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Brett Hull, 2nd Best Hull/Internet Troll

Brett Hull is a cheater.

Brett Hull is the Ambassador of Fun.

Brett Hull is the 2nd Best Hull.

Brett Hull is an Internet troll.

Brett Hull especially likes trolling Buffalo Sabres fans.

And I effing love him for all of it.


The Dawning…

 I apologize for not posting sooner.  I mean, it’s been over a weel since Crow got fired.  What’s wrong with me, right?  Well, I’ve given it a little while so I can really think about it.

When I first read the text message from the Stars at 2:57 p.m. last Wednesday, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Holy jumpin’.”  And then I started to hyperventilate.  It’s not every day that your coach is randomly fired, you know.

This was my initial reaction to Crawford’s firing.

Then I thought about it for a little while and decided that it was a good thing that Nieuwendyk fired him.  When you look at Crawford’s past and see that he went playoff-less in two seasons with LA also, it’s pretty obvious that he’s not workng out.

I will miss him a little, but mostly just his ridiculous hair.  Marc Crawford was obviously not “the guy,” and now I feel like we wasted two years figuring that out.  Oh well.  Shit happens.

So who should we hire next?

Ken Hitchcock. Y’know, we won a Cup with him and stuff.  Never mind that his style gets old after a little while and prompts management to fire his ass.

Guy Carbonneau. Stars alum!  What could possibly go wrong?  Other than the fact that he sucked at player communication during his stint in Montreal, not to mention the awkward fact that he’s Brenden Morrow’s daddy-in-law.  Awkwaaaaard!

Andy Murray. I’ve always enjoyed his angry demeanor, though I’m sure that gets old after awhile.  He also knows how to beat the Stars, so…if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  Am I right or…?

Glen Gulutzan. He’s had some decent success with the BB Stars. Maybe that could translate to success in the big leagues?  Or it could be an epic fail.  The jury’s out on this one.

Brett Hull.  No I’m totally kidding.

Yeah.  I’m looking forward to a fun summer. 

See you there.

Appreciate the Ugly Goals

20 Cent’s game-winner last night was no beauty.  In fact, it was a pretty ugly goal.  But who cares?  A goal is a goal, no matter how pretty it is.  Ugly goals come from hard work, and in this case a true talent.

Stars fans, of course can relate to this mantra.  The goal that won us our first and only Cup came from Hall of Famer (and Ambassador of Fun), Brett Hull.  You would think that it’d be a “hull” of a shot that came from him.   It wasn’t though.  Rather, it was a goal earned from a lot of chipping and persistance.  That goal isn’t ugly.  It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Speaking of Hull’s cup winner, people are now using Kaner’s OT winner in the same sentence as Hull’s.  Both were chippy plays.  Both were confusing.  And, yes, both were actual goals. 

I see no difference.

“History Will Be Made” is Becoming a Joke

Shortly before the playoffs began, the NHL debuted its new playoff slogan: “History Will be Made.”  In addition, they created these nice, heartfelt commercials featuring the likes of Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and Ray Bourque.  Here’s the Ray Bourque ad:

That’s one of the most touching moments in sports, not just hockey.

Another unforgettable moment the NHL used was Bobby Orr:

Then there’s the indelible parodies, such as this lovely short made by the great Bloge Salming,  featuring Brett Hull:

All of these featured moments they’re still talking about to this day.  What a great idea, eh?

And then, the NHL made their big mistake.

They just couldn’t stop making these “History Will Be Made” commercials.  Here’s one about Jaroslav Halak upsetting the Caps in Round 1:

He was great and all, but will that become one of the defining moments in our sport?  Well if the Habs win the Stanley Cup it might.  But they’re currently deadlocked in a 2-2 semifinal with the Pens and it’s somewhat inevitable that they’re not going to win since the Pens ALWAYS win.  It’s not exactly history-making until the Habs get past the Pens.  If that happens. 

Moving on to Lil’ Joe Pavelski’s ad:

It looks like the Sharks will win this series, but you never know if they’ll choke or not.  If they choke, people won’t remember Pavelski’s big postseason run.  They’ll remember the Sharks’ big choke.

In addition to those, there’s also a Kris Versteeg one out there.  That’s not to mention the fact that you can count on a new commercial after every playoff game.   That’s kind of how the NHL is working things these days.

So, NHL, I beg of you this: please stop making all of these ads until you’re sure that the moment will be a defining one on hockey and not just a random story from these playoffs.  It’s great to honor these players, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

You’re making this into a joke.

