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Dean Morton was there in spirit…

Last night’s game was dominated by bad calls and non-calls alike, which mostly favored the Sharks.  The first period saw a terrible delay of game penalty that sent Toby Petersen to the box and the Sharks’ number 5-ranked power play to a 5-on-3.  What followed was an epic penalty kill by the Stars.  It was one of the highlights of the night.  It was fuckin’ amazing.

However, the refs weren’t done fucking things up for us.  One instance included Devin “Star-Killer” Setoguchi drawing a call and embellishing it with an obvious dive.  The penalty was real (Skrastins tripped him), but Setoguchi should have been called for diving.  The call that really made me mad, though, was the non-call toward the end of the game.  I can’t remember what exactly happened, but I’m pretty sure it was a blatant trip that was ignored.  Then, like five seconds later, Ribs stabbed Dany “Douchebag” Heatly’s mouth and drew blood.

We all know what happened next- Utter. Shit.

This was me:

Logan Couture, a guy who I initially liked and don’t really anymore, scored on the power play in overtime.  I blame Dean Morton for all of this.  He was obviously there in spirit.

But, hey, at least we got a point out of it.  We need every point we can get with how tight is in the Pacific.  And we played pretty well despite letting in the first goal…again.

Gilbert (aka Tom Wandell) had a sick goal last night.  He just kind of floated in with the puck and shot it without even looking at his target.  LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL.  Fuck yeah.  That guy can be slick when he wants to be.

Next up: those damn Blue Jackets.  I’m really starting to loath them…


Have another gif…

I thought it was funny though, admittedly, not relevant.


Chelsea, Chelsea (Dagger)

So…the Sharks lost yesterday.  A lot of people are saying that they didn’t choke, but I have to disagree.  When a team with the talent that they have is swept, I have to say that they’ve choked.  Anything less than the Cup isn’t exactly a success fo rthe Sharks.  They should have won this thing years ago.  But they didn’t.

Instead, they’ve go the haunting tune of “Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis stuck in their heads.  Here’s how the (quiet) plane ride home went for the Sharks:

Jumbo Joe Thornton: *whispers to Lil’ Joe* I swear if I ever have to hear that effing “Chelsea Dagger” song again, I’m going to shoot someone.

McClellan: I’ve got a treat for you guys! *smiles maniacally*

“Chelsea Dagger” starts to play over the plane’s loudspeakers

Marleau: *laughs* Hahaha!  That sounds just like “Chelsea Dagger!”  But you would never torture us like that, Coach!

McClellan: *glares in an evil way*  This one’s for you Patty.

Marleau: *smiles awkwardly*

They listen to the remainder of the song.  It starts again.

McClellan: Well lookie here!  It seems as though “Chelsea Dagger” is on repeat!  This one’s for you, Joe!

Thornton and Pavelski: Which one?

McClellan: You can choose.  It’s not like it matters.  Everyone will get their turn eventually.

All Sharks Players: Noooooooooo!


Evgeni Nabokov: (in a cheerful Russian accent) Vell, at least I von’t be playing here anymore!

I do like that song, “Chelsea Dagger.”  It never gets old, you know?

Let’s hear it forethe kids.  Er, the Hawks, I mean.

Whatever.  Same difference.

These Playoffs Are Getting Insane

So last night around 6 pm, I was super nervous.  The Game 7 between The Habs and Pens was about to start and I REALLY didn’t want the Pens to prevail.  My hatred of the Pens is kind of irrational, but it’s very strong.  I hate the Pens so much that the next best thing to a Stars Stanley Cup is a Pens loss.  That’s how deep my loathing goes.

Anyway, I was just a ball of nerves.  My palms were sweating and I lost my appetite out of those nerves.  I found it hilarious when Sidney Crosbiyatch took that dumb boarding penalty not even a minute in.  That made me feel a little better.  Then, Brian Gionta scored and I was even more relieved.

Well, it got up to 4-0 and the Pens started pushing back.  That really kind of scared me when it got to be 4-2.  The last ten minutes of the third, the Penguins were really laying it on the Habs and I got worried that the midget Habbies weren’t going to hold on.  Needless to say, I as wrong.

This Canadiens team is the real deal.  The Caps’ loss to them is easier to comprehend because of the Pens’ loss.  If the two most skilled teams in the East can’t get past the midgets, then it’s okay.  These Habs are like 2006’s Edmonton Oilers.  You know, the eighth seed who had upset after upset en route to the Stanley Cup final?

With Montreal’s win, I think that the road is paved for a West champion.  Yes, Halak’s been fantastic, but you don’t know what real playoffs are like until you’ve played the West.   All of the East teams left have a weakness, a bad weakness at that.  Montreal’s been a cinderella story, but it’s unlikely they’ll keep it up.  Boston can’t score to save their lives.  Philly is the epitome of goalie problems.  Chicago and San Jose can snuff any of them out.

The best part about the Habs’ win is that I’m fine with whoever ultimately wins the Cup.  The two teams in the playoffs that I loathed (Vancouver and Pittsburgh) are out now.  I’ll be contet with whoever wins.  Although, I will admit this: please don’t let it be the Sharks.  It’s a Pacific thing.

And finally, I always love some good hockey irony.  With the Pens’ semifinal loss, that means that they finished in the same round as the Detroit Red Wings did.  Now there’s two teams who are destined to be forever parallel.

