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Dean Morton was there in spirit…

Last night’s game was dominated by bad calls and non-calls alike, which mostly favored the Sharks.  The first period saw a terrible delay of game penalty that sent Toby Petersen to the box and the Sharks’ number 5-ranked power play to a 5-on-3.  What followed was an epic penalty kill by the Stars.  It was one of the highlights of the night.  It was fuckin’ amazing.

However, the refs weren’t done fucking things up for us.  One instance included Devin “Star-Killer” Setoguchi drawing a call and embellishing it with an obvious dive.  The penalty was real (Skrastins tripped him), but Setoguchi should have been called for diving.  The call that really made me mad, though, was the non-call toward the end of the game.  I can’t remember what exactly happened, but I’m pretty sure it was a blatant trip that was ignored.  Then, like five seconds later, Ribs stabbed Dany “Douchebag” Heatly’s mouth and drew blood.

We all know what happened next- Utter. Shit.

This was me:

Logan Couture, a guy who I initially liked and don’t really anymore, scored on the power play in overtime.  I blame Dean Morton for all of this.  He was obviously there in spirit.

But, hey, at least we got a point out of it.  We need every point we can get with how tight is in the Pacific.  And we played pretty well despite letting in the first goal…again.

Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) had a sick goal last night.  He just kind of floated in with the puck and shot it without even looking at his target.  LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL.  Fuck yeah.  That guy can be slick when he wants to be.

Next up: those damn Blue Jackets.  I’m really starting to loath them…


Have another gif…

I thought it was funny though, admittedly, not relevant.


Gold Star System

I just had this idea hit me.  See, whenever I think someone did a good job on something, I’ll say, “Gold star for so-and-so!”  Then, tonight  I wondered if I could possibly apply that to hockey. 

Hence, my new gold star system.  So whenever a Dallas Star has a good play or did something awesome, I’ll award them a gold star.  Then I’ll add ’em up at the end of the week, and we’ll have a Star of the Week.  Then Star of the Month and Star of the Year.  Maybe even a special playoff format.

Here’s how it works: A player can receive more than one Star in one night, so if they awesomely get a hat trick or something, they can get credit.  Keep in mind, that they can also be docked gold stars if they do something outrageously stupid or horrible.  I’ll kind of make the rules up as I go along just to forewarn you.

Starting with Saturday’s game, here are the recipients of gold stars:

Jamie Benn- Welcome to the NHL!  He gets a freebie.

Brad Richards- A gold star for growing your hair back! 😛

Brenden Morrow- It’s been awhile, Sir Captain.  A gold star for being back.

Karlis Skrastins- For making awesome defensive plays, he gets one gold star.

Toby Petersen- One gold star for being unnoticed yet awesome. 🙂

Loui Eriksson-  Loui made the second goal happen without ever being credited with an assist.  One gold star.

James Neal- Two gold stars for being awesome and scoring our two goals.

That’s all I’ve got from that game, so let’s hope that I can give out more after tonight. 

Go Stars!

10/3/09 Shootout Loss to Preds

First of all, I want to congratualte Stephane Robidas on such a finely delivered hit on J.P. Dumont.  Trashville, that was payback for the Tootoo hit three years ago. 😛
Anyway, game review time, I thought the Stars looked slow through the first and most of the second period.  The first James Neal goal gave them momentum that they really needed.  And it was a pretty awesome goal.  I mean, Nealer was practically falling when he scored it. 🙂
They probably would have won if not for Dan Ellis’ (unfortunately) spectacular goaltending.  They played a solid game towards the end, and if they always play that way, this will be a good season.  I think I like Marc Crawford’s system.