed was an epic penalty kill by the Stars.  It was one of the highlights of the night.  It was fuckin’ amazing.

However, the refs weren’t done fucking things up for us.  One instance included Devin “Star-Killer” Setoguchi drawing a call and embellishing it with an obvious dive.  The penalty was real (Skrastins tripped him), but Setoguchi should have been called for diving.  The call that really made me mad, though, was the non-call toward the end of the game.  I can’t remember what exactly happened, but I’m pretty sure it was a blatant trip that was ignored.  Then, like five seconds later, Ribs stabbed Dany “Douchebag” Heatly’s mouth and drew blood.

We all know what happened next- Utter. Shit.

This was me:

Logan Couture, a guy who I initially liked and don’t really anymore, scored on the power play in overtime.  I blame Dean Morton for all of this.  He was obviously there in spirit.

But, hey, at least we got a point out of it.  We need every point we can get with how tight is in the Pacific.  And we played pretty well despite letting in the first goal…again.

Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) had a sick goal last night.  He just kind of floated in with the puck and shot it without even looking at his target.  LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL.  Fuck yeah.  That guy can be slick when he wants to be.

Next up: those damn Blue Jackets.  I’m really starting to loath them…


Have another gif…

I thought it was funny though, admittedly, not relevant.


Season Grades: Tom Wandell

The one I’ve come to call Gilbert wasn’t around for the second half of the season because of an unfortunate ACL tear.  But we saw some good stuff from the kid when he was around.

I used to always think that Loui Eriksson was the second coming of Jere Lehtinen.  I was wrong.  I’m starting to think that Tom Wandell is our new Lehtinen.  While people complained about Tommy never scoring, I disagreed.  They just didn’t watch all of the little things he did and how defensively minded he really was.  He finished his short rookie season a plus-2, which isn’t too shabby considering who he played for.

There’s also the fact that he had three game-winners.  Out of only five goals.  That’s lovely little stat, isn’t it?  He tied for second in game-winning goals when he played about half as many games as the rest of his teammates.  Pretty cool, huh?

Like the Bennster, TW_23 was also a quick skater who could pull pucks out of scrums seemingly at ease.  That was always something I liked about our two rookies.

I’m looking forward to Gilbert next year.  We saw some flashes of Jere Lehtinen and I can’t wait to see more.

Grade: A-.  The A is for awesome.  The minus is for getting hurt.

Playoffs? Who Needs ‘Em?

Yeah, that’s my sad attempt to feel better about the Stars not making it…again.  But you know, whatever.  I have some reasons why this isn’t the worst thing ever.  My belief is that there is ALWAYS a silver lining.

So, I give you my reasons why the Stars not being in the playoffs isn’t the end of the world:

1. You don’t have to stress over how the Stars are doing in the playoffs.  Since they’re not in the playoffs,the only thing we have to worry about is who they’ll draft, free agents, etc.  I learned last postseason that that is actually a really good feeling, a welcome break from the stressful playoff runs of the past few years.

2. The opportunity to get to know other teams is worth taking.  Last year, I jumped on the Capitals bandwagon and eventually the Red Wings bandwagon.  Throughout the playoffs, I learned more and more about these teams.  They became my teams and I felt their happiness when they won and their heartbreak when they lost.  At the end of the playoffs, I could name every player on every line of those two teams.  I was a Caps fan before, but now I’m still a Wings fan.

3. We have high hopes for next season.  With the end of our second straight  playoff-less season, we once again have a lot to look forward to.  Jamie Benn.  Tom Wandell.  More James Neal and Loui Eriksson.  Kari Lehtonen.  These kids will continue to grow and impress us all.  Besides, next season hasn’t even started.  We can hope all we want to.  It’s a fresh start.

4. They don’t have high hopes for us next season.  They being the media and the so-called “experts.”  They won’t expect anything great from the Stars.  We’ll either wallow in a pit of misery like they expect us to, or we’ll have an amazing season that makes them go, “Wow.  How about them Stars?”  It’s a no-lose situation.

Guys, this is, like, a new beginning.  Like in that song, “Second Chance” by Shinedown: Sometimes good-bye’s a second chance…

You’d better like it.

Go Stars!

Poor Gilbert

My favorite new Swede, Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) has torn his ACL and will be out the rest of the season.  This really broke my heart, because I hate it when bad injuries happen to rookies.  They’re just so young…

This isn’t the first time Tommy’s torn an ACL either.  However, his last ACL injury was in the other leg, so that doesn’t really matter.  Either way, though, this sucks.  This sucks BAD.

