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B-Rad the Big Brother

Today, I was reading on ESPN Dallas, and I found this article by Richard Durrett.  In it, he talks about how Brad Richards is acting big brother to James Neal.  I knew they lived together, but I never realized that Neal was, like, Vinny’s replacement.  It seems as though he’s B-Rad’s new BFF.

Apparently, the two are “inseparable, on and off the ice.”  How sweet.  It’s funny, though, because last season, I decided that Neal was my second-favorite Star to B-Rad.  When I first found out they were living together, I thought it was a bit ironic.

Like B-Rad took advice from Marty St. Louis in Tampa, Baby James is taking advice from B-Rad.  I think it’s pretty awesome 🙂

Link to the article is here.

10/28/09 Stars Beat the Leafs in OT aka “In Your Stupid Face, Jonas Gustavsson”

I just wanted to say that I love that we beat Gustavsson.  If we hadn’t…well, I probably would never live it down.  But it doesn’t matter anymore now, does it? 🙂

Both teams were sluggish, especially the Stars.  They never really got into the game until the final few minutes and into OT.  They really shouldn’t have won, but it really shows their character since they fought and won it.  It was a good win and I hope the momentum carries into the next game.

Because the only two who really played decent were B-Rad and Nealer.  And at times Turco.  Morrow didn’t have a very good game, unfortunaltely, and neither did Jamie Benn until Ribs tipped his shot.  Let’s play better tonight boys!!

BTW, does this game solidify the fact the James Neal owns the Maple Leafs?  I think yes.  First a hat trick, then an OT goal…what’s next?

3 Stars of the Game:

1. James Neal

2. Brad Richards

3. Nikolai Kulemin

Tonight we face the atrociously bad Florida Panthers.

Go Stars!

Otter Suspended

He got two games, which I guess you can say is fair.  I thought he had a good chance of getting four-plus.  I’m still disgusted that Scuderi only got a fine for his low hit, and that Mike Richards got NOTHING, when that hit was way too late and poor David Booth is having bad headaches.

That’s the news.

In other news, did you watch the Leafs-Ducks game last night?  Nik Hagman, former Star extraordinaire got a hat trick and the Leafs crushed the Sucks.  That certainly improved my day.

And now, if the Stars lose tomorrow, it won’t be as bad.  See, they’ll only be the second team to lose to Toronto, not the first.

But still.  I’ll miss you, Steve Ott. 😦

Pray For Steve Ott

Pray that he doesn’t get suspended tomorrow.  He has a teleconference with Colin Campbell tomorrow, and who knows how it’ll go?  Unfortunaltely conferences of any sort usually result in suspension.

Like I said earlier, we can’t afford to lose Otter.  Toronto’s full of thugs and we need an agitator.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t see how Ott won’t be suspended.  Remember how he was wrongfully suspended for that eye gouge on Travis Moen last year?  Yeah, that’s what we’re up against.  One word: Reputation.

I don’t see how this will end well…

For a laugh, head on over to St. Louis’ SB nation blog, St. Louis Game Time.  You shoudl find some game threads with Ott-haters and Stars-haters alike.  Post a comment to piss ’em off.  Let’s rally, Stars fans!

10/24/09 Stars Beat the Blues 4-1 aka “The One With B-Rad’s awesome Spin-Around Pass”

First of all, let me say that B-Rad’s assist on Loui’s goal was freaking amazing.  That pass was Zubovian.  Poor Patrick Berglund got dizzy and fell…and I laughed. 😛

Now, I have to ask you all this:  Remember that preseason game where we got crushed by the Blues 5-0?

There was no sign whatsoever of those awful Stars.  Instead, we got the more recent, “Stars-who-rock-on-the-road.” 🙂  It was just a great, great game.

And, yeah, some things did get kinda lucky.  I mean, when I found out about T.J. Oshie’s appendectomy, I jumped for joy (no offense, T.J.  Get well soon).  And then there was the fact that the Blues were on the second night of a back-to-back.  But, still.  That was an excellent Stars team out there.  The penalty kill improved some more, going 5-for-5.  The PP, well, not so much.  But I’d take a strong PK over a weak PP.  I think most people would, too.

