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Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

It was a busy month in my world, so I apologize for not posting anything about that wonderful first round of playoffs.  It’s funny how I can be so sad about the Stars missing out (again), but then actual playoffs teams remind me how much I love this sport.

The first round saw me feeling warm and fuzzy toward the Flyers as they took down the Penguins for me.  Those feelings still linger, and I hate that fact.  I used to hate them all, and now I’m starting to think that Claude Giroux’s pretty awesome and that maybe Scott Hartnell isn’t so bad after all.  Max Talbot, however, is still a tool.  The Canucks were thankfully eliminated as well, but I’m not feeling good feelings toward the Kings.  It’s a Pacific thing.

Speaking of which, the last thing I want right now is a Pacific-themed conference final.  Neither the Kings or the Coyotes have ever won a Cup, and I’d like to keep it that way.  I like being one of only two teams in the Pacific to have a championship.  And I kind of hate the Kings.  The Coyotes are tolerable, but the Kings…no.

Out East, that Caps-Rangers game last night was pretty awesome.

Fun fact: it was the longest game since May 4, 2008, which was–you guessed it– Game 6 between the Stars and Sharks.  That epic 4 OT one.

Who knows what the playoffs will bring next, but they’ve been pretty fun.

Out With a Bang

Unless you’ve been living in a hole, you might have heard that we have a new Stanley Cup champion.  Congratulations to the Bruins for vanquishing the Damn Canucks and for starting Armageddon in Vancouver (boy, if that’s what they did when they lost, what would it have looked like if they’d won?).

This Cup final felt so much more emotional than last year’s.  I felt like it was inevitable that the Hawks would win, and they surprised absolutely no one when they did.  This year, though, there was a feeling that Game 7 could go either way, because it had been a truly bizarre series. 

Ultimately, Game 7 was a bit of a letdown, especially if you’re a Canucks fan.  I never like to see Game 7 blowouts, but the game itself was actually pretty intense up until the second Bruins goal.  That was the one that insured a Bruins victory.  The way I saw it was, Tim Thomas isn’t going to give up more than a goal.  If you’re lucky, he might give up two.  In the end, he didn’t give up any.

There have been years where there hasn’t been a definitive Conn Smythe candidate.  This year, though, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it would be Tim Thomas.  Thomas played out of his freaking mind LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL.

Plus, he’s much too classy to say what we were all thinking whenever Luongo let in a goal: Tim Thomas would’ve gotten that one.  In the end, Luongolol’s comments came back to bite him in the ass.  Ditto with Daniel Sedin’s guarantee of a Vancouver win.  The Canucks got ahead of themselves, and they paid dearly for it.  Karma, perhaps?  Probably.  The Canucks cheap-shotted and bit their way through the series, unlike the Bruins who only cheap-shotted their path to the Cup.

Anyway, just some random thoughts relating to last night…

Mark Recchi is finished.  Lost in all of last night’s chaos was the fact that it was Mark Recchi’s final game in the NHL.  My oh my, what a way to go out.  Congrats on a fantastic career, Recching Ball.  You will be missed, good sir.

There’s something in the water… I loved the hoodoo/voodoo trick the Bruins did.  It was positively ingenious.  Pouring Garden water on the ice?!  Brilliant!

Tyler Seguin. The kid is 19 (so he can legally drink the champagne in Canada), and he’s already won his first Cup.  To put it into perspective, he hasn’t even been drafted for a year, and he’s already winning.  You go, Seguin.

It was a great Cup final (maybe one of the greatest ever), and it’s nice that it’s over.  However…it is now the dreaded off-season.  109 more days until the regular season starts up again.

It’s going to be a looooong summer…

Game 7 FTW

As if this crazy, bizarre, and throughly entertaining series could end any other way.  Just sit back and enjoy it, because Wednesday’s game will be the last hockey we see for a very long time.  Best of all, there’s really no telling who’ll win.  Just cherish this wonderful series for everything it’s been, because finals like this one are rare.

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Boo. You whores.

I’m still furious over how Game 1 ended.  Furious.  It’s not so much that the Canucks won, but that they scored with 20 freaking seconds left.  20 seconds.  This was me after that goal:

I mean, COME ON.  That was a flawless game, but then one of the Canucks’ stupid gingers (I believe it was Raffi Torres, that useless meatsack) scored. 

Anyway, what a fantastic game!  You just never know what you’re going to get in a Game 1, especially in the Finals.  If you recall, last year’s Game 1 ended 5-6, because everyone was like, “LOL wut defense?”  Then Thomas Kopecky of all people scored the winner.

I know that Timmy Thomas was the only goalie to let in a goal, but can I just give him all the trophies now?  Luongo was good, but Thomas > Luongo.  Some of Thomas’s saves were simply ridiculous.  If the Bruins win any games in this series, it’ll be because of Thomas.

Next Up: Game 2, Saturday @ Vancouver.  Be there.

Finals already?

These playoffs have just flown by!  I feel like it wasn’t too long ago that I anxiously waited to see if the Stars would make the playoffs.  Well we all know how that one worked out.