And so we drop like flies for the second year in a row…

Discuss if you’d like to, but I’m too bummed to do so.

The Epic Showdown Between B-Rad and His BFF, Vinny…and Wandell’s OT Winner

Somehow overtime victories are much more rewarding than regulation ones.  They’re so…epic.  I mean, yeah, I’m mad about the blown lead, but it’s to my third favorite team in the whole wide world, so I can’t stay angry about that. 

Surprisingly enough, the Stars scored THREE power play goals.  Impressive.  You know, for them.

B-Rad rocked my socks, and got revenge for last year’s ATROCIOUS loss to the Bolts.  Sorry, Vinny and Marty, but Round 2 goes to B-Rad.

I’ve now jumped on the Tom Wandell bandawagon.  I HEART TOM WANDELL!  He’s awesome and he’s a Swede.   And his OT goal is three game-winners for him now.  Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

However, the worst part of the night was Niskers.  What are we to do about Niskanen?  To put it bluntly, that giveaway was HORRIBLE.  I’d say trade him to Toronto, but I’m afraid that Niskers lacks truculence.


But whatevs.  My slogan is: “A win is a win, no matter how sloppy.”

Which totally applies to last night.

Anyhoo, next game: Tomorrow vs. the Red Wings.  Let’s win this one, boys.

Go Stars!

I heart Swedes.

10/30-31/09 Stars Get One Measly Point in a Back-to-Back aka “The Dallas Stars Horror Show”

I just want to ask one question.  What the HELL is wrong with the Stars?

Just a week ago, they were awesome, and I had all the confidence in the world for them.  Now, they’ve gotten three points in the last three games.  Three points they don’t really deserve.  I’m not saying the comebacks weren’t awesome; they were.  It’s just that they keep miraculously digging themselves out of holes.  I love that they can do that, but I don’t like that they have to.

For now, I’m gonna give excuses for the slow play.  With Toronto it was the dreaded home curse they’ve had lately; ditto with Florida.  Also, they didn’t have Steve Ott for either of those games.  Plus, Florida has their number.  Whenever the Panthers play the Stars, it’s like they turn into Detroit or something.  Last night, I blame fatigue and HORRIBLE refs. 

But out of all this mess, there are a few players who have been consistent in my eyes.  First, or course, is James “Real Deal” Neal.  He’s been amazing this season.  Like Razor said, “The real deal is a big deal.”  Well said, Razor.  Second is B-Rad, who has positivelt thrived in this new system.  I don’t think he’s had a bad game yet.  Third is Tom Wandell.  Wandell is so quick and speedy, and you can tell he’s fighting for his roster spot.  He was one of  the few who actually played well last night.

But the entire team minus the fourth-liners looked tired last night.  For the Neal-B-Rad-Loui line, being awesome all the time eventually took its toll on our top line.  Having that much awesome on one line should be a crime, but thank gawd it isn’t. 😉

The Stars have some days off until they play Calgary on Wednesday.  Hopefully they utilize the rest and get their awesome back.

Go Stars!

10/9/09- Stars Get First Win Against Flames

The Stars were impressive last night.  Two guys especially stood out to me: Alex Auld and Tom Wandell.

Auld was solid, and he looked waaay better than Turco has in the other two games.  This is good.  Auld is pushing Turco, like Mike Smith once did.   I like Auld, and I’d like to resign him next year.  

As for Wandell, I guess I never realized he had it in him.  He was so smooth, and I’m liking what we’re seeing from him.  He was easily the best player on the ice, other than Auld.

Robidas rocked, as well.  He had two assists and was a plus-5.  Way to go, Robi!

B-Rad got his first goal, which makes me very happy. 🙂  It was only an empty-netter, but it was a nice little shot that made the Calgary guy flinch.

Nick Grossman currently leads the league in +/- with a +6.

And just a side-note, but are they always gonna bring up the fact that Joe Nieuwendyk was traded for Jarome Iginla?  I’m just sayin’…

I also wanted to point out that my favorite former Star, Jussi Jokinen, had a great night.  He had one goal and two assists, and was named the number one star of last night.  Go Juicy! 🙂

And okay, here’s a confession:  I give up on my gold-star system.  I decided it was lame and I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

Now, back to the game review. 

It was a really good effort, and I liked how they played last night.  In my opinion, Auld should be the new starter, and make Turco pay for those losses.  I like the direction this team is headed.

Next up: Sunday at Vancouver.  Go Stars!

Nealer and Loui

Nealer and Loui