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The Modano Era, 1988-2010

It’s officially over now. Joe Nieuwendyk announced this morning that Mo is not in the Stars’ plans moving forward.

This decision doesn’t come easy, but it’s something I’ve been talking to Mike about for quite some time. It’s a difficult decision for fans and our entire organization. I feel it’s necessary for us to move foward under these trying times. We have young players that I believe have to be put in a postion where they can be successful and unfortunately (for the situation with Modano) the depth of our team is at the center positon.

That dramatic home finale on April 8 really was Mo’s last home game, at least in a Stars uniform. That’s nice to know. And there’s a very good chance he’ll retire, too. Heika says there’s a 75 percent chance he retires, and hopefully he’s right.

Nieuwy said that Mo can’t have a job in the organization just yet because of the ownership issues. However, he did say that when the new owner finally arrives, he’ll be the first to ask that Mo get a job with the organization.

I said at the draft, Scott Niedermayer was presenting the first rounder a jersey and I wish Mike Modano was there to present Jack Campbell with a jersey. Next year it’s in Minnesota, what a great thing that would be. His association with our organization will always be there.

I’ll be perfectly honest: I’m crying right now. We all knew the day would come when we’d have to let our guy go. Well, that day is finally here.

There’s a lot I want to say right now, but just can’t. It’s too hard and too painful at the moment. I think I summed up my feelings a while back after those last two games of the season. All I have to say to Mike is a gigantic, “Thank you.”

We’ll miss you Mike, and you will always be a Dallas Star in our hearts.

Good-bye, old friend. For now.

The New Kids

Round 1: Jack Campbell, 11th Overall

I’m sure many of us Stars fans were initially surprised to see Joe take Jack Campbell, one of the American heroes at World Juniors.  At first, I was furious with GM Joe for taking a goalie since defense is our biggest need AND Cam Fowler and Brandon Gormley somehow fell dramatically.  But I’m so over that now.

Campbell’s a good kid, who also happens to idolize Marty Turco.  He’s big in size and in heart.  He’s a guy we can count on to be a team player.  This could turn out to be a great pick.  Next year, and probably the year after that, Campbell.

Round 2: Patrik Nemeth, 41st Overall

Nemeth is a big, Swedish defenseman, who’s a lot like Nick Grossman.  Here’s what LA Kings scout, Todd Woodcroft, had to say about Nemeth:

Already a man, going to play in the elite league next year. Good prospect too.

Round 3: Alex Guptill, 77th Overall

Guptill’s a left winger, which makes this an odd draft choice.  But he’s big and won’t be ready for a few years, so that helps.  God knows we don’t need another left wing at the moment.

Round 4: Alex Theriau, 109th Overall

Theriau’s another defenseman, thank God.  He’s big at 6-2, but could fill out a little bit.  He looks promising.

Round 5: John Klingberg

Another Swedish defenseman, this one is the younger brother of Atlanta’s prospect, Carl Klingberg.  The scouts are hoping that he’ll be another Philip Larsen-like find.

All in all, I think this was a good draft for the Stars.  GM Joe made a smart decision in trading our initial third round pick at 61st to nab another pick.  While none of these guys will be NHL ready for a few years, at least the group looke promising.

Freak Out

Today, ESPN Dallas’ Richard Durrett interviewed Mike Modano and caused several high-scale anxiety attacks across the Dallas- Fort Worth area.  Mo revealed that if he’ll actually consider signing with another team for next season.

Uh, what?

The more and more I look at the situation here, I come to believe I’m not in the scheme of things here.  If I had to play, I may have to look at going elsewhere.

He just can’t sign with another team.  Mike Modano is no Brett Favre, who goes team to team never looking back at the Green Bay Packers who got him to this point. 

If Mo went to a different team, it just wouldn’t be right.  I’m pretty sure that every hockey fan on earth would agree that it’s only right for a franchise player like Modano to retire with that franchise.  Think Yzerman and the Red Wings and Sakic and the Avs.  It’s the same situation here and now.

Face it: we don’t want Mo to do a Brett Hull-Coyotes thing.  It’s just not right.  Now, I’m all for resigning Mo and dealing with the repurcussions.  It would hurt a lot less than seeing him in another team’s jersey.

Oh, mighty Hockey Gods, please, please, PLEASE let Mo retire as a Star.  It’s all I ask.

Eleven Years

Yesterday I went and saw Toy Story 3, and it was amazing.  I laughed, I cried, I smiled, and cried some more.  I grew up with these movies and some parts of it were heartbreaking- but in a good way.  I’ve waited eleven years for Pixar to make another Toy Story and this one certainly lived up to the other two.

Toy Story 2 came out eleven years ago.  More importantly, eleven years tonight the Stars won their first and only Stanley Cup.  All I’m saying is that I waited eleven long years for a new Toy Story, so I’ll wait however long it takes for the Stars to win a Stanley Cup.

Go Stars!

Finally some news

The Stars have extended offers to a number of RFAs including James Neal, Nick Grossman, Matt Niskanen…and Fabian Brunnstrom?  Yeah, I don’t get it either about those last two.

I suppose that Niskers and Bunny could be signed to two-way contracts and get that AHL seasoning that they were originally deemed too good for.  They’d have to go through waivers, but it’s not like we’d ever need them.  I want both of them to have a season with the Baby Stars and then come back to the big leagues.  That’s the ideal situation but it’s not likely.

Nope, two words:  Trade.  Bait.  Maybe we could finally get that number-one defenseman we need!  You know, Tomas Kaberle’s available.

I just can’t see why anyone would want Brunnstrom though.  He’s a bust…as  a Dallas Star.  However, he might thrive in a different style of game for another team.  Think Ville Leino being a bust for the Red Wings, before ultimately tearing it up with the Flyers. 

 I think the thing with Fabian is a pride issue more than anything.  Nobody wants to admit that their big free agent signing was a bust.  The Stars battled then Red Wings and won Brunnstrom, so I don’t think they’re going to give up on him after working so hard to get him.

I don’t know…that’s all I’ve got.

Sean Avery’s Sunglasses

Today I started a side blog called, Sean Avery’s Sunglasses, where I talk about non-Stars hockey and pop culture.  Now, don’t be angry because I’m honoring Sean Avery.  But if you are, I don’t judge.

Check it out.

It’s the Chicago Blackhawks, Man

If JR’s tears didn’t make you feel even a little something, you have no heart…

Never winning a Cup has got to be heart-breaking.  Roenick shows just how big a deal the Stanley Cup is.  Only the Cup can make grown men cry each and every time. 

Everybody should win at least one Cup in their career, or at the very least, get a chance to win a Cup.  in case you haven’s heard, it’s kind of a big deal.