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The Dawning…

 I apologize for not posting sooner.  I mean, it’s been over a weel since Crow got fired.  What’s wrong with me, right?  Well, I’ve given it a little while so I can really think about it.

When I first read the text message from the Stars at 2:57 p.m. last Wednesday, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Holy jumpin’.”  And then I started to hyperventilate.  It’s not every day that your coach is randomly fired, you know.

This was my initial reaction to Crawford’s firing.

Then I thought about it for a little while and decided that it was a good thing that Nieuwendyk fired him.  When you look at Crawford’s past and see that he went playoff-less in two seasons with LA also, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not workng out.

I will miss him a little, but mostly just his ridiculous hair.  Marc Crawford was obviously not “the guy,” and now I feel like we wasted two years figuring that out.  Oh well.  Shit happens.

So who should we hire next?

Ken Hitchcock. Y’know, we won a Cup with him and stuff.  Never mind that his style gets old after a little while and prompts management to fire his ass.

Guy Carbonneau. Stars alum!  What could possibly go wrong?  Other than the fact that he sucked at player communication during his stint in Montreal, not to mention the awkward fact that he’s Brenden Morrow’s daddy-in-law.  Awkwaaaaard!

Andy Murray. I’ve always enjoyed his angry demeanor, though I’m sure that gets old after awhile.  He also knows how to beat the Stars, so…if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  Am I right or…?

Glen Gulutzan. He’s had some decent success with the BB Stars. Maybe that could translate to success in the big leagues?  Or it could be an epic fail.  The jury’s out on this one.

Brett Hull.  No I’m totally kidding.

Yeah.  I’m looking forward to a fun summer. 

See you there.

I Hate the Pacific.


You do realize that we have yet to beat a Pacific opponent on the road, right?  In fact, we’ve only won one game against a division rival, and that came against Phoenix. 

This just sucks. It’s not that the Stars have been playing horrible, they just can’t catch a break.  From what I heard, refereeing was a bunch of BS against LA, and I’m sure that was the case against Anaheim as Stephane Auger was a ref. 

I don’t really know what to say.  What I want to do is rage and scream that this is the end of the season and we’re going to never win another game and end up with a top-three draft pick.  But I won’t do that; I’m too optimistic for such a thing.

There really haven’t been any plusses to report, unless you count Marc Crawford’s new haircut as a plus.  I don’t really know what to say now.

Dear Stars, Please just win your next game, ok?  Please please please do this.

Make it happen.

In the meantime, let’s get excited for Harry Potter adn the Deathly Hallows!

Realistic Expectations

Last season, I said the Stars would win the Stanley Cup.  Obviously that didn’t happen, and I was, after all, being overly optimistic.  Let’s be realistic now.

The Stars won’t win the Stanley Cup next year, no matter how much you or I want it to happen.  Cry your tears now.

Better?  Okay, let’s be serious now.  While the Stars most definitely won’t be Cup winners, they just might be able to make the playoffs.  Maybe.

We have a really nice young team (minus the defense /eyeroll) that might be able to prove the haters wrong and exceed expectations.  Sure Fabian Brunnstrom is a waste of space and a failure at life, but guys like James Neal, Jamie Benn, Mark ‘Fists’ Fistric, and Nicklas Grossman make up for that.  Remember, with every season, our youngsters are just a bit older and more experienced.  In today’s league, that can be kind of a big deal.

As for the veterans, we have Brad Richards, who is coming off of a campaign that saw him finish seventh in the league in scoring to the tune of 91 points.  Atta kid, B-Rad.  Brenden Morrow should be back to normal (oh Lawd he better be) after 2008-09’s ACL injury and last year’s questionable leadership.  Stephane Robidas starts the first year of his new contract. Karlis Skrastins won’t tire because of thise darn Olympics.  Mike Ribeiro will hopefully adjust to Marc Crawford’s system.  Things just might be less mediocre than last year.

Mike Modano, Marty Turco, and (more than likely) Jere Lehtinen aren’t returning.  The old order is gone.  Guys like Brad Richards, Kari Lehtonen, and Loui Eriksson will be relied upon to bring this team back to the playoffs.  I have faith in the Stars to be better than last year.

