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On Top

Oh hey, look who’s at the top of the Pacific!

Technically, the Stars and Coyotes are tied at 75 apiece, but Phoenix lost to Pittsburgh yesterday, so we’re there because of total wins.  Hopefully the Stars can pull off a win against the Canucks tonight, though I’m not really expecting it.  It sure would be nice, though…

Anyway.  Here’s a fun story: Even though he’s departed the team, it came out today that we’ve been spelling Nicklas Grossman’s name wrong all along.  See, it’s actually spelled “Grossmann.”  With another N.  Ever since his rookie season.  And he never corrected anyone.

“I guess when I was young coming up I didn’t want to say anything.  That’s the way they put it on the shirt, and I just was going with it.”

He sounds a lot like Jerry from Parks and Rec when his own name was revelaed to be Gary (I was shocked and I nearly died laughing)– doesn’t want to correct anyone for fear of stirring something up.  It’s kind of sweet, actually.  So now I’ll associate Nick Grossmann with Jerry Giegrich.  And I’m totally cool with that.




Close, but no cigar

The first period, I thought, was horrendous.  The Stars were very fortunate that they weren’t down by more than 1-0.  I’ll admit that I went to bed after the first period, because I was tired and put down by their mediocre play.

By the sounds of it, though, they had a nice second period.  But nonetheless, the game was tied by the end of regulation.  In overtime, Lubomir Visnovsky (who is really starting to become something of a Star-Killer) completed his hat trick.

Whatever, Visnovsky.  Whatever.

Once again, Brad Richards and Nick Grossman were out, and we anxiously await their returns. 

Come baaaaaack, bbs.

Next up: tonight against the Snarks.  Er…the Sharks.

Realistic Expectations

Last season, I said the Stars would win the Stanley Cup.  Obviously that didn’t happen, and I was, after all, being overly optimistic.  Let’s be realistic now.

The Stars won’t win the Stanley Cup next year, no matter how much you or I want it to happen.  Cry your tears now.

Better?  Okay, let’s be serious now.  While the Stars most definitely won’t be Cup winners, they just might be able to make the playoffs.  Maybe.

We have a really nice young team (minus the defense /eyeroll) that might be able to prove the haters wrong and exceed expectations.  Sure Fabian Brunnstrom is a waste of space and a failure at life, but guys like James Neal, Jamie Benn, Mark ‘Fists’ Fistric, and Nicklas Grossman make up for that.  Remember, with every season, our youngsters are just a bit older and more experienced.  In today’s league, that can be kind of a big deal.

As for the veterans, we have Brad Richards, who is coming off of a campaign that saw him finish seventh in the league in scoring to the tune of 91 points.  Atta kid, B-Rad.  Brenden Morrow should be back to normal (oh Lawd he better be) after 2008-09’s ACL injury and last year’s questionable leadership.  Stephane Robidas starts the first year of his new contract. Karlis Skrastins won’t tire because of thise darn Olympics.  Mike Ribeiro will hopefully adjust to Marc Crawford’s system.  Things just might be less mediocre than last year.

Mike Modano, Marty Turco, and (more than likely) Jere Lehtinen aren’t returning.  The old order is gone.  Guys like Brad Richards, Kari Lehtonen, and Loui Eriksson will be relied upon to bring this team back to the playoffs.  I have faith in the Stars to be better than last year.

Bottom line, the playoffs aren’t an unreachable goal.  It’ll be a tough journey getting there, but I know the guys have it in themselves to do it.  Even if they do stink it up again, I’ll still have fun cheering them on.

I’ll be pessimistically optimistic until it’s official the season’s done and over for them.  But no matter what those crazy guys end up achieving, this should be fun.

Y’all ready for this?

Grossman’s Been Signed!!!1

Thje Stars announced the signing via their Twitter.

The Dallas Stars have agreed to terms on a 2-year contract with defenseman Nicklas Grossman for $3.25 million.

How great is this?  I mean, we all knew he’d be back, but this news kind of came out of nowhere.  I guess I just assumed that with the length of time James Neal’s camp has been taking, Grossman’s would be that way as well.

On a more “serious” note, I think we signed Nick for a good price.  He’s a good, solid defenseman who will only get better.  He’s a massive presence and wears Derian Hatcher’s number well ( though not as ferociously).  It’s a very cap-friendly hit for such a troubled cap. 

