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The End is Near

It would figure, of course, that a team like the Kings is winning a Cup in 2012 of all years.  And, quite frankly, I’m not too happy about it.  I’m going to let Martin Freeman (from the flawless Sherlock) and Ron Swanson gif it out for me:

It’s not cool, and I don’t like it.  But, to be honest, I can’t wait for hockey to be over.  This is the first time in a very long time that I’ve felt that way.  I’m tired of watching the Kings be so disgustingly dominant.  I’m tired of cheering for a team I don’t even like.  I’m just tired of it all.

I want free agency to come so that Zach Parise, Alex Semin, and Ryan Suter can all become Stars and make us awesome and stuff. Or something like that. 

I mean, yeah, i’d love to see the Kings disintegrate and the Devils to win, but I’d probably just find myself not caring.  I haven’t really cared since the second round when all of my teams were knocked out.  I’m sorry, but when the only remaining teams are two from the Pacific and two from New York (basically), it’s not ideal for me. 

Good luck to the Devils, but if they don’t win, I don’t see how I can get any angrier than I have been. 

I will try not to throw up seeing Dustin Brown join the company of the wonderful, awesome, kick-ass Derian Hatcher as the only American-born captains to lead their teams to a Stanley Cup. 

Because Derian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dustin Brown.  Always.

Playoffs! Playoffs! Playoffs!

It was a busy month in my world, so I apologize for not posting anything about that wonderful first round of playoffs.  It’s funny how I can be so sad about the Stars missing out (again), but then actual playoffs teams remind me how much I love this sport.

The first round saw me feeling warm and fuzzy toward the Flyers as they took down the Penguins for me.  Those feelings still linger, and I hate that fact.  I used to hate them all, and now I’m starting to think that Claude Giroux’s pretty awesome and that maybe Scott Hartnell isn’t so bad after all.  Max Talbot, however, is still a tool.  The Canucks were thankfully eliminated as well, but I’m not feeling good feelings toward the Kings.  It’s a Pacific thing.

Speaking of which, the last thing I want right now is a Pacific-themed conference final.  Neither the Kings or the Coyotes have ever won a Cup, and I’d like to keep it that way.  I like being one of only two teams in the Pacific to have a championship.  And I kind of hate the Kings.  The Coyotes are tolerable, but the Kings…no.

Out East, that Caps-Rangers game last night was pretty awesome.

Fun fact: it was the longest game since May 4, 2008, which was–you guessed it– Game 6 between the Stars and Sharks.  That epic 4 OT one.

Who knows what the playoffs will bring next, but they’ve been pretty fun.

Let’s hear It for the Kid

Richard Bachman made his first NHL start last night, awesomely I may add.  Victories against the Kings are pretty rare, and Bach managed to help us get one.  Disclosure: I didn’ty watch the whole thing, expecially since a stupid pregame ceremony pushed the start back EVEN FURTHER. C’mon, Kings.  Couldn’t you honor Bernie Nichols some other night, like against a true Pacific team? Realignment can’t some soon enough…

Anyway, it was still pretty great to wake up and see that the Stars had won.  It’s also always nice to see rookies debut well.  I wasn’t too stoked to see the Stars after they fell apart in San Jose, but this was a pleasant, unexpected sort of win.

Finally, here’s a funny picture of Michael Ryder from last night!


I don’t even want to talk about that one.  But, hey, is anyone really surprised?  We were playing the Kings, and that sort of horrific event only happens against them.  Or so it seems.

And you can console yourself with the fact that, even though the Stars came back, they deserved what they got: 0 points.

The problem?  No Adam Burish (who will be out tomorrow as well. /sadface).  The man just creates energy, and when he’s not playing, it shows.

Since there weren’t any high points to the game (except Loui’s pretty goal), have some reaction gifs…

Next up: tomorrow against San Jose.  Let’s…let’s make that one a little prettier, shall we?

It just keeps getting better.

Wins against the Kings are a rare thing for the Stars, so the one last night is something to cherish.  Going into the game, it seemed incredibly unfair that the Stars’ long-awaited national attention came against a team that has had our number for many years.  Plus, it was Jamie Langenbrunner night!  How unfair that his 1000th game comes in a game we were sure to lose!

Worry not, my lovelies, because everything turned out all right.  The Stars won, to the tune of two power play goals, including a game-winner by the man of the night, J-Lags.

Add a thrilling penalty shot save by Kari Lehtonen with less than a minute left in the game, and you have yourself an epic win.  Did I mention that he made that save with LESS THAN A MINUTE LEFT IN REGULATION?  Pretty neat, eh?

It’s time to accept that this team is really, truly for real.  They played outstanding last night against a team they were almost surely going to lose to.  But did they give up? Hell no.  Last year’s Stars would have gawked at the one goal deficit and lost their confidence.  But this year’s Stars…they’re different.  The mentality in the room is a strong, confident one that asks, “Why not?” when facing a tough opponent.  Why not beat the Kings?  Why not lead the Pacific?  We can…so why not?

You’d better believe it.


I Hate the Pacific.


You do realize that we have yet to beat a Pacific opponent on the road, right?  In fact, we’ve only won one game against a division rival, and that came against Phoenix. 

This just sucks. It’s not that the Stars have been playing horrible, they just can’t catch a break.  From what I heard, refereeing was a bunch of BS against LA, and I’m sure that was the case against Anaheim as Stephane Auger was a ref. 

I don’t really know what to say.  What I want to do is rage and scream that this is the end of the season and we’re going to never win another game and end up with a top-three draft pick.  But I won’t do that; I’m too optimistic for such a thing.

