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5 Years of Cinco de Morrow

Cinco de Morrow


1:24 this morning marked the anniversary of one of the most legendary moments in Dallas Stars history–Cinco de Morrow. It was at that moment that Brenden Morrow scored the game-winning goal in the fourth overtime in Game 6 against the Sharks, sending the Stars to their first conference final in forever.

We’re a long way from that goal.

But still we look back at it fondly. The Stars are a completely different team now; only three players remain from that magical night (Loui Eriksson, Stephane Robidas, and Trevor Daley) and Morrow himself is now in Pittsburgh trying to win a much-deserved Stanley Cup. And who knows who will remain after new GM Jim Nill has his say? But for now, let’s just look back at a moment that is second best to only the events of June 19, 1999.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years. But it really has been 5 years since that goal and since the Stars have been in the playoffs. This goal is what I (and every other hockey fan) lives for–those incredible marathons that show just why hockey is the greatest game on Earth. And very short years ago, Brenden Morrow made an entire fanbase believe.

I believe that the Stars can get back to those glory days. But for now, let’s just celebrate and appreciate Cinco de Morrow.