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You Gotta Be Joke-inen: The Early Birthday Post

Hey, I gotta say something super important.  Tomorrow is Jussi Jokinen’s birthday.  On  April Fool’s Day.

Happy (early) birthday, Juicy, you shootout assassin.

Just saying.

Ahem, onto the Stars…the Stars play the Sharks tonight.  I’d love to see them win, but let’s face it: this season is O-V-E-R.  I’d hate to see them go for the high draft pick.  I just hate seeing them lose, no matter the results.  It’d be nice to know that my team is somewhat dignified like that.

Prediction: 4-2 Stars.  We always play pretty well against the Sharks.  Goals by Brad Richards, Mike Ribeiro, James Neal, and Loui Eriksson.

Let’s kick some ice.

Go Stars!

Best of the Decade: Jussi Jokinen

I figured we should start with Mr. Shootout, Jussi Jokinen.  Since the shootout is no longer our thing, we’ve one a total of TWO shootouts this season, with three times as many losses.  It’s fitting to start with Juicy.

Let’s flash back to the 2005-2006 season.

It was the first season after the lockout, and there were some changes, the shootout the most dramatic of those.  Well, with the shootout came this little rookie called Jussi Jokinen.

Then the Stars took place in the first shootout in franchise history on November 5, 2005.  The great Sergei Zubov scored the first goal of the SO.  Then out came this little-known rookie named Jussi Jokinen.  Surprisingly enough, he scored.

Little did we Stars fans know that it was the beginning of something great.

Jussi scored goal after goal in the shootout until he was finally stopped by the Sharks’ Vesa Toskala.  By that point, he’d scored nine shootout goals in a row, which is still an NHL record.

His fifth shootout goal was a thing of beauty.  It’s still regarded as one of the best shootout goals in the event’s four-year history.  I’ll be honest:  I occasionally google it on YouTube just to watch it.

But the shootout isn’t all that Juicy had.  He was a solid offensive player as well.  I loved the night he had four goals:

He was my favorite player until the trade that brought my new favorite player to Dallas.  I was initially heartbroken to hear that Jussi had been traded.  I almost cried.  However, I realized that Brad Richards was a really good player, so I accepted him, and now he’s my favorite.

Juicy’s Lightning days were no fun at all for me to follow.  He struggled and was put on waivers twice.  He was eventually traded to Carolina, where he flourished in the 2009 playoffs.  He got one of the best nicknames ever: The Finnish-er.  😛

With that came one of the wildest playoff runs I’ve ever seen.  The Hurricanes soon got the nickname, the “Cardiac Canes” all thanks to Juicy.

The second-half of this decade wouldn’t be as intense without Juicy.  Just sayin’…

Jussi Jokinen, Shootout Assassin (Dallas Star, 2005-2008)

10/9/09- Stars Get First Win Against Flames

The Stars were impressive last night.  Two guys especially stood out to me: Alex Auld and Tom Wandell.

Auld was solid, and he looked waaay better than Turco has in the other two games.  This is good.  Auld is pushing Turco, like Mike Smith once did.   I like Auld, and I’d like to resign him next year.  

As for Wandell, I guess I never realized he had it in him.  He was so smooth, and I’m liking what we’re seeing from him.  He was easily the best player on the ice, other than Auld.

Robidas rocked, as well.  He had two assists and was a plus-5.  Way to go, Robi!

B-Rad got his first goal, which makes me very happy. 🙂  It was only an empty-netter, but it was a nice little shot that made the Calgary guy flinch.

Nick Grossman currently leads the league in +/- with a +6.

And just a side-note, but are they always gonna bring up the fact that Joe Nieuwendyk was traded for Jarome Iginla?  I’m just sayin’…

I also wanted to point out that my favorite former Star, Jussi Jokinen, had a great night.  He had one goal and two assists, and was named the number one star of last night.  Go Juicy! 🙂

And okay, here’s a confession:  I give up on my gold-star system.  I decided it was lame and I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

Now, back to the game review. 

It was a really good effort, and I liked how they played last night.  In my opinion, Auld should be the new starter, and make Turco pay for those losses.  I like the direction this team is headed.

Next up: Sunday at Vancouver.  Go Stars!

Nealer and Loui

Nealer and Loui

The End is Near…

Not that end, but the end of the 2008-2009 playoffs.  I don’t know what I’ll do with my life when there’s no more hockey. 😦  I gotta say, though, that these playoffs rocked.  A lot.

I LOVED that my favorite former Star, shootout assassin, Jussi Jokinen had an awesome postseason.  I love his nickname, “The Finnish-er.”  I almost passed out after I watched the last minute and a half of that Game 7 with New Jersey.  I definitely did not see that one coming.  But it rocked.  I wanted Carolina to win that series because of Juicy, but also because that was the only way we’d see the ultimate series:

Crosby vs. Ovechkin.

Before the playoffs even began, I figured out the only way that we could see Washington play Pittsburgh, and miraculously, it happened.  And that series is one I’ll never forget.  I triple-loved Game 2 when Ovechkin and Crosby both netted hat tricks.  “Anything you can do, I can do better…”  I rooted for the Caps to win the series, and I was initially heartbroken to see them lose the series, but it just wasn’t the year.

Then, of course, we got to see the league’s professional choke artists at their best.  Yep, after winning the President’s Trophy, the Sharks bowed out of the first round to the Sucks.  Gawd I hate Anaheim!  But I wasn’t all that surprised, honestly.  The Sharks just can’t raise their game when it matters.

In the West finals, I loved seeing Detroit own Patrick Kane and the Hawks.  I hate that kid.  He’s such a Mike Modano-wannabe.  Him and Bobby Ryan.

And in the Cup final, we’ve gotten to see a rematch of last year’s and the irony of ironies in Marian Hossa.  The series has been so intense for me, that I haven’t been able to eat on game day, and I’m shaking during the game.  I don’t even want to know what I’ll be like tonight in a winner-take-all Game 7.

It’s been  a great playoff year, and hopefully next year will be even better with the Stars involved and going far.  Stars for the 2010 Stanley Cup! 🙂