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Why Can’t We Be Friends…

Over at Battle of California, an amusing little blog, commenters named their top 5 most loved and most hated teams.  I’m a list junkie, so I thought I’d throw one together and share it with the world.

My Top 5 Most Loved Teams…

1. Dallas Stars.  Duh.

2. Washington Capitals.  They might choke in the playoffs, but they’re the most exciting team in the league.  Plus, I have this irrational love of Alex Ovechkin and his BFFs, Nicky Backstrom and Sasha Semin.  The Caps are my fall-back team, and I support them on the Stars’ off-nights.

3. Chicago Blackhawks.  I’ve really embraced the Hawks this year.  I don’t know what it is about them, but they’re just so likeable.  From 20 Cent to Captain Serious to the handsome Patrick Sharp, they’re a mixed bag.  Sadly, they’re only half the team they once were.  Now I might have to root for the Atlanta Blackhawks.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning.  I loved B-Rad and his besties, Vinny Lecavalier and my munchkin, Marty St. Louis, back in their Cup year and I still love them. I’m glad that they’re getting better because I really do like them. 

5. Carolina Hurricanes.  My fifth most favorite team is kind of a default.  in case y’all didn’t know, Jussi Jokinen is one of my favorite former Stars ever.  I follow him more so than others partly because I have an easier time rooting for the Canes than, say, Nik Hagman and the Flames.

The 5 Least-Loved…

1. Pittsburgh Penguins. I don’t like teams that get a lot of concessions from the league, like the Bettman Penguins.  My hatred of the Pens is part jealousy, part anger.  I’m jealous that they were able to snag Crosby and malkin because of the lockout.  I’m jealous that they always seem to win everything.  I’m jealous that they have Sidney Crosby.  The anger stems from 1991 and 2009 when they beat a couple of my teams.  I just don’t like them.

2. Anaheim Ducks.  They’re a division rival, and even though we seem to beat them a lot, I still can’t bring myself to like them.  The Ducks are a dirty team with the likes of Chris Pronger, Corey Perry, James Wisniewski, et cetera.  I think the only players I like on Anaheim are George Parros and Jonas Hiller.  I love Teemu Selanne, but his future remains up in the air.

3. Vancouver Canucks.  Alain Vigenault is a whiner.  His whining about every little call irks me to enormous levels.  Then I don’t like Luongo and his arrogance or Burrows and his pestiness.  Plus, I don’t think I’ll ever forgive them for 2007.  Ever.

4. Ottawa Senators.  Part of the hate comes from my masochistic love of the ?Leafs.  By default, I guess I’m supposed to hate the Sens.  And I do.  I can’t even explain why I don’t like them; I guess there are just teams that do that to you.

5. Team Canada.  I have nothing against the country or anything, but I do not like Team Canada’s hockey teams.  It’s no fun watching them win every gold medal that comes their way.  The 2010 World Jr.’s (starring Jack Campbell!) were sweet, sweet revenge.

So.  That’s it.  Back to hockey withdrawal…

It’s the Chicago Blackhawks, Man

If JR’s tears didn’t make you feel even a little something, you have no heart…

Never winning a Cup has got to be heart-breaking.  Roenick shows just how big a deal the Stanley Cup is.  Only the Cup can make grown men cry each and every time. 

Everybody should win at least one Cup in their career, or at the very least, get a chance to win a Cup.  in case you haven’s heard, it’s kind of a big deal.

Appreciate the Ugly Goals

20 Cent’s game-winner last night was no beauty.  In fact, it was a pretty ugly goal.  But who cares?  A goal is a goal, no matter how pretty it is.  Ugly goals come from hard work, and in this case a true talent.

Stars fans, of course can relate to this mantra.  The goal that won us our first and only Cup came from Hall of Famer (and Ambassador of Fun), Brett Hull.  You would think that it’d be a “hull” of a shot that came from him.   It wasn’t though.  Rather, it was a goal earned from a lot of chipping and persistance.  That goal isn’t ugly.  It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of Hull’s cup winner, people are now using Kaner’s OT winner in the same sentence as Hull’s.  Both were chippy plays.  Both were confusing.  And, yes, both were actual goals. 

I see no difference.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

20 Cent’s playoff mullet greatly amuses me…

That’s epic.

So is Chris Pronger and his puck-stealing escapades.  This photo isn’t exactly Pronger in his puck-stealing glory, but it makes me giggle.

Me and Chris Pronger have a love/hate relationship.

BTW, the Baby Stars face off against the Hershey Bears in the Calder Cup finals.  Make it happen, kids.

Make.  It.  Happen.

The League Finally Gets It Right

The NHL has suspended James Wisniewski eight games for his hit on Brent Seabrook the other night.  I just wanted to say that Wisniewski completely deserved it.  See for yourself:

I think he’s selling it

That has got to be one of the worst things I’ve ever heard an announcer say.   Shame on Brian Hayward.   That was just horrible of him to say.  The way Seabrook went down was disgusting. 

Wisniewski is a dirtball and that was a dirtball hit.  Think about it: Wisniewski is a defender, and he comes in from the blueline well ahead of speedster, Teemu Selanne.  What does that tell you?

Seabrook himself had had a questionable hit on Corey Perry, but that was nothing compared to Wisniewski’s.  He deserved all eight games.

Thank you, NHL for finally getting it right.


10/17/09 Stars Edge Hawks aka “The One With the Flukey Game-Winner”

What.  A.  Game.  I’m not gonna lie, but that was really intense, and there were moments when I thought I’d pass out.  It reminded me of that intense Detroit game on January 12, 2009 when the Stars played a great game and never gave up.

Awesome, awesome effort by the Stars.  Especially Alex Auld.  He kept them in the game, and he stole it.  And how about that penalty kill?  They were pretty good in the PK, and I really noticed Tom Wandell and Loui Eriksson in that category.

Huet wasn’t great; I’ll admit that.  However, the team in front of him was.  They took shot after shot on Auld, and he brilliantly saved them all.

The line of Morrow-Ribeiro-Benn was easily the best one out there, with the fourth line a close second.  Sadly, we didn’t see much from Neal-Richards-Eriksson.  All three were rather silent, except for B-Rad’s awesome defense and Loui’s PK’-ing.  Neal didn’t have a very good game, considering his turnover led to the first Chicago goal.

Then, there’s Niskers.  Sigh.  Niskanen, Niskanen, Niskanen, what are we to do with you?  He had an awful game, and I felt horrible for him.  But the Stars won, so a win is a win, no matter who plays badly.

On a lighter note, I find it absolutely hilarious that the game-winner came on a flukey goal by Robi.  At first, I didn’t think it had gone in.  When I saw that it had, I just laughed and laughed. 😛

Great game, and best of all, the Stars won part of a back-to-back.  That didn’t happen too much last year.  Thank Gawd for that! 🙂

Next up: the LA Kings tomorrow night.  See you there!

Go Stars!