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Season Grades: Tom Wandell

The one I’ve come to call Gilbert wasn’t around for the second half of the season because of an unfortunate ACL tear.  But we saw some good stuff from the kid when he was around.

I used to always think that Loui Eriksson was the second coming of Jere Lehtinen.  I was wrong.  I’m starting to think that Tom Wandell is our new Lehtinen.  While people complained about Tommy never scoring, I disagreed.  They just didn’t watch all of the little things he did and how defensively minded he really was.  He finished his short rookie season a plus-2, which isn’t too shabby considering who he played for.

There’s also the fact that he had three game-winners.  Out of only five goals.  That’s lovely little stat, isn’t it?  He tied for second in game-winning goals when he played about half as many games as the rest of his teammates.  Pretty cool, huh?

Like the Bennster, TW_23 was also a quick skater who could pull pucks out of scrums seemingly at ease.  That was always something I liked about our two rookies.

I’m looking forward to Gilbert next year.  We saw some flashes of Jere Lehtinen and I can’t wait to see more.

Grade: A-.  The A is for awesome.  The minus is for getting hurt.


Poor Gilbert

My favorite new Swede, Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) has torn his ACL and will be out the rest of the season.  This really broke my heart, because I hate it when bad injuries happen to rookies.  They’re just so young…

This isn’t the first time Tommy’s torn an ACL either.  However, his last ACL injury was in the other leg, so that doesn’t really matter.  Either way, though, this sucks.  This sucks BAD.

And so we drop like flies for the second year in a row…

Discuss if you’d like to, but I’m too bummed to do so.

The Epic Showdown Between B-Rad and His BFF, Vinny…and Wandell’s OT Winner

Somehow overtime victories are much more rewarding than regulation ones.  They’re so…epic.  I mean, yeah, I’m mad about the blown lead, but it’s to my third favorite team in the whole wide world, so I can’t stay angry about that. 

Surprisingly enough, the Stars scored THREE power play goals.  Impressive.  You know, for them.

B-Rad rocked my socks, and got revenge for last year’s ATROCIOUS loss to the Bolts.  Sorry, Vinny and Marty, but Round 2 goes to B-Rad.

I’ve now jumped on the Tom Wandell bandawagon.  I HEART TOM WANDELL!  He’s awesome and he’s a Swede.   And his OT goal is three game-winners for him now.  Yeah, that’s the good stuff.

However, the worst part of the night was Niskers.  What are we to do about Niskanen?  To put it bluntly, that giveaway was HORRIBLE.  I’d say trade him to Toronto, but I’m afraid that Niskers lacks truculence.


But whatevs.  My slogan is: “A win is a win, no matter how sloppy.”

Which totally applies to last night.

Anyhoo, next game: Tomorrow vs. the Red Wings.  Let’s win this one, boys.

Go Stars!

I heart Swedes.