Anyway, it’s a somewhat hateful final depending on who you talk to.  I’ve found equal amounts of people refusing to watch the final because they hate both teams so much.  To be fair, they ARE kind of unlikeable.

However, I’ll be pulling for Boston, since I hate the Canucks with a passion (they rank #3 on my most hated teams behind Pittsburgh and Anaheim).  I’m sort of a closet Bruins fan.  While I’m not crazy about Gregory Campbell (he’s a smarmy SOB that one…) and a few others, I loveeeee Milan Lucic, Tyler Seguin, and Tim Thomas. 

Lucic is, well, lusty.  Look at this fucking man:

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about Steven freaking Stamkos.  Unless you’re a hockey fan living in Antarctica, I’m sure you’ve seen his grisly little collision with that puck in Game 7.  It’s gross, ok?  Looking at his nose makes my nose hurt.  Now, I’m not the biggest Stamkos fan out there, but I have soooooo much respect for the courage he showed.  While Lebron James is looked upon as a hero for playing through “flu-like symptoms,” Steven Stamkos took a puck to the face (uhm…ouch) and came back LIKE IT WAS NOTHING.  He was just like, “I’m back, bitches, and I’m rocking the cage*.  DEAL WITH IT.”

Hockey players are the greatest.

*Though not as well as Stephane Robidas…

Top of the West, bitches.

Personally, I think that might have been the best game the Stars have played all year.  They just looked so, I don’t know, into it.  They had a strong forecheck, the defensemen did their job and more, the depth showed, Kari was outstanding, and special teams were special for a change.  It was just a really fun, rewarding night as a Stars fan.

Many Stars had an outstanding game such as Jamie Benn, Stephane Robidas, Kari Lehtonen, Loui Eriksson, and Steve Ott. 

The Bennster had (another!) beautiful shortie and basically played a hell of a game.  Robi had three assists and was just his bad-ass self throughout.  Kari kept us in the game by making key saves at key times and not letting the Habs ever catch up.  Loui was stoned by carey Price, but made up for it with a beautiful tip late in the game.  Otter had the primary assists on the first two goals and was just outstanding the entire game.


There were certainly times throughout the game where I got a tad angry.  The refs weren’t very consistent, which is always just lovely, isn’t it?  A lot of stuff went uncalled, and the calls they did make were thin at times.  But whatever, I’m not complaining.  We won, didn’t we?

However, PK Subban coninuously managed to piss me off last night.  Now I see why a lot of people don’t really like him.  There were times when I was all, “Bitch, really?”

Then again, I think I look like Mr. Schue at some point during every game. /Kanye shrug

It’s pretty fucking awesome, though, how we lead the West now.  That hasn’t happened in a really long time.  Last night, Pierre LeBrun tweeted something like, “The Stars are rolling again.  When do we accept that it’s for real?” 

To be honest, I won’t accept that it’s real until we make the playoffs.  I can’t believe that we’re even in this situation.  Last season, I would have given anything to make the playoffs.  Now, my goals for the Stars are bigger than that.  I want them to win the Pacific.  I want them to win the West.  I wan them to win the Cup. 

Right now, there’s a belief that we can do all that.  Perhaps we’ve finally arrived after two devastating years of medicocrity.  And damn, it feels good.

Next up: Thursday versus those poor, pitiful Flames


You’ve Left Me Speechless

If you don’t get a chill when you watch the NHL’s new “No Words” Stanley Cup promo, then there’s something wrong with you.  This thing gives me chills every time I see it and I even have to hold back a tear.  It just goes to show how truly amazing our sport is.  (P.S. Watch for Brett Hull right after Ray Bourque!)

That is why I love hockey.

It’s That Time of the Year.

Playoff time!  I know the Stars aren’t in it, but I watch the playoffs anyway.  Why?  Because there is nothing in sports like the NHL playoffs.

The playoffs bring amazing stories.  Think last year’s Cardiac Canes.  Ovechkin vs. Crosby.  Ray Bourque.  Cinco de Morrow.  Game 6 in Buffalo.  Unforgettable moments that you appreciate as a hockey fan.

Now, I’m not one to make predictions.  I’ll leave that one to the experts.  Rather, I analyze each team’s chances.  Here we go…

Washington vs. Montreal

Why Washington Will Win: They have the best offense in the entire league.  A team with such superstars as Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and Alex Semin is bound to be.  They’ve shown in the regular season that you can win with pure offense.  Jose Theodore has fought personal demons (his son’s death) all year long and has a great chance to win the Masterton.  He’s seemingly back to his 2002 Hart Trophy form.  He’s had shaky playoffs in recent years, but who’s to say that that will continue?  The Caps are the real deal and I could see them winning not only this series, but the Cup.

Why Montreal Will Win: Special teams could spell a Habs victory.  Their powerplay is second only to the Caps’ and they have a much better PK than Washington.  Jaroslav Halak has been magical at times and he could steal the series.  Don’t count on the Habs taking the series, but you never know.  Stranger things have happened.

