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The New Kids

Round 1: Jack Campbell, 11th Overall

I’m sure many of us Stars fans were initially surprised to see Joe take Jack Campbell, one of the American heroes at World Juniors.  At first, I was furious with GM Joe for taking a goalie since defense is our biggest need AND Cam Fowler and Brandon Gormley somehow fell dramatically.  But I’m so over that now.

Campbell’s a good kid, who also happens to idolize Marty Turco.  He’s big in size and in heart.  He’s a guy we can count on to be a team player.  This could turn out to be a great pick.  Next year, and probably the year after that, Campbell.

Round 2: Patrik Nemeth, 41st Overall

Nemeth is a big, Swedish defenseman, who’s a lot like Nick Grossman.  Here’s what LA Kings scout, Todd Woodcroft, had to say about Nemeth:

Already a man, going to play in the elite league next year. Good prospect too.

Round 3: Alex Guptill, 77th Overall

Guptill’s a left winger, which makes this an odd draft choice.  But he’s big and won’t be ready for a few years, so that helps.  God knows we don’t need another left wing at the moment.

Round 4: Alex Theriau, 109th Overall

Theriau’s another defenseman, thank God.  He’s big at 6-2, but could fill out a little bit.  He looks promising.

Round 5: John Klingberg

Another Swedish defenseman, this one is the younger brother of Atlanta’s prospect, Carl Klingberg.  The scouts are hoping that he’ll be another Philip Larsen-like find.

All in all, I think this was a good draft for the Stars.  GM Joe made a smart decision in trading our initial third round pick at 61st to nab another pick.  While none of these guys will be NHL ready for a few years, at least the group looke promising.