Bottom line, the playoffs aren’t an unreachable goal.  It’ll be a tough journey getting there, but I know the guys have it in themselves to do it.  Even if they do stink it up again, I’ll still have fun cheering them on.

I’ll be pessimistically optimistic until it’s official the season’s done and over for them.  But no matter what those crazy guys end up achieving, this should be fun.

Y’all ready for this?

Bruins-Stars Preview

I felt that tonight’s game is an  interesting one, so it deserves a preview.

Jere Lehtinen injured some weird muscle near the chest.  I can’t think of what it’s called right off the top of my head.  If you know what he injured, please tell me in comments, otherwise it’ll bug me all day.  😛

Anyway, the Stars called up Aaron Gagnon, who will make his debut tonight.  Since Dallas Stars have the awesomest debuts ever, let’s hope the trend continues, eh?  I would seriously die if he got, like, a hat trick like Bunny did one year ago yesterday.

Unfortunately, though, the Bruins are one of those teams who seem to know how to beat the Stars.  One thing to remember tonight, though, is that Steve Ott’s out, and Sean Avery’s gone.  That only leaves Barch and Morrow to take on Milan Lucic.  Or Stephane Robidas when he feels like concussing people. 😉

It should be a good game, and we might see some more progress from Marc Crawford’s system.   The Bruins aren’t exactly awesome at the moment, but they don’t come to town very often, so I’ll cherish this meeting.

Best of luck to Gagnon and the rest.  Go Stars!

10/3/09 Shootout Loss to Preds

First of all, I want to congratualte Stephane Robidas on such a finely delivered hit on J.P. Dumont.  Trashville, that was payback for the Tootoo hit three years ago. 😛
Anyway, game review time, I thought the Stars looked slow through the first and most of the second period.  The first James Neal goal gave them momentum that they really needed.  And it was a pretty awesome goal.  I mean, Nealer was practically falling when he scored it. 🙂
They probably would have won if not for Dan Ellis’ (unfortunately) spectacular goaltending.  They played a solid game towards the end, and if they always play that way, this will be a good season.  I think I like Marc Crawford’s system.

Preseason Musings

With every preseason game, we come a little bit closer to the real season.  Here are some things that I’ve noticed and heard during the preseason:

-This just might be the season that we see Brad Richards’ true colors.  He had an injury-riddled season last year, and we learned that he had off-season shoulder surgery.  Really, B-Rad’s all ready to go for this season.  And he’s been showing it by being the Stars’ best player during this preaseason.

Will we finally see the real B-Rad?

Will we finally see the real B-Rad?

-Jamie Benn is impressing me.  A lot.  Much more than Fabian Brunnstrom.  I don’t know if Bunny’s just having a rough time or what, but he’s in danger of losing his roster spot.  As much as I’d prefer to get Benn seasoned in the AHL, I can’t help but think that he could do some real damage here.

-Something’s off with Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow.  Those two haven’t been producing the way we know they can.  Possibly the absence of Jere Lehtinen?  I certainly hope that’s the case…

Dallas' Dynamic Duo

Dallas' Dynamic Duo

-From what I’ve heard, it sounds like the goalies have been solid.  No “bad” goals have been let in.  No one’s pulled a Marty Turco as far as I know…

-They’re still adjusting to Marc Crawford’s system.  I’ve heard it in quotes and from Mike Heika.  Hopefully they’ll have it down by October 3.

-Florida is the new Detroit.  You know how it is with certain teams.  They just always have our number and somehow step up their play whenever the Stars are the opponent.  Florida seems to be like that.

-For other teams, it sounds like Chicago is struggling.  They recently lost Adam Burish and lost a game to Washington AHL-ers.  That brings me to the Caps.  They’re for real this season.   They’re playing really, really well.  As much as I want the Stars to win the Stanley Cup, the Caps winning would be the second best thing.

-Ralph Strangis had a really nice send-off for Sergei Zubov here.

-And Dave Tippett is the new coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.  I’m thrilled that he got a job, since I think he was unfairly fired by Joe Nieuwendyk, but I hate that it’s in the same division.  That might make it tough.

