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Vanquishing Those Buffalo Demons

The last time the Stars won in Buffalo, this happened:



We won in Buffalo when it mattered the most, but up until last night’s game the Stars held a sad 0-4-2 record in the city in which we became champions.

It was a messy win, but a win is a win is a win IS A WIN. So stop complaining about it. Yes, the Stars were sloppy at time and yes, they almost surrendered a three-goal lead to the worst team in the league, but we came away with those all-important 2 points. I’m not saying that we should ignore the problems; I’m just saying that for now we should just be thankful for the win and work on fixing ourselves up for the next game. 

Some points to note:

  • Tyler Seguin made it back onto the scoresheet with a goal and an assist. After cooling off for a few games, this was good to see from him. I’m happier with that trade with every game. I can’t wait until we’re actually a complete team again.
  • A goal is coming for Valeri Nichushkin. He came so close yet again last night and still couldn’t convert. He’s going to get there soon. Regardless, he’s impressed me a lot, and I’m fully convinced that the Stars made the right choice in keeping him in the NHL.
  • I was pretty ok with Steve Ott scoring on us. In fact, it made me happier than it should have. Whatevs. I’ll always love Otter, sue me.
  • Matt Moulson needs to, like, not. I’m thankful this guy is in the East because that’s 6 goals against the Stars in 2 games. Ouch.

Next up: the Habs on the second night of a back-to-back. I can’t see this ending well, but you never know.

Go Stars!