New Jersey vs. Philadelphia

Why NJ Will Win: They have Martin Brodeur, pure and simple.  That should be enough to take a playoff series, don’t you think?  Having the awesomely amazing Jamie Langenbrunner doesn’t hurt, either.

Why Philly Will Win: They have a great regular season record against the Devils and that could very well translate to a postseadon victory.  Brian Boucher could steal the series, as he stole Game 1.  This series is an upset waiting to happen.

Buffalo vs. Boston

Why Buffalo Will Win: Besides the Ryan Miller factor, don’t you think they’re about due for a Cup?  I’ll maintain my position that it was a goal, but maybe there is a curse on Dallas.  You know, they won’t win another Cup until Dallas does.  I’m personally pulling for a Sabres Cup  for that reason.  It’s selfish, I know.  But I honestly like Buffalo and their chances.

Why Boston Will Win: Knowing Buffalo, something always goes wrong.  Always.

Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa

Why Pittsburgh Will Win: They’re the Pens.  They win everything.  Having Bettman and the rest of the NHL front office to back them up doesn’t hurt either.  The Pens can count on another postseason full of free calls, free everything.  It’s how they roll.

Why Ottawa Will Win: The Pens have played to the Cup final for two straight years.  That’s a lot of hockey and they could get tired quickly.  Wear and tear has already shown on Evgeni Malkin and others.  The Sens could take advantage of a flat Pens team and steal some games.  Like Game 1, for instance.  Plus, you’ve got the Brian Elliott factor.  Elliott’s a youngster and he could shine a la Cam Ward.

That’s my East analysis.  I’ll find some time to do a West one.

Make it happen.

“No Goal” Will Never Go Away

When I wandered around The Hockey News, I found an article by Jason Kay, where he recounted the top 20 events that had happened since he’d been working at THN.  I thought it’d be one of those nice little reminiscent pieces where he recounted his favorite moments.

To be honest, I didn’t expect “No Goal” to be on there.  I mean, it’s a goal that’s looked back on in shame for a lot of people.  And, it came from the Dallas Stars, who they don’t really say much about up in Canada.

I smiled at times while reading the list (mainly, “The Goal” by Alex Ovechkin, which never ceases to amze me; it was ranked at #14), then there were times when I just wanted to cry for being forced to remember something I didn’t want to remember (pretty much only the Dany Heatley/Dan Snyder crash at #6).

So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw “No Goal” at number two, only behind Mario Lemiex’s return after cancer treatment.  I guess that prt of me expected it to be on the list, just way down low on it.  But, no.  It’s number 2.

Here’s what Jason Kay had to say about “No Goal”:

2. No goal, June 19, 1999. High drama. High controversy. High embarrassment. On the bright side, Brett Hull’s triple overtime Stanley Cup-winner over Buffalo helped drive a dagger through the heart of an ill-conceived rule.

It’s amazing how it will never, ever go away isn’t it?

The rest of the list is here.

2009-2010 Soundtrack to the Stars

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of songs for the new season since it’s just days away.  So without further ado, here’s my idea of the 09-10 Stars Soundtrack.  (Feel free to tell me any that I might have forgotten down in the comments.)

1. “Believe”- The Bravery; There’s gotta be something about this song since we did shockingly well in the 2008 playoffs with this as the theme song.

2.”Back in Black”- AC/DC; The Stars have black jerseys, and they’re back…so I really hope you understand why this song is on here. 😛

3. “Redemption Song”- Bob Marley;  If any team needs serious redemption, it’s the Stars.

4. “Rock n Roll Part 2”- Gary Glitter;  Well it’s the goal song, so it’s gotta be on here, right?

5. “Nothing Else Matters”- Metallica; It was this slogan that was used in’99 when they won their first (and so far, only) Stanley Cup.

6. “Gives You Hell”- All-American Rejects; This one’s for you, Sean Avery.

7. “Nobody’s Perfect”- Hannah Montana; Remember Stars, “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.”  Because sometimes, everyone needs a confidence boost in the form of Hannah Montana. 🙂

8. “Viva la Vida”- Coldplay; No one really knows what the heck this song’s really about, but it reminds me of the Stars.

9. “Know Your Enemy”- Green Day; It’s very hockey, don’t you think?

10. “Lost?”- Coldplay; To sum it up, the story of the entire 08-09 season.

11. “Stand”- Rascal Flatts; Every playlist needs a little country, and this is an  inspirational song that fits the bill.

12. “Louie, Louie”- The Kingsmen; Loui Eriksson’s theme song.

13 “Change”- Taylor Swift; Once again, a very inspirational song.  They used it in the Olympics, so why shouldn’t we use it here?

14. “Dallas Stars Fight Song”- Pantera; It’s our special song. 🙂

15. “We Will Rock You”- Queen; Finally, to wrap up the soundtrack, I’ve chosen the song that’s a staple in every sport.

Go Stars!

Here's some happy B-Rad. :)

Here's some happy B-Rad. 🙂