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Just Stuff

-Andrew’s is reporting that Jonas Gustavsson has narrowed it down to Dallas and Toronto. 

Which means his decision will most likely come tomorrow.  I’m nauseous thinking about it.  I want him here, like, crazy bad.

-It’s not exactly looking good that we’ll get Lehtinen and Zubov back.  It seems like they’re finally moving on.  I hear the Islanders are a great team to end your career in.  Bad joke, I know.

-Detroit’s GM, Ken Holland, isn’t optimistic about resigning playoff jinx free agent, Marian Hossa.  Not that I actually care, though.

-JayBo aka Jay Bouwmeester is headed to Calgary.  So, basically, he’s not coming here.

-In the saddest news ever, the OxyClean guy, Billy Mays has died.  I think I’m sadder about him than Jacko.  Sigh. 😥

It’s Draft Day!

I gotta say, I’m pretty excited.  I’ve been waiting for this date awhile.  So, here are the big questions:

Tavares or Hedman first overall?

What will come of Vinny Lecavalier?

What about Dany Heatly?

Chris Pronger?

Marian Gaborik?

Jay Bouwmeester?

How about the goalie we’re trying to woo, Jonas Gustavsson?

And most importantly, who do the Stars take with the eighth pick?

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Sunday Afternoon Tidbits

-I don’t like that the Pens won the Cup, but seeing Philippe Boucher hoist the Cup makes it all better.  I’m truly happy for him. 🙂

-Apparently, Dallas is at the top of Dany Heatley’s list of possible teams.  We don’t need another left winger with a big salary.  Besides, we’d have to deal Brad Richards to get him most likely, and I like Richy too much to see him go.  There’s also Heatley’s off-ice attitude.  He’s demanded a trade from both teams he’s been on.  Yeah, I understand why he wanted out of Atlanta because of the Dan Snyder thing, but wanting out of Ottawa makes him a bit of a diva in my eyes.

-Jonas Gustavsson is set to talk to Joe Nieuwendyk pretty soon.  He is good friends with Fabian Brunnstrom, who could be a factor in getting him here.

-Tippett is supposedly interviewing with the Wild.  That’d be nice since Tip’s got a house in Minnesota.

-That’s about all for now kids!