There really haven’t been any plusses to report, unless you count Marc Crawford’s new haircut as a plus.  I don’t really know what to say now.

Dear Stars, Please just win your next game, ok?  Please please please do this.

Make it happen.

In the meantime, let’s get excited for Harry Potter adn the Deathly Hallows!

Playoffs- All Tied Up!

So far, every series that has played two games is tied up.  The fate of this trend rests on the shoulders of the Chicago Blackhawks.  If they lose, they ruin everything.  But no pressure, Hawks.

Anyway, there were some exciting games yesterday, my favorite being the Caps-Habs Game 2.  After being down 4-1, the Caps rallied to win in overtime 6-5.  Nicky Backstrom and Andrei Kostitsyn each had a hat trick.  The last time each opposing team had a hat trick in one playoff game?  May 4, 2009 when Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby did it.

These are just some thoughts I took from the game:

-I saw some deja vu from Jose Theodore.  He was pulled by BB (Bruce Boudreau) after allowing two goals on that many shots.  Semyon Varlamov took over and cleaned up for Theo, much like he did last postseason.  It wasn’t a pleasant sight.

-All the talk about the play of Nicky and Ovie overshadowed the great game that American hero, John Carlson had.  Carlson tied the game late in the third that sent the game to OT.  It was oddly reminiscent of his World Jr’s goal.  Same shot, same fist-pump, same delirium.  Also overshadowed was Eric Fehr and the third and fourth lines of the Caps.  Fehr’s breakaways goal in the first period gave the Caps life and those lines kept them in the game.  I’m just giving them the credit they deserve.

-Mike Green is an overrated goat.  Watching him last night was like watching Matt Niskanen all season.  At one poin during the game I screamed, “NISKERS!”  before realizing that, no, it wasn’t Niskers, but Mike Green.  Greenie’s choking just like last year.

On Vancouver and LA…

-I was happy to see the young, widdle Kings win.  Most of them have never even played in the playoffs before.  It’s nice they got a win under their belt.


Tonight: the Kings (or as I like to call them, the Queens) who own the Stars and we really have no chance of winning but you never know

Like I said, we really have no chance of winning.  The Kings own us the way the Red Wings used to.  They’re the team that we just can’t beat except for every once in a blue moon.  I know the Stars did come back against the Kings early in the season but that ended up being a shootout loss.  But so what?  It just reiterates my point that we can’t beat them.

However we do have a rather fortunate circumstance: Jonathan Quick will be out.  He had to go back to LA for his baby’s birth.  Ladies, a collective “Awwwwwww!”  I know, I know he’s the enemy, but I love babies. 🙂  

Another (somewhat) fortunate circumstance is the fact that we just lost and if the whole win-lose-win thing starts up again, we’re on the “win” cycle.  Of course, that might not happen and we’ll lose and sink even further into that blackhole of oblivion.  But I’d rather not think about that.

Come on guys, let’s do this!

Go Stars!

Points in a Back-to-Back and Whoa, Niskers!

So basically the San Jose game was awesomely amazing while the LA game wasn’t.  I’m glad that they got points in both games, but this horrible-shootouts-excpet-against-the-Sharks thing is really getting old.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sharks game because it was, in the end, an epic goalie battle as it usually is.  Best of all, Niskers got the shootout winner.  I KNOW, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!  So kudos to Nisky. 😛

As for the LA game, they didn’t get slaughtered, and that made me feel better about the loss.  I fully expected, like, 10-0 Kings to be the final score.  Well, not exactly 10-0, but I figured it’d be a stinker.  Luckily it wasn’t. 🙂

However, we have to ALWAYS remember that this is a team in transition.  The results won’t come immediately, so we shouldn’t be too hard on the young guys.  Especially Nisky.  If I keep telling myself that, will that make it true?  I hope so, because I’m constantly bordering on frutration with the Stars.

So next time there’s a bad loss, let it go.  There’s always next year for a deep playoff run.

Go Stars!

10/22/09 Stars Fall to Kings in OT aka “The One Where We Almost Won”

I’ll admit that the only goal I watched was Kopitar’s first.  I was really tired last night, and the Stars didn’t look like they were playing very well, so I just went to bed.  I was very wrong to think it was over at that point.  I watched the highlights this morning, and it was pretty much amazing how they came back.  For that effort, I think that they deserved that one point.  Of course, the fact that they even had to come back from a three-goal deficit isn’t very awesome, but I’m willing to look past that.

To be honest, this new Stars team makes me believe that they can come back from a deficit of two or three goals.  I just have more confidence in them, and I really can’t explain why.  I guess it has to do with the fact that they have come back from those deficits.  I like what I’m seeing.  With a little more work, Dallas could be a top ten team.

Plus, I’m glad that B-Rad played and looked fine out there.  He said later that the groin wasn’t really bugging him, which is nice to know.

Also, how about our young guys, James Neal and Jamie Benn?  They were great last night, and they’re going to be staples in this franchise for years to come.  You know, I kind of forget that Nealer had that eye injury over the summer.  I suppose it’s how well he’s playing that makes bad memories like that go away. 

I’d like to say that the loss wasn’t Auld’s fault.  The team in front of him wasn’t at its best.  And, I’m not gonna lie, but I don’t want to say that Auld did badly.  I don’t want to have goaltending problems where both goalies are inconsistent.  So I’m not going to believe that until it’s too late.

Anyway, great, great effort last night.  If we can build on all of this recent success, things will be good.

See you tomorrow night against the Blues.

Go Stars!