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Appreciate the Ugly Goals

20 Cent’s game-winner last night was no beauty.  In fact, it was a pretty ugly goal.  But who cares?  A goal is a goal, no matter how pretty it is.  Ugly goals come from hard work, and in this case a true talent.

Stars fans, of course can relate to this mantra.  The goal that won us our first and only Cup came from Hall of Famer (and Ambassador of Fun), Brett Hull.  You would think that it’d be a “hull” of a shot that came from him.   It wasn’t though.  Rather, it was a goal earned from a lot of chipping and persistance.  That goal isn’t ugly.  It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of Hull’s cup winner, people are now using Kaner’s OT winner in the same sentence as Hull’s.  Both were chippy plays.  Both were confusing.  And, yes, both were actual goals. 

I see no difference.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

20 Cent’s playoff mullet greatly amuses me…

That’s epic.

So is Chris Pronger and his puck-stealing escapades.  This photo isn’t exactly Pronger in his puck-stealing glory, but it makes me giggle.

Me and Chris Pronger have a love/hate relationship.

BTW, the Baby Stars face off against the Hershey Bears in the Calder Cup finals.  Make it happen, kids.

Make.  It.  Happen.