Fun With Anagrams

I was recently exposed to this amazing site that changes names to anagrams. It’s pretty awsome.

Here are some Stars and hockey-related anagrams:

Mike Modano- I AM OK DEMON

James Neal- MALE JEANS

Marty Turco-  RUMOR CATTY

Brad Richards- DRAB RID CRASH

Jere Lehtinen- JEER LET IN HEN

Mike Ribeiro- MIRE OR I BIKE

Jamie Benn- BEEN IN JAM

Loui Eriksson- IS UNLIKE OR SO

Steve Ott- VOTE TEST

Stephane Robidas-  BASH DESPERATION

Nicklas Grossman- SLACKING RANSOMS

Mark Fistric- FIRM, SICK RAT

Matt Niskanen- STINK MAN NEAT

Karlis Skrastins- RISKS STANK LIARS

Trevor Daley- OVERLY RATED

Kari Lehtonen- KEEN IN HARLOT

Toby Petersen- PETTY ON BEERS

Brandon Segal- ON ANGEL’S DRAB

Tom Wandell- DAMN! TO WELL

Krys Barch- RACK SHY BR

Jeff Wotwitka- JAW WOKE FIFTY

Sergei Zubov- I’VE BUGS ZERO

The non-Stars…

Jussi Jokinen- JESUS! INK JOIN

Alex Ovechkin- HOAX EVIL NECK

Niklas Hagman- SHAM ANAL KING

Antti Miettinen-  INTIMATE INTENT

Pavel Datsyuk- PUKE VAST LADY

Put your own creations down below in comments!


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