Monthly Archives: November 2011

The Fresh Start

Monday night wasn’t Tom Gaglardi’s first game as owner, but he was introduced to the home crowd in Dallas.  I think his being there helped the team tremendously.  There was more of a crowd, and that crowd was enthusiastic.

The game itself was wonderful.  There was violence, yet no fights or controversies.  No, it was just a hard-played, gritty game by two teams that decided to bring back the old rivalry at least for one night.  It was great.

Mark Fistric in particular kept laying people out awesomely.  Soom poor kid Swede was obliterated.  Welcome to North America, kid!

Unfortunately, Brenden Morrow won’t be able to play tonight, possibly due to the fact that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was out to get him or something.  Whatever. RNH is adorable, and I don’t hate him.

What’s so great is that there’s this sense of hope.  Now that there’s a new woner, it feels like we can do anything.  Gaglardi’s not going on a crazy buying spree right now (Black friday deals be damned), but he’s sticking to Nieuwy’s smart long-term plan.  With the money to do whatever we please, the first priority is to sign the young talent we have.  after that, let’s just build this thing.

Go Stars Go.

Who’s That Team at the Top of the League?

Oh, that’s right…US!

After a completely awesome dominating win over the Washington Capitals, the Stars are at the top of the league, bishes!  Did I mention that these same Capitals hadn’t lost in regulation at home since February 25?  Yeah, it’s pretty neat. Also, the Caps had to endure an epic bag skat today because of their loss last night…to us.

I feel like all the praise I can give them is repetitive, and that’s a good thing.  The Bennster was a monster again; Loui continued to make us all forget Brad “Richman” Richards (who?); Sheldon Huggy Wonderbobm Souray kept showing just why he’s the best siging made in the offseason…period; Michael Ryder continued to look at home on my new favorite line; and Kari proved himself yet again to be one of the current best goalies.

Maybe this team is truly for real.  I’m afraid to jinx it, but they really are playing wonderfully.  What seems so different from the past few years is that they’re playing like a team.  It’s beautiful.

And now we’re at the top of the league.  Who’d a thunk?