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Good Godard, Y’all

See the BAMF on the left?  That’s Eric Godard, the newest Star.  You may know him as one of the guys who got supsended during the Pens-Isles fight club earlier this year.  He came off the bench to join in on the action and was suspended 10 games for it.

Now, that’s not totally smart, but it’s certainly gritty.  Let’s be honest, the stars need all the grit they can get.  It worked well last year (with Burrish, Otter, and BAMF Benn et al), so well that we were within one game of the playoffs.

With Eric Godard, we have another guy who can do some physical damage, probably better than Krys Barch.  With a two-way contract for the first of his two years, we’d have to waive Godard to send him to the minors.  I just can’t see that happening, though. 

There’s one roster spot left basically, and while many see Vincour deserving of it, I see it going to Godard. 

One last question…is his nickname God?

The Doldrums of Summer

Once you get past July 2, the off-season goes from boring to excruciatingly boring.  Yeah…I’m feelin’ it.  This is the time of the year when we get ridiculously over-excited whenever someone even hints at a trade rumor. 

Of course, you get your shockers like the Heatley-Havlat trade (it’s a good trade, but who’d a thunk?) and there’s the guessing game of Will Mike Modano (Finally) Retire?  Even so, there’s still some Stars news, as meager as it all may be.

  • Jamie Langenbrunner and Jason Arnott both signed one-year deals with the St. Louis Blues.  Normally, this would be a “meh” signing, but once you realize it isn’t, it gets a lot more interesting.  Doug Armstrong made these signings.  The same Doug Armstrong who instituted perhaps the worst trade in Stars history when he traded Langenbrunner for Arnott.  Oh the irony.
  • Apparently Sergei Zubov is the new coach of St. Petersberg, per @ReporterChris on twitter.  Good for him.

Now, darlings, I have some news.  I got a job, so I can’t ensure that I’ll have enough time to post things anymore.  Not that there’s really anything to post in the summer, but whatevs.

Since I can’t guarantee that I’ll be around here, you can find me on Twitter ( or check out my Tumblr ( ) if you want to talk hockey.

Until then, see you later honeybees!

Forget You

And the winner of the Brad Richards sweepstakes is…the New York Rangers!  Oh, Glen Sather…don’t ever change.  B-Rad’s contract is reportedly 9 years with an average of $6.67 million per year (Satanic cap hit?). 

I feel like I should say something about B-Rad’s departure.  I mean, he was my favorite up until he could no longer be.  But what am I supposed to say?  Thanks for 3.5 great years, but sorry we have an idjit owner?  It’s just that I’ve already said everything I can about B-Rad’s time in Dallas throughout my blog posts. 

Brad Richards was a special player for us, and he would have been our franchise superstar had it not been for Tom Hicks.  As bitter as I am about losing my favorite player, I can’t hate him, because it’s truly not his fault.  I really wish Brad Richards the best in New York, especially since he’s up against a curse of sorts where good players go to the Rangers to fizzle out.  It’s been fun, 91.  Go stick it to the Penguins.

I’m already finding it easy to move on from the Richards ordeal because of the influx of new players we signed yesterday.  And let me tell you…I don’t feel quite as despondent about next year as I originally did.

Going into the first day of free agency, I don’t think many Stars fans expected the Stars to be a player AT ALL. But by the end of the day, six new contracts had been signed- the longest of which was three years.

Your newest Stars: Michael Ryder (!), Sheldon Souray (okay…), Vernon Fiddler, Adam Pardy (PARDY HARD), Radek Dvorak, and Jake Dowell.

I was pleasantly surprised by all of these signings.  Ryder will replace some of the scoring that left with B-Rad; Studly Wonderbomb will probably take over as point on the power play; Fiddler will be a faceoff star for us; Pardy will be another option on defense (bonus: he’s played for Gulutzan before); and Dvorak will provide leadership and penalty kill presence.