Game against Colorado tonight.  If I was there, I’d tell them, “Don’t effing blow this.”  But, they probably will.   For some ungodly reason, they just can’t beat sucky teams. 😦

Worries and Concerns

Yesterday, I boldly stated that the Stars would win the Stanley Cup.  The likelihood that that will actually happen is very small, but if everything goes right, I think they really could.  

But, I have a few concerns with the Stars that might make them miss the playoffs yet again.  I’m not trying to depress anyone, but I’m serious;y worried about certain things.

1. Obviously the new GM and coach.  What if the Marc Crawford experiment ends up like the Sean Avery experiment?  I don’t think that that will happen, but it’s hard to forget the Bertuzzi incident. I’ll admit that when they announced Joe Nieuwendyk as GM, I got a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.  When Crawford became coach, that all went away.  It really concerns me.

2. The veterans are another year older.  Jere Lehtinen’s already injured, and Mike Modano is almost 40.  They’re solid players, yes, but the time will eventually come when we have to let them go.  That could very well be the end of this season.

3. Marty Turco.  What if last year was just a preview of this year’s Turco?  What if Marty has really lost it?  If we see last year’s imposter, the Stars are toast.  

4. We lost Sergei Zubov.  I always thought that Zubie was kind of the glue that held the team together.  When he played, the whole team looked better.  Now, he’s gone.  We lost a leader and the point on the power-play.

5. No true number-one defenseman.  As much as I love Stephane Robidas, he’s hardly a number one d-man.  We don’t have the guy who earns the big bucks.  The highest-paid defenseman is Trevor Daley, and he’s only paid $2.3 million.  This might come back to haunt them, or they’ll pull a Carolina and have successful no-names.

6. The teams around us are getting better.  San Jose acquired Dany Heatley.  Anaheim has added instrumental pieces.  LA’s kids are getting better.  Dallas is virtually the same team they were two years ago.  Will tougher opponents spell D-O-O-M for the Stars?

I’m not gonna lie, but I’ve lost some sleep thinking about all of this.  Hopefully none of the above are true, but I just had to get that out there.  The real test will be to get off to a faster start than last year.  The slow start was what really cost them.  I look forward to this year, and history shows that this should be a great year. 

Go Stars!!

My Bold Prediction…

You should record what I’m about to say, so that if I’m correct, I can feel really awesome and victorious.  Okay, here it is, my big, bold prediction:

The Dallas Stars will win the 2010 Stanley Cup.

Got that?  And guess what?  I actually have some reasons to back it up.


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It’s Almost Hockey Time!

Training camp is almost here, and that means one very cheerful thing: Stars hockey is almost here. 😀

The official site has a training camp schedule up here.

Now, just some questions I’ve been pondering, but I’d like to know what you all think:

Will impressive prospects like Jamie Benn and Ivan Vishnevskiy make the team?

If those two make the team, who doesn’t?

Will training camp be a preview of the Crawford-era Dallas Stars?

And the more important questions about the season:

Is this Mike Modano’s final season?

Will Turco make the comeback of his life?

Has last season’s curse ended?

Will Brenden Morrow and Brad Richards come back from their injuries better than ever?

Can we beat the Red Wings again?

Will any of last season’s rookies have sophomore slumps?

Will the Stars make the playoffs?

I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but like every hockey fan on Earth, October cannot come soon enough.  Go Stars!

Coaching Stuff

Marc Crawford confirmed that both Stu Barnes and Andy Moog will be returning as coaches.  Stu will most likely be behind the bench while Moog will be the bird’s-eye view from the press box.  I gotta say, I love that these two are coming back.  I just plain out heart Stu Barnes, and I think that Turco and Moog have a built a relationship that works.

The new coach of the Texas Stars, Dallas’ AHL team, is Glen Gulutzan from the ECHL’s Las Vegas Wranglers. 
The Wranglers qualified for the playoffs in five of Gulutzan’s six
seasons at the helm, including their expansion season of 2003-04 when the
team went 43-22-7 for 93 points. He was named ECHL Coach of the Year in
2005-06 and has been selected to coach in the ECHL All-Star Game three
times, tying the league record for most appearances by a coach.  It sounds good to me.

Dave Tippett will not be coaching the Wild, as they announced today that Todd Richards is their new coach.

That’s about all for now!