11/23/09 Stars Shut Out the Canes aka “Return of the Morrow”

Going into the game, I was pretty worried that we couldn’t beat the last-place Hurricanes.  And after Ray Whitney had seemingly scored, I feared that the win-lose-win-lose trend was taking over again.  But the Stars won in spite of fate, I guess you could say.  Maybe now they’ll get a little win streak going and (finally!) build off of a win.  

Let’s talk about Brenden Morrow.  He rocked last night.  He practically oozed awesome.  He fought Tim Gleason within the first minute of the game, and I smiled because I saw a flash of the old, pre-ACL injured Morrow.  And he just kept on going.  Morrow hit guys like he used to, and he may not have had a goal, but he did have a primary assist on the Bennster’s goal.  I think Morrow really needed a game like that.

And he sure as heck got it.

So…how about Brad Richards?  Every single night he’s consistently awesome.  He creates chances out of nothing and I’m really impressed with him.  Are there anymore Richards-haters out there? If you are, speak up so I can grant about how awesome B-Rad is. 😉

I just wanted to say that James Neal’s suspension was worth it now.  The Stars won both games without him, and it’s all okay.  Why was the suspension worth it, you ask?  Because the way Dorsett went down was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile.  He looked like a cartoon character who had a hammer dropped on his head.  And that, my lovelies, is why it was worth it.

Great game, and Juicy didn’t even how to embarrass us in the shootout.

Next up is the Brett Hull ceremony against the Blues.  Let’s build on this one.

Go Stars!

Hull of a Career

I love corny puns for titles like the one above.  And I especially love ones about Brett Hull.  I just think that’s awesome.  Anyway, no game review for the recent back-to-back.  I was all pumped about beating Vancouver and that creepy ginger kid goalie they’ve got.  Then they went and lost to Minnesota.  Freaking last-place-in-the-West Minnesota.  Depressing.

Anyway, it’s Hall of Fame Day.  Dallas’ own Brett Hull has been elected into the HOF.  Cool, right?  He’s the first Star to ever have the honor.  And probably not the last since Joe Nieuwendyk’s a shoo-in next year, Carbonneau will get it one of these years, and Mike Modano is freaking Mike Modano. 

But Hull’s special.  For us Stars fans, he’s a hero.  He won us our Stanley Cup.  And sure, it was controversial, but pssh! Do we care?  No.  What counts is that we took a risk on this superstar and it paid off.  They say we couldn’t have won without Nieuwendyk, but we might not have won it without Hull.  He was the missing piece that gave us a Cup.

Hull is third on the all-time goals list.  That’s only behind Gretzky and Howe.  What’s even more remarkable is the fact that Hull never really cared about the sport.  He was fun-loving and goofy, and didn’t really care about anything.  That’s why “Ambassador of Fun” is a fitting nickname for him as well.

And then there was the shot.  What.  A.  Bullet.  somehow he always managed to find the back of the net.  I’m not old enough to remember any of Hull very well, but I’ve watched countless Stars Cup videos.  Watching Hull, what I really noticed was his shot.  It really kind of freaked me out how good it was.  Hull was scary good.

With Hull going to the Hall, it’s a proud moment for us Stars fans.  One of our own is finally in the Hall. Don’t ever forget what Hull brought to the Stars in those three years he was here.  Don’t remember “that mistake”, remember the goal in triple OT of Game 6 back in ’99.  Because that’s what Brett Hull should be to Stars fans.

Hull, No Goal That Was 6-19-99

It counted. Now shut up and move on, people.

“No Goal” Will Never Go Away

When I wandered around The Hockey News, I found an article by Jason Kay, where he recounted the top 20 events that had happened since he’d been working at THN.  I thought it’d be one of those nice little reminiscent pieces where he recounted his favorite moments.

To be honest, I didn’t expect “No Goal” to be on there.  I mean, it’s a goal that’s looked back on in shame for a lot of people.  And, it came from the Dallas Stars, who they don’t really say much about up in Canada.

I smiled at times while reading the list (mainly, “The Goal” by Alex Ovechkin, which never ceases to amze me; it was ranked at #14), then there were times when I just wanted to cry for being forced to remember something I didn’t want to remember (pretty much only the Dany Heatley/Dan Snyder crash at #6).

So, you can imagine my surprise when I saw “No Goal” at number two, only behind Mario Lemiex’s return after cancer treatment.  I guess that prt of me expected it to be on the list, just way down low on it.  But, no.  It’s number 2.

Here’s what Jason Kay had to say about “No Goal”:

2. No goal, June 19, 1999. High drama. High controversy. High embarrassment. On the bright side, Brett Hull’s triple overtime Stanley Cup-winner over Buffalo helped drive a dagger through the heart of an ill-conceived rule.

It’s amazing how it will never, ever go away isn’t it?

The rest of the list is here.