Monthly Archives: January 2012

In Which Mike Ribeiro Proves His Awesomeness

Last night’s effort against the Preds was pretty close to perfect.  The Stars played a great road game, and everything was flawless except for the power play.  But whatever; you can’t win them all.

Especially awesome was Mike Ribeiro, who had a ballsy sort of game.  His night started out with a sick, beautiful goal that was completely amazing.  He then scored another.  However, his shining moment came after he took Trevor Daley’s shot to the face in the second period.  Ribs immediately skated off, holding his face.  Personally, I wasn’t sure what to think.  It didn’t seem too serious, judging by everyone’s mannerisms and such.  However, it still wasn’t good.

He returned in the third, emulating Stephane Robidas with the full cage.  His efforts here were valiant.  He lost a tooth but went back out to play and even killed some penalties.  It was just really great and heroic. 

Call him a hot dog or a little guy or whatever, but Mike Ribeiro has evolved so much from the skeezy Hab that faked an injury to a truly elite player.  One thing I’ve always admired about the Stars is their ability to take in castoffs and help them to their full potential.  Ribs is te epitome of that, and I hope he stays in Dallas for years to come.

Last night’s win was a big one.  Let’s keep it rolling.

Go Stars.