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How Do You Deal With Hockey Withdrawal?

August is the worst month for hockey fans.  Free agency is pretty much over, players are taking vacations, and the most exciting news is that the New York Islanders signed a player who will play in the AHL.  Basically, it sucks.

Luckily for me, I’ve got school to look forward to, but that’s not really something to look forward to.  If it wasn’t for Olympic camps, Dany Heatly, and the Phoenix Coyotes, this hockey withdrawal would kill me.  The NHL Network is great, but I don’t really like watching playoff repeats from Vancouver or Chicago.  They’re boring.  The only good series was Washington-Pittsburgh, and only games 1,2, and 6 were any good.  At least for me.

I’m running out of ideas here.

So, my question for you is, How do you deal with hockey withdrawal?


Games to Watch in 09-10

I’ve been a bit off the radar lately, but that’s only because I was on vacation in Arizona in, like, the middle of nowhere.  Anyway, here are the games I’ll be watching for sure next year:

Oct. 3 vs. Nashville- I very interested to see the “new” Dallas Stars under Marc Crawford.  Plus, I’m pining for the Stars and this is the first time I’ll see them this season.

 Oct. 28 vs. Toronto- We’d better win this game.  I want another 8-2 smashing over the Leafs, and more importantly, Jonas Gustavsson.

Nov. 7 @ Minnesota- Good things happen on November 7 to the Stars.  Modano scored his record-breaking goal two years ago, and one year ago, Mark Parrish scored a hat trick in his debut.  So what will we get this year?

Nov. 18 @ Detroit- Marty Turco may finally have battled his Detroit demons, so this one is a must-watch.  Playing Detroit is either an intense, yet entertaining match, or a drubbing on our part.  However, there is no feeling quite like the one you get when you beat Detroit.

Nov. 28 vs. Tampa Bay- It’s always interesting to see Brad Richards play against his BFF, Vinny Lecavalier.

Dec. 31 vs. Anaheim- So our New Year’s Eve game is against the Sucks?  I like it. 🙂

Jan 6. @ NY Rangers- Duh.

Jan. 8 vs. NY Islanders- Stars fans will get to see John Tavares for themselves.  Need I say anymore?

Mar. 8 @ Washington- My two favorite teams go head-to-head, but hopefully the Stars come out on top. 🙂

That happy feeling one gets when beating the Red Wings :D

That happy feeling one gets when beating the Red Wings 😀