About Steve Ott, I’m worried for the guy.  There’s a very good chance he’ll get suspended because he’s Steve Ott, the one and only.  Except, we kind of, like, need him against Toronto’s thugs.  Or, we could always rely on Toronto’s succulence.  Like my word?  Anyhoo, it’s a long time until Wednesday, and you never know what’ll happen.

Speaking of painful-looking hits, I think that Mike Richards should have been suspended.  That hit was waaaaaay late, and poor David Booth was unconscious and not moving.  Sure, Mike’s a superstar, but still.  Look at Tuomo Ruutu.  He’s never been suspended until now.  The league’s discipline disgusts me.

Anyway, next up is Toronto.  Please beat them, Stars.  Please beat Jonas Gustavsson.  And I reeeeeaaaaallly don’t want us to be the first team to lose to the Leafs. 

Go Stars!

“No Goal” Will Never Go Away

When I wandered around The Hockey News, I found an article by Jason Kay, where he recounted the top 20 events that had happened since he’d been working at THN.  I thought it’d be one of those nice little reminiscent pieces where he recounted his favorite moments.

To be honest, I didn’t expect “No Goal” to be on there.  I mean, it’s a goal that’s looked back on in shame for a lot of people.  And, it came from the Dallas Stars, who they don’t really say much about up in Canada.

I smiled at times while reading the list (mainly, “The Goal” by Alex Ovechkin, which never ceases to amze me; it was ranked at #14), then there were times when I just wanted to cry for being forced to remember something I didn’t want to remember (pretty much only the Dany Heatley/Dan Snyder crash at #6).

So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw “No Goal” at number two, only behind Mario Lemiex’s return after cancer treatment.  I guess that prt of me expected it to be on the list, just way down low on it.  But, no.  It’s number 2.

Here’s what Jason Kay had to say about “No Goal”:

2. No goal, June 19, 1999. High drama. High controversy. High embarrassment. On the bright side, Brett Hull’s triple overtime Stanley Cup-winner over Buffalo helped drive a dagger through the heart of an ill-conceived rule.

It’s amazing how it will never, ever go away isn’t it?

The rest of the list is here.

10/22/09 Stars Fall to Kings in OT aka “The One Where We Almost Won”

I’ll admit that the only goal I watched was Kopitar’s first.  I was really tired last night, and the Stars didn’t look like they were playing very well, so I just went to bed.  I was very wrong to think it was over at that point.  I watched the highlights this morning, and it was pretty much amazing how they came back.  For that effort, I think that they deserved that one point.  Of course, the fact that they even had to come back from a three-goal deficit isn’t very awesome, but I’m willing to look past that.

To be honest, this new Stars team makes me believe that they can come back from a deficit of two or three goals.  I just have more confidence in them, and I really can’t explain why.  I guess it has to do with the fact that they have come back from those deficits.  I like what I’m seeing.  With a little more work, Dallas could be a top ten team.

Plus, I’m glad that B-Rad played and looked fine out there.  He said later that the groin wasn’t really bugging him, which is nice to know.

Also, how about our young guys, James Neal and Jamie Benn?  They were great last night, and they’re going to be staples in this franchise for years to come.  You know, I kind of forget that Nealer had that eye injury over the summer.  I suppose it’s how well he’s playing that makes bad memories like that go away. 

I’d like to say that the loss wasn’t Auld’s fault.  The team in front of him wasn’t at its best.  And, I’m not gonna lie, but I don’t want to say that Auld did badly.  I don’t want to have goaltending problems where both goalies are inconsistent.  So I’m not going to believe that until it’s too late.

Anyway, great, great effort last night.  If we can build on all of this recent success, things will be good.

See you tomorrow night against the Blues.

Go Stars!

10/21/09 Stars Beat the Sucks aka “The One Where Otter Rocked His Return to the Lineup”

Great, great, great night.  The Stars won, and I actually got to watch Glee last night. Like I’ve said before, if you haven’t jumped on the Glee bandwagon yet, you really ought to.  Last night’s episode had a pretty awesome rendition of “Sweet Caroline.”  And, it’s just a really good time.  Seriously, watch it. 😛

Okay, onto the Stars game.  For some reason, the Stars seem to beat Anaheim in the first meeting of the season.  This time wasn’t any different.  Steve Ott came back and  just simply rocked everyone’s socks.  Sadly, B-Rad didn’t play because of his groin injury, but at least the Stars won.

