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Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

It was a busy month in my world, so I apologize for not posting anything about that wonderful first round of playoffs.  It’s funny how I can be so sad about the Stars missing out (again), but then actual playoffs teams remind me how much I love this sport.

The first round saw me feeling warm and fuzzy toward the Flyers as they took down the Penguins for me.  Those feelings still linger, and I hate that fact.  I used to hate them all, and now I’m starting to think that Claude Giroux’s pretty awesome and that maybe Scott Hartnell isn’t so bad after all.  Max Talbot, however, is still a tool.  The Canucks were thankfully eliminated as well, but I’m not feeling good feelings toward the Kings.  It’s a Pacific thing.

Speaking of which, the last thing I want right now is a Pacific-themed conference final.  Neither the Kings or the Coyotes have ever won a Cup, and I’d like to keep it that way.  I like being one of only two teams in the Pacific to have a championship.  And I kind of hate the Kings.  The Coyotes are tolerable, but the Kings…no.

Out East, that Caps-Rangers game last night was pretty awesome.

Fun fact: it was the longest game since May 4, 2008, which was–you guessed it– Game 6 between the Stars and Sharks.  That epic 4 OT one.

Who knows what the playoffs will bring next, but they’ve been pretty fun.


Let’s Hear It for the Kid, Part II

Richard Bachman owned that game.  Sure Henrik Lundqvust was great, but Bacher was better.  In a must-win– for pride and bragging rights, I mean– Bachman stood tall and owned an excellent Rangers team.

I wanted to win that one so incredibly bad.  Not because I have any hard feelings about B-Rad but because I wanted us to prove that we don’t really need him.  Brad Richards is a really nice guy, and I don’t blame him for leaving.  Actually, I thank him for leaving.  Had Nieuwy re-signed Richie, he wouldn’t have made the Stars a deeper team with the signings of Fiddler, Dvorak, Ryder et al.  Of course the perfect scenario would have been to keep Richards AND sign those guys, but I’m content with how everything worked out.

Lost in the mix was the fact that we were also facing former Star Jeff Woywitka.  In much the same way that I forgot his existence, I didn’t realize that he played for the Rangers until they were actually playing the game.  Also similar was the way he flubbed the puck and allowed Trevor Daley to score his beautiful game-winner.

However, I was a bit sad that my darling Sean wasn’t able to play.  I know everyone hates him, but he’s lovely…at least to me.  But whatever.  Considering the last time we played at MSG with Avery in the lineup, perhaps it’s better that he didn’t play.

I also forgot about the fact that Mike Ribeiro made his first return to MSG since his throat was attacked by that idiot Chris Higgins.  I think people tend to forget that that happened, since Ribs kind of acts like it didn’t.  It’s like he got his throat hurt, sat out some games, and came back without changing anything.  It’s just one of those odd hockey things.

Next up: let’s get revenge against the Isles.  Make it happen. 


Forget You

And the winner of the Brad Richards sweepstakes is…the New York Rangers!  Oh, Glen Sather…don’t ever change.  B-Rad’s contract is reportedly 9 years with an average of $6.67 million per year (Satanic cap hit?). 

I feel like I should say something about B-Rad’s departure.  I mean, he was my favorite up until he could no longer be.  But what am I supposed to say?  Thanks for 3.5 great years, but sorry we have an idjit owner?  It’s just that I’ve already said everything I can about B-Rad’s time in Dallas throughout my blog posts. 

Brad Richards was a special player for us, and he would have been our franchise superstar had it not been for Tom Hicks.  As bitter as I am about losing my favorite player, I can’t hate him, because it’s truly not his fault.  I really wish Brad Richards the best in New York, especially since he’s up against a curse of sorts where good players go to the Rangers to fizzle out.  It’s been fun, 91.  Go stick it to the Penguins.

I’m already finding it easy to move on from the Richards ordeal because of the influx of new players we signed yesterday.  And let me tell you…I don’t feel quite as despondent about next year as I originally did.

Going into the first day of free agency, I don’t think many Stars fans expected the Stars to be a player AT ALL. But by the end of the day, six new contracts had been signed- the longest of which was three years.

Your newest Stars: Michael Ryder (!), Sheldon Souray (okay…), Vernon Fiddler, Adam Pardy (PARDY HARD), Radek Dvorak, and Jake Dowell.

I was pleasantly surprised by all of these signings.  Ryder will replace some of the scoring that left with B-Rad; Studly Wonderbomb will probably take over as point on the power play; Fiddler will be a faceoff star for us; Pardy will be another option on defense (bonus: he’s played for Gulutzan before); and Dvorak will provide leadership and penalty kill presence.



Some Updating is in Order

So I haven’t blogged for a whole week and a half.  I haven’t been able to because last week I went down to Dallas and attended the Stars-Blackhawks game on December 29!  I got my picture next to Stu’s head!  It was a lot of fun and I hope to go to more games in the future.

Some Thoughts From the Past Week or So:

Loui Eriksson’s hat trick was flipping amazing.  But then again, Loui is flipping amazing.  With the win over the Ducks, that’s two new Year’s Eve wins in a row.  That’s also two years in a row with a shorthanded goal by Loui Eriksson.  Interesting.

I love how the NHL’s 3 stars of the week  are all current or former Stars.  I giggled when I first saw that.

