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Vanquishing Those Buffalo Demons

The last time the Stars won in Buffalo, this happened:



We won in Buffalo when it mattered the most, but up until last night’s game the Stars held a sad 0-4-2 record in the city in which we became champions.

It was a messy win, but a win is a win is a win IS A WIN. So stop complaining about it. Yes, the Stars were sloppy at time and yes, they almost surrendered a three-goal lead to the worst team in the league, but we came away with those all-important 2 points. I’m not saying that we should ignore the problems; I’m just saying that for now we should just be thankful for the win and work on fixing ourselves up for the next game. 

Some points to note:

  • Tyler Seguin made it back onto the scoresheet with a goal and an assist. After cooling off for a few games, this was good to see from him. I’m happier with that trade with every game. I can’t wait until we’re actually a complete team again.
  • A goal is coming for Valeri Nichushkin. He came so close yet again last night and still couldn’t convert. He’s going to get there soon. Regardless, he’s impressed me a lot, and I’m fully convinced that the Stars made the right choice in keeping him in the NHL.
  • I was pretty ok with Steve Ott scoring on us. In fact, it made me happier than it should have. Whatevs. I’ll always love Otter, sue me.
  • Matt Moulson needs to, like, not. I’m thankful this guy is in the East because that’s 6 goals against the Stars in 2 games. Ouch.

Next up: the Habs on the second night of a back-to-back. I can’t see this ending well, but you never know.

Go Stars!

Otter Has Been Extended! Can I Get a Woot Woot?

GM Joe has extended our beloved Steve Ott for four years, $11.8 million.  I’m so happy I could die.  If Otter had, gulp, gone somewhere else, I would have cried.  There is no one quite like Steve Ott, and I love him because he’s different.  It’s always been fun having one of the most hated players on my team and I was worried he’d go to- ick- the Sucks or a division rival.

Worry no more, everyone…:)

Steve Ott=Monster

Disclaimer:  I only saw highlights from last night, so my thoughts on the game are probably  abit false.  I’m writing this compared to what I saw in the highlights.

What I saw last night was Steve Ott being the bad-ass monster that he is.  And I have to say that Otter won both fights, no question.  Clutterbuck’s a dirtball, and I was happy to finally get what was coming to him.  Better yet, it was Steve Ott who gave it to him.

I’ll admit that Clutterbuck’s hit on B-Rad was clean, but I think that Ott did the right thing in fighting him.  It gave the team energy and I saw tenacity that the entire team has been lacking this season.  I liked his quote about it as well:

“I was actually watching some stuff from the 60s and 70s today and they used to have bench-clearing brawls, so I don’t think it’s something that we should take out of our game. It was a situation where I’m right there and you just can’t hit Brad Richards like that. That can’t happen without some kind of response, so I responded.”

You gotta respect Otter for that, right?  He’s not the ass-hole everyone makes him out to be…at least when it comes to protecting his own team. 😛  He really does his job well, and that’s why I want to keep him around past this year.

So, yeah, I basically just preached about how awesome Otter is, but don’t him ’cause he’s a stud!  😀

Go Stars!

Otter Suspended

He got two games, which I guess you can say is fair.  I thought he had a good chance of getting four-plus.  I’m still disgusted that Scuderi only got a fine for his low hit, and that Mike Richards got NOTHING, when that hit was way too late and poor David Booth is having bad headaches.

That’s the news.

In other news, did you watch the Leafs-Ducks game last night?  Nik Hagman, former Star extraordinaire got a hat trick and the Leafs crushed the Sucks.  That certainly improved my day.

And now, if the Stars lose tomorrow, it won’t be as bad.  See, they’ll only be the second team to lose to Toronto, not the first.

But still.  I’ll miss you, Steve Ott. 😦

Pray For Steve Ott

Pray that he doesn’t get suspended tomorrow.  He has a teleconference with Colin Campbell tomorrow, and who knows how it’ll go?  Unfortunaltely conferences of any sort usually result in suspension.

Like I said earlier, we can’t afford to lose Otter.  Toronto’s full of thugs and we need an agitator.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t see how Ott won’t be suspended.  Remember how he was wrongfully suspended for that eye gouge on Travis Moen last year?  Yeah, that’s what we’re up against.  One word: Reputation.

I don’t see how this will end well…

For a laugh, head on over to St. Louis’ SB nation blog, St. Louis Game Time.  You shoudl find some game threads with Ott-haters and Stars-haters alike.  Post a comment to piss ’em off.  Let’s rally, Stars fans!