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Playoffs- All Tied Up!

So far, every series that has played two games is tied up.  The fate of this trend rests on the shoulders of the Chicago Blackhawks.  If they lose, they ruin everything.  But no pressure, Hawks.

Anyway, there were some exciting games yesterday, my favorite being the Caps-Habs Game 2.  After being down 4-1, the Caps rallied to win in overtime 6-5.  Nicky Backstrom and Andrei Kostitsyn each had a hat trick.  The last time each opposing team had a hat trick in one playoff game?  May 4, 2009 when Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby did it.

These are just some thoughts I took from the game:

-I saw some deja vu from Jose Theodore.  He was pulled by BB (Bruce Boudreau) after allowing two goals on that many shots.  Semyon Varlamov took over and cleaned up for Theo, much like he did last postseason.  It wasn’t a pleasant sight.

-All the talk about the play of Nicky and Ovie overshadowed the great game that American hero, John Carlson had.  Carlson tied the game late in the third that sent the game to OT.  It was oddly reminiscent of his World Jr’s goal.  Same shot, same fist-pump, same delirium.  Also overshadowed was Eric Fehr and the third and fourth lines of the Caps.  Fehr’s breakaways goal in the first period gave the Caps life and those lines kept them in the game.  I’m just giving them the credit they deserve.

-Mike Green is an overrated goat.  Watching him last night was like watching Matt Niskanen all season.  At one poin during the game I screamed, “NISKERS!”  before realizing that, no, it wasn’t Niskers, but Mike Green.  Greenie’s choking just like last year.

On Vancouver and LA…

-I was happy to see the young, widdle Kings win.  Most of them have never even played in the playoffs before.  It’s nice they got a win under their belt.


Tonight: the Kings (or as I like to call them, the Queens) who own the Stars and we really have no chance of winning but you never know

Like I said, we really have no chance of winning.  The Kings own us the way the Red Wings used to.  They’re the team that we just can’t beat except for every once in a blue moon.  I know the Stars did come back against the Kings early in the season but that ended up being a shootout loss.  But so what?  It just reiterates my point that we can’t beat them.

However we do have a rather fortunate circumstance: Jonathan Quick will be out.  He had to go back to LA for his baby’s birth.  Ladies, a collective “Awwwwwww!”  I know, I know he’s the enemy, but I love babies. 🙂  

Another (somewhat) fortunate circumstance is the fact that we just lost and if the whole win-lose-win thing starts up again, we’re on the “win” cycle.  Of course, that might not happen and we’ll lose and sink even further into that blackhole of oblivion.  But I’d rather not think about that.

Come on guys, let’s do this!

Go Stars!

Points in a Back-to-Back and Whoa, Niskers!

So basically the San Jose game was awesomely amazing while the LA game wasn’t.  I’m glad that they got points in both games, but this horrible-shootouts-excpet-against-the-Sharks thing is really getting old.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sharks game because it was, in the end, an epic goalie battle as it usually is.  Best of all, Niskers got the shootout winner.  I KNOW, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!  So kudos to Nisky. 😛

As for the LA game, they didn’t get slaughtered, and that made me feel better about the loss.  I fully expected, like, 10-0 Kings to be the final score.  Well, not exactly 10-0, but I figured it’d be a stinker.  Luckily it wasn’t. 🙂

However, we have to ALWAYS remember that this is a team in transition.  The results won’t come immediately, so we shouldn’t be too hard on the young guys.  Especially Nisky.  If I keep telling myself that, will that make it true?  I hope so, because I’m constantly bordering on frutration with the Stars.

So next time there’s a bad loss, let it go.  There’s always next year for a deep playoff run.

Go Stars!