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Good-Bye, Fabian Brunnstrom!

An ode to Fabian Brunnstrom, Mean Girls-style…

He’s so pathetic. Let me tell you something about Fabian Brunnstrom. We were best friends two seasons ago. I know, right? It’s so embarrassing. I don’t even… Whatever. So then in 09-10, Fabian stopped scoring, and Loui Eriksson become my favorite Swede and I rooted for him, and Fabian was like, weirdly jealous of him. Like, if I would blow him off to cheer on Loui, he’d be like, “Why didn’t you cheer for me?” And I’d be like, “Why are you so obsessed with me?” So then, for the 10-11 season, the Stars was like, “Fabian, we can’t invite you, because we think you’re bust.” I mean we couldn’t have a bust at our party. There were gonna be players there in their *prime*. I mean, right? He was a BUST. So then his mom called Joe Nieuwendyk and started yelling at him, it was so dumb. And then he dropped off the face of the earth to the AHL because no one would talk to him, and he came back now because he’s traded, and all of his hair is cut off and he’s totally weird, and now I guess he’s on crack.

It’s been fun, Fabio.



So James Neal still hasn’t been re-signed.  Neither has Nick Grossman.  With Hjalmarsson signing an offer sheet from San Jose today, I’m a teensy bit worried. 

Those so-called “experts” say that there’s nothing to worry about because losing an RFA to an offer sheet is, like, really rare.  Bullshit.  I’ll be worried about those two until they’re both re-signed.  Admittedly, I’m more concerned with Neal than Grossman, but that’s mostly because Neal is very appealing to other teams.  You know, teams with money.

GM Joe needs to hurry up and sign Nealer and Nicky because this is getting very worrisome.  I’m not even going to mention Niskers and Bunny.  No offense, but they’re irrelevant to this team moving forward.

If Neal doesn’t come back, I won’t be able to make fun Mean Girls-inspired pictures of him.  That would be a damn shame.

Finally some news

The Stars have extended offers to a number of RFAs including James Neal, Nick Grossman, Matt Niskanen…and Fabian Brunnstrom?  Yeah, I don’t get it either about those last two.

I suppose that Niskers and Bunny could be signed to two-way contracts and get that AHL seasoning that they were originally deemed too good for.  They’d have to go through waivers, but it’s not like we’d ever need them.  I want both of them to have a season with the Baby Stars and then come back to the big leagues.  That’s the ideal situation but it’s not likely.

Nope, two words:  Trade.  Bait.  Maybe we could finally get that number-one defenseman we need!  You know, Tomas Kaberle’s available.

I just can’t see why anyone would want Brunnstrom though.  He’s a bust…as  a Dallas Star.  However, he might thrive in a different style of game for another team.  Think Ville Leino being a bust for the Red Wings, before ultimately tearing it up with the Flyers. 

 I think the thing with Fabian is a pride issue more than anything.  Nobody wants to admit that their big free agent signing was a bust.  The Stars battled then Red Wings and won Brunnstrom, so I don’t think they’re going to give up on him after working so hard to get him.

I don’t know…that’s all I’ve got.

ESPN’s Take on Some Stars

Burnside and LeBrun launched some Top-10 lists concerning rookies, sophomores, and comeback players.  The rest of the list is here but all I care about are the Stars references.

First up is Fabian Brunnstrom in 10 Rookies/Sophomores to Watch This Season.

Fabian Brunnstrom, F, Dallas Stars
The Stars’ much-heralded rookie had an up-and-down first NHL campaign after being courted by seemingly half the league’s 30 teams last offseason. He played in only 55 games and had 29 points in 2008-09. His continued evolution will be a key to the Stars’ return to the postseason.

Then, there’s B-Rad and Marty Turco in 10 Players With Something to Prove This Season.

Brad Richards, F, Dallas Stars
The pride of Prince Edward Island redefined the term “bad luck” last season, when, in his first game back from a broken right wrist, he broke his left hand. Come on, is that even possible? Then, the 29-year-old star forward, a member of Canada’s 2004 World Cup of Hockey championship team and the 2006 Olympic team, was left off the Canadian Olympic camp invite list this past summer. You want motivation? Watch out for Richards this season in Dallas.

