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The Aftermath

They might want to call the Vancouver Games the “Upset Games.”  At least that ‘s what they are in terms of the hockey tournament going on.  Slovakia over Russia.  America over Canada.  Czech Republic over Sweden.  WHAT IS GOING ON?  This is crazy, just crazy.  

I’m upset right now because of some of these upsets.  I wanted the gold medal final to be between a combination of Russia, Finland, Sweden, and America.  Now two huge hockey powerhouses- Russia and Sweden- are out.  How the heck does that happen?  Thirty years after the biggest upset ever (that’s the Miracle on Ice, if you didn’t feel like figuring it out), there are upsets aplenty at these Olympics.

Now, I have some words to say to some certain individuals, some good others bad:

To the Russian GM…

Dear Vladislav Tretiak, 

How does Sergei Zubov sound now that Russia’s out of the tournament?  You could have really used a defenseman like him to calm your team down and actually make them look put together.  Russia looked frantic and like they had no plan whatsoever.   It didn’t help that your coach, Vyacheslav “Slava” Bykov, didn’t look like an adequate coach.  And Mr. Tretiak, I just wanted to say that I was right.

To Alex Ovechkin…

Dear Ovie, 

Once again your team didn’t show up when it mattered most.  I’m sorry for that.  You’re awesome, you’re perfect, don’t change a thing.  Just keep being yourself and someday you will be rewarded.  Ovie, you’re one of my favorite players in the NHL.  To me, you are the epitome of my ideal hockey player- exciting, skilled, and has a personality.

When some call you a jerk, I call you a bad-ass.  When they call you dirty, I call you forcefully passionate.  When they call you non-traditional and cocky, I call you a rebel.  More than anything, Alex, just keep doing what you’re doing.

To Team USA…

Dear Americans,

What.  A.  Game.  Way to relive the Miracle on Ice and stage a miracle of your own.  I’ll admit that I was uncertain how such a young team could possible medal.  Thankfully, I was wrong.  I cheered the way I only cheer during the Olympics, if that makes sense.  When Ryan Kesler scored that empty-netter, he was no longer a dirty Canuck.  I didn’t care that Bobby Ryan was a Suck and a Mike Modano-wannabe.  I didn’t care that Brooks Orpik was a teammate of Sidney Crosby.  They were all Americans.  And that is what the Olympics does to a person.

To Sidney Crosby…

Dear Sid,

I don’t like you even more if that’s even possible.

To Brenden Morrow…

Dear Brenden,

I am not about to compliment you on your superb play for Canada.  Rather, I’m about to chew you out for it.  

Brenden, why is it that you look like you care more about Team Canada than the Dallas Stars?  Why is it that all year long you’ve wanted to make Canada’s Olympic team than you wanted the Stars to make the playoffs?  Why can’t you play for the Stars the way  you play for Canada?  Do we not give you good enough linemates on the Stars?  It’s funny, because Jamie Benn, Steve Ott, and Mike Ribeiro aren’t exactly Mike Richards and Jonathan Toews, but they still get the job done.

We want Brenden Morrow, circa 2006-2008.  Where’d he go?  Do we need to find him for you?  Where did our heart and soul of the team Morrow go?

Brenden, make itlook like you care, even if you don’t.  Please do that much for me…

In Other News:

Alex Auld has been waived.  Looks like we’re keeping Turco, huh? Of course you never know with GM Joe…

Finally, I just wanted to share this amazing gif that some wonderful perosn over at the Caps’ blog, Japer’s Rink, made.

No offense to Jaromir Jagr, but he was Ovechkin’d.

Don’t Forget

After 30 Years…

February 22, 2010 marks the 3oth anniversary of this little moment in hockey called the “Miracle on Ice.”  Consider it a holiday, because you see stuff like that once in a lifetime.  I wasn’t even born in 1980, so I didn’t get to see the miracle.  I wish I could have, but that’s what the movie, Miracle, is for: people like me who didn’t get to see the original.

Don’t ever forget it; you don’t see miracles every day.  This was a special day, a miraculous day.  I’ve always been one to root for the underdog, and the Mioracle on Ice is easily the biggest underdog story and upset in hockey, and maybe even all of sports history.

Think about it: you have these nobody college kids up against a nearly-flawless Soviet team that’s played together for years and years.  On paper, it’s a heavily lopsided matchup that ends in an inevitable Soviet win.

Yet somehow it didn’t.  There have been moments that have redefined history; the Miracle on Ice is one of them.  It was so much more than a game, a medal, and a miracle.  The timing of it couldn’t have been more perfect.  In the midst of the Cold War, the Americans pulling off a miracle was the tiniest of turning points in tough times.

And the rest is history…


-Al Michaels’ unforgettable call

"True champions win when the world says they can't."

Hail the Olympians

Hey people, I’m saving y’all the trouble of tracking the Stars’ Olympic porttraits down yourselves and putting the link here.  All are by Trey Hill.  You can find the rest here.

Here’s one of our faithful Finn, Jere Lehtinen…

But There Is Hope…

And with one game, the Stars gave us hope.  This last win before the Olympic break against Phoenix was arguably the best game of this season.  The Stars played like they wanted it, and sure the Coyotes were tired and not in it, but the Stars just made them look even worse.  It’s games like those that can make a team, make a winning streak.  I’m bummed that the Olympic break had to happen, just when the Stars look like they could start a streak.