Over on the Boston-Philly series, the Flyers have forced a Game 7.  What’s special about this is that they came back from a 3-0 deficit.  That’s crazy.  It’s also something you don’t see everyday.  If they win tomorrow night, they’ll be only the third team ever to do so, and the first team in 35 years.

You gotta love the playoffs.

“History Will Be Made” is Becoming a Joke

Shortly before the playoffs began, the NHL debuted its new playoff slogan: “History Will be Made.”  In addition, they created these nice, heartfelt commercials featuring the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and Ray Bourque.  Here’s the Ray Bourque ad:

That’s one of the most touching moments in sports, not just hockey.

Another unforgettable moment the NHL used was Bobby Orr:

Then there’s the indelible parodies, such as this lovely short made by the great Bloge Salming,  featuring Brett Hull:

All of these featured moments they’re still talking about to this day.  What a great idea, eh?

And then, the NHL made their big mistake.

They just couldn’t stop making these “History Will Be Made” commercials.  Here’s one about Jaroslav Halak upsetting the Caps in Round 1:

He was great and all, but will that become one of the defining moments in our sport?  Well if the Habs win the Stanley Cup it might.  But they’re currently deadlocked in a 2-2 semifinal with the Pens and it’s somewhat inevitable that they’re not going to win since the Pens ALWAYS win.  It’s not exactly history-making until the Habs get past the Pens.  If that happens. 

Moving on to Lil’ Joe Pavelski’s ad:

It looks like the Sharks will win this series, but you never know if they’ll choke or not.  If they choke, people won’t remember Pavelski’s big postseason run.  They’ll remember the Sharks’ big choke.

In addition to those, there’s also a Kris Versteeg one out there.  That’s not to mention the fact that you can count on a new commercial after every playoff game.   That’s kind of how the NHL is working things these days.

So, NHL, I beg of you this: please stop making all of these ads until you’re sure that the moment will be a defining one on hockey and not just a random story from these playoffs.  It’s great to honor these players, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

You’re making this into a joke.

That Three-Game Winning Streak? Not Happening.

I waited to post this because I thought the Stars might actually oull the magic winning streak out of a hat.  Sadly I was wrong.  Oh well.

Stars 5, Sharks 1

If we somehow miraculously made it to the eighth seed, San Jose would be very afraid.   I love this era of owning the Sharks.  Sure we’re playing for pride at this point, but it feels nice to win against the Sharks.  It’s like a reward for the woes of the rest of the season.

And how about Steve Ott?  I’m not gonna lie, but when he got his hat trick, I jumped off my couch and did a happy dance.  Hat tricks make me happy, especially when they come from one of my favorite guys, Steve Ott.

Way to go, Otter.  You earned it.

Stars 6, Oilers 3

It’s funny, but if you were sitting at that end of the AAC, you saw every goal.  That was just sort of random and funny, I thought.

Anyway, all I can say is that I love Jamie Benn.  That kid is a monster.  Just…wow.

I was glad to see Modano and Lehtinen have such great games.  It was very reminiscient of the old days.  It was also painfully sad to watch them knowing their careers are almost over.

Stars 1, Blues 2

They didn’t play too badly, just not good enough.  I thought Lehtonen was fine as was the Benn line.  It was Niskanen that really played badly.

It was sort of a lifeless game, in my opinion.  It had its moments, but it was  pretty boring.

And how about this?  Brad Richards is only one point away from his career high 91 points.  He’s also three away from the franchise record of 93, set by Mike Modano.  Come on Brad, get some points and break some records!

Yeah…this season’s over.  But whatever.  Let’s go out with dignity, okay, Stars?  Be the spoilers just because it’s fun to do that.

Next Up: the Blackhawks. 

Make it happen.

Go Stars.

Shark Stew Tonight?

So…how will tonight’s Stars-Sharks game play out?  I’m thinking a 20-round shootout with a game-winner by Toby Petersen.  That’s how these Stars-Sharks games have been playing out.

I wouldn’t count on a win for the simple fact that this is supposed to be a loss in the win-lose cycle.  I’m not expecting them to win tonight.  Plus, the Sharks are really good on the road.  I’m not too optimistic for tonight’s game.

Ivan Vishnevskiy’s been called up because of the injuries to Daley and Fishsticks.  He might stay up for awhile this time around.  So that’s pretty cool.

Go Stars!

Preview! Preview! Preview! *Sharks Style*

Tonight, we play the Sharks.  If you recall the last Stars-Sharks game, it ended with Stephane Robidas scoring the game-winner.  No, really I’m serious. 😉  But only after the Stars had an epic comeback in the span of two minutes in the third period.

Back to the present now.  The Stars aren’t doing so hot with two extra-minutes losses in a row and a lack of scoring.  I think that winning tonight’s game will be much harder to pull off than last time we beat the Sharks.  If they win of course.  And hopefully they will.  But I’m not counting on it.

This is a fine example of my personal slogan:  For an optimist, I’m pretty pessimistic.  Just sayin’…

Onto the fun stuff!

 My Favorite Stars-Sharks Moment:

One word: Epic.

Duh.  It’s probably your favorite, too.  But it’s one of the most flipping amazing moments in Stars history.

San Jose Shark I’d Most Like to Have on My Team: Patrick Marleau.  He might have had the captaincy stripped away, but he’s still a really good player.  Sure he’s a playoff choker, but maybe it’s just his team.  He’s a little bit soft (remember that Modano shot he “forgot” to block in the 2008 playoffs?), but he’s still super-talented.

Go Stars!