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10/3/09 Shootout Loss to Preds

First of all, I want to congratualte Stephane Robidas on such a finely delivered hit on J.P. Dumont.  Trashville, that was payback for the Tootoo hit three years ago. 😛
Anyway, game review time, I thought the Stars looked slow through the first and most of the second period.  The first James Neal goal gave them momentum that they really needed.  And it was a pretty awesome goal.  I mean, Nealer was practically falling when he scored it. 🙂
They probably would have won if not for Dan Ellis’ (unfortunately) spectacular goaltending.  They played a solid game towards the end, and if they always play that way, this will be a good season.  I think I like Marc Crawford’s system.

So We’ve Got a New Guy

GM Joe signed veteran defenseman, Karlis Skrastins, formerly of the Panthers to a 2-year contract.  I love that Nieuwy brought in a veteran d-man.  Now Robi doesn’t have to babysit the kids all by himself.  Skraskins was also compared to Mattias Norstrom, whose absence was felt this season.

Sadly, this means that Sydor’s not coming back and that Zubie’s chances are becoming slim.  I want Zubov back, like, crazy bad.  There are rumors that he might sign with St. Louis or the Rangers.  He can’t do that!  Zubie is a Star and nothing else.  I just want him to be happy, though.  He’ll get his number retired here, anyway.

Also, Jonas Gustavsson won’t make his decision for a while yet.  Surprise, surprise.  It’s looking more and more like he’ll be a Maple Leaf by the time it’s all over.