Anyway, here’s some thoughts I had from the game:

-Obviously the James Neal hit on Petr Prucha was a big story from the game.  In my opinion, it was a clean hit that resulted in a freak injury.  The glass sucks in Phoenix, so that was probably a contributing factor.  It’s unfortunate that Prucha was injured; concussions are NEVER a good thing.  What was dirty though, was the way Phoenix retaliated.  Somebody tell me how the hell Shane Doan did NOT get called for charging.  He was waaaay out there when he stared to come toward Neal.  Then Jovanovski went after Neal and had Nealer not seen him coming, Neal could have been seriously injured.  It was almost Bertuzzi-like how the Coyotes were after the hit…

-Speaking of Neal, after that game, I just loved him more.  You can add the Phoenix Coyotes to the ever-growing list of teams that hate James Neal.  Our Nealer is a truculent fellow, eh? 😛

-How about Marty Turco?  I just love the competetive Turco we used to see in the Mike Smith days.  If this Turco is the one that plays the rest of the season, then I love Kari Lehtonen.  Because the new guy in town is bringing out the Turco we know and love.  Our goalie situation is the best it’s been all season.

I also just wanted to say how bad I feel about that luger who died, Nodar Kumaritashvili, of Georgia.  I am, however, happy that he died doing what he loved.  RIP, Nodar.

Now let’s forget about our wonderful sport of hockey for a little while and go watch the Winter Olympics.  Then, obviously, we watch the Olympic hockey and have fun.  

U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Ivan Vishnevskiy, We Hardly Knew Ye…

So last night the rumor was that Kari Lehtonen was headed to the Stars in exchange for Ivan “Mini Zubov” Vishnevskiy and a fourth rounder, but it was hardly a rumor as we all knew it was true.  Well it’s official now.

I was initially in denial over Vish going, but I’m over it now.  My reasoning?  Well…Vish was supposed to take  over where Sergei Zubov left off, but that didn’t happen as Zubie left sooner than expected.  Think about it, though.  I think a lot of us believed him to be the next Zubov.  And that, my friends, was our biggest mistake.  We wanted something we’d never have.  There is absolutely no replacing Sergei Zubov.  You just can’t, and Vishnevskiy never would have been able to.

He already had unrealistic expectations put in him when he was drafted, and those have gotten bigger since Zubie left.  It just wasn’t fair to do that to a kid. Chances are we would have been disappointed as fans when we expected Sergei Zubiv and saw Ivan Vishnevskiy.  It’s a no-win.

As for Kari Lehtonen, he’s got potential.  He’s been hampered by injuries, but he’s by no means bad goalie.  I think this could be good, I really do.  We’ve been stuck with small Turco who hasn’t done it for us, and now we have a big goalie.  I’m very interested to see how this plays out…

But, wait!  What about Turco?  And Auld?

That, my lovelies, remains to be seen…

Let’s Get Excited About…Ondrej Roman!

Today the Stars signed Ondrej Roman to an entry-level contract.  He is czech and completely gorgeous.  Seriously:

Anyway, he’s pretty talented too.

Over Twitter, Wrap Around Curl told me:

 “You’ll love Ondrej. He can move a puck and is great with assists and passing. Bonus, he’s gorgeous…He was on the team that won the Memorial Cup. He’s played for the Czech for World Jrs too.”

I like to think of Wrap as my chief (no pun intended) source of information on the WHL’s Spokane Chiefs.  Since she’s seen him in action, I’ll take her word for it.

Bottom line, I’ve so far heard nothing but good stuff about the Roman, and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the grren black and gold.  Gotta love Baby Stars, right?

Hawk-ey Night

The last time the Stars were at the United Center, this beauty happened:

Lovely isn’t it?

However, because of that, I don’t think that Huet will get the start tonight.  So, I’m not counting on a Stars win tonight.  But we can still hope, right?

Go Stars!

Steve Ott=Monster

Disclaimer:  I only saw highlights from last night, so my thoughts on the game are probably  abit false.  I’m writing this compared to what I saw in the highlights.

What I saw last night was Steve Ott being the bad-ass monster that he is.  And I have to say that Otter won both fights, no question.  Clutterbuck’s a dirtball, and I was happy to finally get what was coming to him.  Better yet, it was Steve Ott who gave it to him.

I’ll admit that Clutterbuck’s hit on B-Rad was clean, but I think that Ott did the right thing in fighting him.  It gave the team energy and I saw tenacity that the entire team has been lacking this season.  I liked his quote about it as well:

“I was actually watching some stuff from the 60s and 70s today and they used to have bench-clearing brawls, so I don’t think it’s something that we should take out of our game. It was a situation where I’m right there and you just can’t hit Brad Richards like that. That can’t happen without some kind of response, so I responded.”

You gotta respect Otter for that, right?  He’s not the ass-hole everyone makes him out to be…at least when it comes to protecting his own team. 😛  He really does his job well, and that’s why I want to keep him around past this year.

So, yeah, I basically just preached about how awesome Otter is, but don’t him ’cause he’s a stud!  😀

Go Stars!