I thought the “bad luck” reference was kind of funny in a ridiculous sort of way. 😛

Marty Turco, G, Dallas Stars
In the last year of a deal that pays him $5.4 million this season, the 34-year-old Stars netminder is coming off the worst statistical season of his NHL career. But he worked extremely hard all summer and impressed in camp and the preseason. Whether the Stars have any real chance this season rides on his shoulders.

Very true.  But at the same time, very worrisome.

Come on Bunny, B-Rad, and Turco!  Let’s redeem ourselves!  Go Stars! 😀

Preseason Musings

With every preseason game, we come a little bit closer to the real season.  Here are some things that I’ve noticed and heard during the preseason:

-This just might be the season that we see Brad Richards’ true colors.  He had an injury-riddled season last year, and we learned that he had off-season shoulder surgery.  Really, B-Rad’s all ready to go for this season.  And he’s been showing it by being the Stars’ best player during this preaseason.

Will we finally see the real B-Rad?

Will we finally see the real B-Rad?

-Jamie Benn is impressing me.  A lot.  Much more than Fabian Brunnstrom.  I don’t know if Bunny’s just having a rough time or what, but he’s in danger of losing his roster spot.  As much as I’d prefer to get Benn seasoned in the AHL, I can’t help but think that he could do some real damage here.

-Something’s off with Mike Ribeiro and Brenden Morrow.  Those two haven’t been producing the way we know they can.  Possibly the absence of Jere Lehtinen?  I certainly hope that’s the case…

Dallas' Dynamic Duo

Dallas' Dynamic Duo

-From what I’ve heard, it sounds like the goalies have been solid.  No “bad” goals have been let in.  No one’s pulled a Marty Turco as far as I know…

-They’re still adjusting to Marc Crawford’s system.  I’ve heard it in quotes and from Mike Heika.  Hopefully they’ll have it down by October 3.

-Florida is the new Detroit.  You know how it is with certain teams.  They just always have our number and somehow step up their play whenever the Stars are the opponent.  Florida seems to be like that.

-For other teams, it sounds like Chicago is struggling.  They recently lost Adam Burish and lost a game to Washington AHL-ers.  That brings me to the Caps.  They’re for real this season.   They’re playing really, really well.  As much as I want the Stars to win the Stanley Cup, the Caps winning would be the second best thing.

-Ralph Strangis had a really nice send-off for Sergei Zubov here.

-And Dave Tippett is the new coach of the Phoenix Coyotes.  I’m thrilled that he got a job, since I think he was unfairly fired by Joe Nieuwendyk, but I hate that it’s in the same division.  That might make it tough.

Game against Colorado tonight.  If I was there, I’d tell them, “Don’t effing blow this.”  But, they probably will.   For some ungodly reason, they just can’t beat sucky teams. 😦

My Bold Prediction…

You should record what I’m about to say, so that if I’m correct, I can feel really awesome and victorious.  Okay, here it is, my big, bold prediction:

The Dallas Stars will win the 2010 Stanley Cup.

Got that?  And guess what?  I actually have some reasons to back it up.


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Sunday Afternoon Tidbits

-I don’t like that the Pens won the Cup, but seeing Philippe Boucher hoist the Cup makes it all better.  I’m truly happy for him. 🙂

-Apparently, Dallas is at the top of Dany Heatley’s list of possible teams.  We don’t need another left winger with a big salary.  Besides, we’d have to deal Brad Richards to get him most likely, and I like Richy too much to see him go.  There’s also Heatley’s off-ice attitude.  He’s demanded a trade from both teams he’s been on.  Yeah, I understand why he wanted out of Atlanta because of the Dan Snyder thing, but wanting out of Ottawa makes him a bit of a diva in my eyes.

-Jonas Gustavsson is set to talk to Joe Nieuwendyk pretty soon.  He is good friends with Fabian Brunnstrom, who could be a factor in getting him here.

-Tippett is supposedly interviewing with the Wild.  That’d be nice since Tip’s got a house in Minnesota.

-That’s about all for now kids!