Turco was actually pretty good for a change.  For that matter, so was Jonas Hiller.  Hiller is the only reason the Ducks are going to get anywhere this season, because their forwards and defense certainly won’t do the job.  I know it’s early, but you have no idea how happy I’d be if the Ducks missed the playoffs.  They are the one team that I truly hate.  Especially Corey Perry. Ew. Cory Perry.  Bleh.

I just wanted to say, though, that I really hate the way Anaheim does their three stars.  Their guy is a homer who doesn’t believe in the visitors sweeping the three star selections.  Remember Brad May in the 2008 playoffs?  Yeah, I know, totally messed up. 

These were the “official” three stars:

1. James Wisniewski

2. Loui Eriksson

3. Ryan Getzlaf

Uhm, what’s wrong with this picture?

If any Duck deserved first star honors, it’d be Jonas Hiller, who kept them in the game.  And I might be biased, but I’ve always believed that a member of the winning team should ALWAYS be first star.  That, my friends, is the definition of pathetic.

My three stars (with logical explanations to go along!):

1. Steve Ott- He was really a force out there, and he showed us all once again, why there is only one Steve Ott.  Plus he added an empty-netter, which is always nice. 🙂

2. James Neal- His two assists were critical for the Stars in this game.  Plus, he’s awesome 🙂

3. Loui Eriksson- Loui’s goal gave the Stars an early lead that they built on.

Then, if there was a fourth star, I’d say Jonas Hiller.  Still, Anaheim is pathetic.  Sad…

See you at the game tonight! 

Go Stars!


Heeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaack!

Heeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaack!

Wathier Called Up

Sorry guys, no game review for last night’s game.  It was just too depressing.  B-Rad didn’t play, and the Stars sucked the entire game except for Benn’s goal.  😦 Which was a sweet one, might I add. 🙂

Anyway, ANOTHER guy was called up.  At this rate, every Texas Star will debut in the NHL this season. 😛  This time, it’s Francis Wauthier.  Can’t say I know anything about him.

Unfortunately, this means that B-Rad might sit out another game. 😦  Personally, I thought the only reason the Stars lost last night was because Brad wasn’t there.  And every time I heard the name, “Brad Richardson,” I got all happy and shiz, only to find out it WASN’T B-RAD. 😦

He just has to play tomorrow.  Otherwise, I might cry. 😦

Don’t do this to me, Brad.

Monday Morning Musings

I love using alliteration in the title 😛

Anyhoo, there’s just some things I wanted to point out leading up to tonight’s game.

For one thing, Perttu Lindgren was called up, and will make his debut tonight against LA.

Also, in non-Stars-related news, Vinny and Marty have been reunited!  You know, B-Rad’s BFF’s?  Well, I’m a Lightning fan, and I really like Vinny and Marty, so this makes me smile. 🙂

And how about Dave Tippett?  The Coyotes are leading the Pacific, and are seriously rocking everybody’s socks.  How ’bout Tippett, eh, Nieuwy? 

Speaking of the Pacific, did you know that only three points separate first from last?  The Pacific is going to be tough this year if everyone keeps it up.  I’m praying that Anaheim doesn’t.

Plus, the Maple Leafs suck.  I just wanted to point that out.  I feel sorry for my guys, Niklas Hagman and Luke Schenn, but as long as Jonas Gustavsson and Brian Burke are losing, I can’t complain.  Maybe Haggy and the Schennster can be traded to Washington for Michael Nylander?  Probably not, but that would make my day.

Bad news, though: B-Rad’s legs are sore, and he may miss tonight’s game; that’s why Lindgren was called up.  I don’t think that Brad will miss it though, because in Heika’s preview, B-Rad isn’t listed as an injury. Phew!

And I just wanted to say that I love how when I talk about players, I use their first name like I know them or something.  I’d like to say that I do, but I don’t.  Just one of my many quirks, I suppose. 😛

Here’s a prediction for tonight: Since Stars-Kings games, like, always go into the shootout, the Stars will finally win one because James Neal won’t hit the post and Ribs will do some awesome deke move that everyone freaks out about.

Go Stars!