You do realize that Wednesday’s game is one of the most important games in the history of sports, right?  It’s a game the Stars HAVE to win.  Otherwise, I’ll just die.  The Stars and the Rangers face off.  The biggest story is Sean Avery.  This is really the first time I’ve ever wished injury on a player.  I truly hate Avery’s guts and I want revenge for what he did to the Stars.  With that in mind I wouldn’t be surprised if he feigns injury or something to get out of the game.  I’m not gonna lie, but I’m looking forward to this game.  If all goes right, it’ll be some intense hockey.

Go Stars!

Seriously. Stop These Richards to the Rangers Rumors

Even though it’s completely and totally obvious that Brad’s not going anywhere, the stupid New York Post is still talking about a potential trade for him.  It just needs to stop.  I already explained why this won’t happen in an earlier post, so why can’t they just figure it out?

The Rangers only have $2.5 million in cap space left, so they’d have to give up a big salary to take on Brad’s $7.8 million.  The only reason this trade would make sense for the Stars is to relieve Tom Hicks of some of his financial woes.  But getting a big salary like Wade Redden’s would completely defeat the purpose of the trade.

Plus, a guy as nice as Brad Richards doesn’t deserve to be exiled to the same team as Sean Avery.  That’s just cruel.

So my message to the New York Post is: Shut up and leave Brad Richards alone.

Psh!  Like we would ever exile Brad to Sean Avery Land.

Psh! Like we would ever exile Brad to Sean Avery Land.

Games to Watch in 09-10

I’ve been a bit off the radar lately, but that’s only because I was on vacation in Arizona in, like, the middle of nowhere.  Anyway, here are the games I’ll be watching for sure next year:

Oct. 3 vs. Nashville- I very interested to see the “new” Dallas Stars under Marc Crawford.  Plus, I’m pining for the Stars and this is the first time I’ll see them this season.

 Oct. 28 vs. Toronto- We’d better win this game.  I want another 8-2 smashing over the Leafs, and more importantly, Jonas Gustavsson.

Nov. 7 @ Minnesota- Good things happen on November 7 to the Stars.  Modano scored his record-breaking goal two years ago, and one year ago, Mark Parrish scored a hat trick in his debut.  So what will we get this year?

Nov. 18 @ Detroit- Marty Turco may finally have battled his Detroit demons, so this one is a must-watch.  Playing Detroit is either an intense, yet entertaining match, or a drubbing on our part.  However, there is no feeling quite like the one you get when you beat Detroit.

Nov. 28 vs. Tampa Bay- It’s always interesting to see Brad Richards play against his BFF, Vinny Lecavalier.

Dec. 31 vs. Anaheim- So our New Year’s Eve game is against the Sucks?  I like it. 🙂

Jan 6. @ NY Rangers- Duh.

Jan. 8 vs. NY Islanders- Stars fans will get to see John Tavares for themselves.  Need I say anymore?

Mar. 8 @ Washington- My two favorite teams go head-to-head, but hopefully the Stars come out on top. 🙂

That happy feeling one gets when beating the Red Wings :D

That happy feeling one gets when beating the Red Wings 😀

Why Brad Richards Won’t Go to the Rangers

For anyone who doesn’t already know, Brad Richards is my favorite player, and lately, there’s been a lot of talk about how the New York Rangers are trying to pry him away from us.  The Rangers are out of options for number-one center, and with Saku Koivu gone, there are really no great UFA centers remaining.  Richards fits the bill perfectly for what they’re looking for.  Brad can’t go, and not just because I’d be devastated.

I mean, what would the Rangers give in return for Brad?  Wade Redden? 

The Rangers would have to give up one bloated contract to take on Brad’s $7.8 million.  Redden makes $6.5 million, and I just don’t think he’s worth that much.  If we’re going to pay a large amount to someone, I’d rather it be Brad Richards than Wade Redden.  The fact of the matter is, Brad helps the Stars win.

Remember when he went down with injury this season?  His injury was when everything fell apart for us.  In a way, the injury helped the team because it showed everyone how valuable he is.  Brad Richards is a difference maker.  He’s part of our core.  Would anyone from the Rangers bring that to the table?

I don’t think Stars management really wants to trade him, either.  If Tom Hicks’ financial situation became an issue, trading Richy would make sense, but until that happens, he’ll proabably stick around.  He’s a big part of the team, and management knows that.  Brad Richards is the reason we have two great scoring lines.  Take him away, and the only guy you’ve got to center the line, besides Mike Modano, is Tom Wandell.  I like Wandell, but I have more faith in Brad.

Brad Richards is also a great playoff performer, hence his Conn Smythe in 2004.  He doesn’t choke come playoff-time, like a certain team in our division.  Brad can come up with the clutch goals.  After all, he does own the record for most game-winners in a single playoffs with seven.  Also, I think it was Brad Richards that made the Stars go so far in the 2008 playoffs.  We have a proven playoff player on our team, and it would be stupid to give him up.

And lastly, and most importantly, Brad Richards has a no-movement clause.  He waved it once to come to Dallas.  I don’t think he’d waive it again.  He’s found his place here, and it was a tough thing for him to be traded.  He probably doesn’t want to go through that ever again.  Now, Brad’s a good guy; he waived the no-movement clause in Tampa because one of the big three (Richy, Lecavalier, and St. Louis) had to go because of money problems, and Brad needed a change of scenery, so he decided to be the one to go.  Even Brad Richards isn’t nice enough to waive it again, especially to go to  New York. 

Last season, Brad Richards and Mike Ribeiro proved that they can carry this team as our center-men.  Who would want to mess that up?

Brad Richards can't go.  Ever.

Brad Richards can't go. Ever.