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Make It or Break It

With just a few games left, the remainder of the regular season is critical for the Stars.  It’s scary tight in the Western Conference.  Just 3 points separate the Stars from 9th place.

Last night’s win against Edmonton was critical.  Sure, it looked like an easy win on paper, but the Oilers have been playing very well lately, playing spoiler for some playoff-chasing teams.

Not the Stars, thoguh.

Nope they took advantage of a weaker opponent and picked two very important points.  It also helped that the hockey gods were on our side, as San Jose and LA both lost in regulation.

The bad part in al this?  The Stars’ remaining games aren’t exactly rainbows and butterflies.  Vancouver, San Jose, Nashville, and St. Louis comprise the remaining games.  It’ll be tough, but we’ll see if they can pull this off.



The Fresh Start

Monday night wasn’t Tom Gaglardi’s first game as owner, but he was introduced to the home crowd in Dallas.  I think his being there helped the team tremendously.  There was more of a crowd, and that crowd was enthusiastic.

The game itself was wonderful.  There was violence, yet no fights or controversies.  No, it was just a hard-played, gritty game by two teams that decided to bring back the old rivalry at least for one night.  It was great.

Mark Fistric in particular kept laying people out awesomely.  Soom poor kid Swede was obliterated.  Welcome to North America, kid!

Unfortunately, Brenden Morrow won’t be able to play tonight, possibly due to the fact that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was out to get him or something.  Whatever. RNH is adorable, and I don’t hate him.

What’s so great is that there’s this sense of hope.  Now that there’s a new woner, it feels like we can do anything.  Gaglardi’s not going on a crazy buying spree right now (Black friday deals be damned), but he’s sticking to Nieuwy’s smart long-term plan.  With the money to do whatever we please, the first priority is to sign the young talent we have.  after that, let’s just build this thing.

Go Stars Go.

Slumping Like Yeah

Can we just forget about last night’s embarrassing loss to the Oilers?  We kind of need to since the Stars play Calgary tonight on the second night of a back-to-back.

This recent slide has not been fun.  In fact, it’s been positively painful.  How is it that we were leading the Pacific and riding playoff dreams to this stumble?  I don’t get it.

 Something went wrong somewhere. 

It could be the injuries.  After having good luck with our health during the first half, the Stars have had a remarkably unlucky string of injuries since the All-Star break.  Especially hurtful has been the loss of Jamie Benn.  That kid is a MONSTER, and the Stars are really showing how much they depended on him.  It doesn’t help that B-Rad is b-roken now.


God, I don’t know.  I’m not an analyst.  Ignore me.  Whatever.

To my dear Stars, just…just make it a little prettier, okay?


That Three-Game Winning Streak? Not Happening.

I waited to post this because I thought the Stars might actually oull the magic winning streak out of a hat.  Sadly I was wrong.  Oh well.

Stars 5, Sharks 1

If we somehow miraculously made it to the eighth seed, San Jose would be very afraid.   I love this era of owning the Sharks.  Sure we’re playing for pride at this point, but it feels nice to win against the Sharks.  It’s like a reward for the woes of the rest of the season.

And how about Steve Ott?  I’m not gonna lie, but when he got his hat trick, I jumped off my couch and did a happy dance.  Hat tricks make me happy, especially when they come from one of my favorite guys, Steve Ott.

Way to go, Otter.  You earned it.

Stars 6, Oilers 3

It’s funny, but if you were sitting at that end of the AAC, you saw every goal.  That was just sort of random and funny, I thought.

Anyway, all I can say is that I love Jamie Benn.  That kid is a monster.  Just…wow.

I was glad to see Modano and Lehtinen have such great games.  It was very reminiscient of the old days.  It was also painfully sad to watch them knowing their careers are almost over.

Stars 1, Blues 2

They didn’t play too badly, just not good enough.  I thought Lehtonen was fine as was the Benn line.  It was Niskanen that really played badly.

It was sort of a lifeless game, in my opinion.  It had its moments, but it was  pretty boring.

And how about this?  Brad Richards is only one point away from his career high 91 points.  He’s also three away from the franchise record of 93, set by Mike Modano.  Come on Brad, get some points and break some records!

Yeah…this season’s over.  But whatever.  Let’s go out with dignity, okay, Stars?  Be the spoilers just because it’s fun to do that.

Next Up: the Blackhawks. 

Make it happen.

Go Stars.

Rock Bottom

Tonight: The Stars head into Edmonton aka the worst team in the West.

And I just want to say this, if we don’t win, this might be rock bottom.  I mean, we may have hit rock bottom before, but it’d be even more rock bottom now.  Like in that SpongeBob episode where he and Patrick miss Bikini Bottom and instead end up at Rock Bottom.

Rock. Bottom.

When you lose to one of the league’s worst teams, the loss is even worse.  Stars, I know Taylor Hall sounds pretty awesome with his Batman underpants and all, but we don’t really need him.  Or Cam Fowler.  Or Tyler Seguin.  Well…we do need them, but getting them means one thing:  we’ve hit rock bottom.  DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE SPONGEBOB DID!

It’s amazing how much you can learn from SpongeBob, isn’t it?

Oiler I Most Want On My Team: Ehhhh…none of them really.  If I had to choose, Sheldon Souray then.  He’d be a pretty decent number-one defenseman.  And (more SpongeBob nostalgia!) his name is Sheldon, which is the same name as the antagonist on SpongeBob SquarePants, Plankton.  That name makes me giggle…which is why it’s my Sidney Crosby nickname. 😛