I’m very excited for Grossman to be back, and hopefully he’s spent the summer getting meaner.  I don’t think that this signing will mean anymore wins or anything, but it will guarantee that one of our favorite Swedes will be back.

Speaking of defensemen, I need to remind everyone that Jeff Woywitka exists.  I often forget about that waste of (cap) space, and I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder that he’s still a Star…much to our dismay.

Just keep that in mind.


So James Neal still hasn’t been re-signed.  Neither has Nick Grossman.  With Hjalmarsson signing an offer sheet from San Jose today, I’m a teensy bit worried. 

Those so-called “experts” say that there’s nothing to worry about because losing an RFA to an offer sheet is, like, really rare.  Bullshit.  I’ll be worried about those two until they’re both re-signed.  Admittedly, I’m more concerned with Neal than Grossman, but that’s mostly because Neal is very appealing to other teams.  You know, teams with money.

GM Joe needs to hurry up and sign Nealer and Nicky because this is getting very worrisome.  I’m not even going to mention Niskers and Bunny.  No offense, but they’re irrelevant to this team moving forward.

If Neal doesn’t come back, I won’t be able to make fun Mean Girls-inspired pictures of him.  That would be a damn shame.

Let’s Hab a Good Time!

Yeah, that’s a pun.   But I like puns, so whatevs.

Anyhoo, the Stars head into Montreal tonight to take on the Habs.  If you recall our last meeting with the Habs, it was the game when we really hit rock bottom.  I realized how badly the Star played when Guy Carbonneau was fired the next day.  So…let’s do the opposite of that.  Please, Stars?

I need something to be hopeful for after our most recent loss to Philadelphia.  We haven’t hit rock bottom…yet.  And hopefully we never do.  My perfect scenario would be to actually put together a streak lasting more than two games, make the playoffs and just show everyone that we could do it.

Tonight, Mike Ribeiro is out, which is a shame because I wanted to see is return to Montreal badly.  Oh well.

Nick Grossman is still out tonight, so if the trend continues, we surrender at least four goals.  That’s how Grossman-free games usually work out.

The game will also be Kostitsyn-free as both Andrei and Sergei are injured.

Canadien I Most Want On My Team: Andrei Markov.  Because he’s exactly the number-one defenseman we need.

Go Stars!

10/11/09 Shootout Sucks aka “Insert Your Kyle Wellwood Fat Joke Here”

After last night’s game, I totally and completely hate the shootout.  Right now, I blame Marty Turco for all of the SO woes, so the Stars need to end it in overtime from now on.  And I kind of hate the fact that Kyle Wellwood scored the game winner.  Like the title says, Insert your Kyle Wellwood fat joke here.

But hey, the Stars are undefeated in regulation. 🙂  And that’s a high point.

Another high point is how freakin’ awesome the young guys are playing.  James Neal is one of the best, if not the best, player each night.  He’s adjusting to the new system really well.  And how about Nick Grossman leading the league in plus-minus as a +8?  Pretty cool.  Then, there’s Tom Wandell, who impresses me more and more with each shift.

And I just wanted to say that B-Rad’s goal last night was the most awesomest thing I saw last night.  It’s times like that when I simply swell with pride at my favorite player. 🙂

It was also pretty enlightening to see Lehts back last night.  I hate to think that this is probably his last season, so I want to see him play as much as I can before he’s gone.  And because Jere Lehtinen pretty much rocks. 😀

It would have been nice if the Stars had won that shootout, but I think that there are plenty of tother things we should think about rather than a lost point. (I mean, we did get a point, no complaints here.)

What’s worrying me most? Two words: Penalty kill. 😦  I’m usually overly optimistic, but I’m not gonna lie when I say that it truly sucks.  Why worry about Marty Turco when the true issue is penalty kill?  At least with Turco we have a backup plan called Alex Auld.  The PK is KILLING them.  I don’t want his season to go down the drain because of the effing penalty kill.  Sigh.

Let’s think happier thoughts, like the fact that Jamie Benn, our studly rookie, got his first goal last night!!! 😀  Woot woot for Jamie! 🙂

As for Stephane Robidas, I knew it was only a matter of time before he took a puck to the face.  Luckily, this one wasn’t as serious, and I don’t believe he’ll have to wear the cage.  But seriously, I thought it would be more than five games in before he got hit.  Guess I was wrong. 😛

Next up is Wednesday against Trashville.  Go Stars!

Captain Morrow takes down one of those twins. :P

Captain Morrow takes down one of those twins, and then there's B-Rad. 😛