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Missing Michael Ryder


Thank you, person on Tumblr (plz tell me who you are so I can give you credit!)

So Michael Ryder got dealt to the Habs for Erik Cole and a third-rounder, a trade which devastates me because I love Michael Ryder.



It was kind of a confusing move at first, but after thinking about it and reading people’s reactions it makes a lot more sense. 

As much as I love Michael Ryder, I knew he’d be traded sometime or another (though I presumed it’d be closer to the trade deadline), and Cole has two years left on his deal. I understand why they made the deal: Cole is a more of a two-way forward than Ryder and is the net presence we need (sidenote: Morrow replacement?) with the same number of goals last season. However, I’m still uneasy about it. This is one of those trades that could end up making GM Joe look like either a complete idiot or a complete genius. I understand it, but I just don’t know how it’ll work out.

We’ll see.