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5 Years of Cinco de Morrow

Cinco de Morrow


1:24 this morning marked the anniversary of one of the most legendary moments in Dallas Stars history–Cinco de Morrow. It was at that moment that Brenden Morrow scored the game-winning goal in the fourth overtime in Game 6 against the Sharks, sending the Stars to their first conference final in forever.

We’re a long way from that goal.

But still we look back at it fondly. The Stars are a completely different team now; only three players remain from that magical night (Loui Eriksson, Stephane Robidas, and Trevor Daley) and Morrow himself is now in Pittsburgh trying to win a much-deserved Stanley Cup. And who knows who will remain after new GM Jim Nill has his say? But for now, let’s just look back at a moment that is second best to only the events of June 19, 1999.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 5 years. But it really has been 5 years since that goal and since the Stars have been in the playoffs. This goal is what I (and every other hockey fan) lives for–those incredible marathons that show just why hockey is the greatest game on Earth. And very short years ago, Brenden Morrow made an entire fanbase believe.

I believe that the Stars can get back to those glory days. But for now, let’s just celebrate and appreciate Cinco de Morrow.

The Fresh Start

Monday night wasn’t Tom Gaglardi’s first game as owner, but he was introduced to the home crowd in Dallas.  I think his being there helped the team tremendously.  There was more of a crowd, and that crowd was enthusiastic.

The game itself was wonderful.  There was violence, yet no fights or controversies.  No, it was just a hard-played, gritty game by two teams that decided to bring back the old rivalry at least for one night.  It was great.

Mark Fistric in particular kept laying people out awesomely.  Soom poor kid Swede was obliterated.  Welcome to North America, kid!

Unfortunately, Brenden Morrow won’t be able to play tonight, possibly due to the fact that Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was out to get him or something.  Whatever. RNH is adorable, and I don’t hate him.

What’s so great is that there’s this sense of hope.  Now that there’s a new woner, it feels like we can do anything.  Gaglardi’s not going on a crazy buying spree right now (Black friday deals be damned), but he’s sticking to Nieuwy’s smart long-term plan.  With the money to do whatever we please, the first priority is to sign the young talent we have.  after that, let’s just build this thing.

Go Stars Go.

Merry Christmas!

Here’s my Christmas card to you all, featuring Jamie Benn adn Brenden Morrow:

Nuthin’ but heart and perseverance, babydoll.

I’ll admit that I’ve had my doubts about how good the Stars actually are.  Well…they’ve just about convinced me that they’re the real thing.  They showed so much heart in yesterday’s win.   Perhaps it was even the heart of a champion.

The task: defeat the top-of-the-West Detroit Red Wings less than twenty-four hours after defeating the Blue Jackets.  Mission accomplished.

Of course, the Stars came out extremely flat and didn’t even register a shot-on-goal until about ten minutes into the first.  They surrendered two goals to the Wings and already looked defeated.

But then, Brad motherfuckin’ Richards took a swing at a bouncing puck and got a few lucky bounces, thus narrowing the Wings’ lead to one.  By the end of the first, it was a tied game set to turn into a thriller.  And we all know that it did.

However, the Wings weren’t through with us.  With 16 seconds left in the second period, Johan Franzen scored a truly deflating goal to put the Wings in front again.

The third frame was thrilling as we Stars fans waited for a game-tying goal to occur.  Morrow was the one who scored it, and it was pretty sweet the way he dished it through his legs into the goal.  And so the game went to overtime…

Fun fact: the Wings haven’t won a game in OT or the shootout against Dallas since Halloween 2001.  So basically we had history on our side.

And history prevailed.  Who else but Loui Eriksson would even score the OT winner?  That guy is a game-winning goal machine.  With that goal, the Stars denied Chris Osgood his 400th career victory.

I can imagine how awkward the Detroit locker room was after the game.  I’m sure the team convinced Babcock to start Osgood as the Stars had so many factors going against them that ensured a loss.  Awkwaaaaaaaard!

But whatever.  We did it, and look who’s STILL at the top of the Pacific, bitches! Haters gonna hate.

Get it girl.

Chaos! At the AAC

Obviously the biggest story to come out of the Stars-Pens game is the Sidney Crosby-Matt Niskanen fight.  I’ll admit, it seriously freaked me out. When I saw that it was Crosby who was fighting Niskers, I was all, “OMFG I CAN’T EVEN. NISKERS? AND CROSBY? WHAT’S GOING ON?”

Let’s just say that if you went to the game intending to see Crosby do something crazy, well…you got your wish.  Personally, I thought it was gutless of Crosby to go after Matt Niskanen, a guy who has only ever been in one fight in his NHL career.  Hey, Sid, go with Mark Fistric next time. I guarantee you will not win that one.  This is why I don’t like Sidney Crosby.  Thank you, Sidney, for backing up my claims.

In addition to the Niskers-Crosby fight, there were three other throwdowns, two of which belonged to Jamie Benn, like this one with Chris Kunitz:

And then this one between Morrow and Kris Letang, which caused an outrage among Penguins fans:

I’m not really liking the whole, “BRENDEN MORROW WENT AFTER TANGER BECAUSE OF HIS HAND. OOOOH WHAT A TERRIBLE PERSON” bullshit.  It was some heated poking and prodding between the two, and it’s not like Morrow chose Letang specifically.  It was a spur of the moment thing. So, please, stop whining.

This was an especially satisfying win because it was against my least favorite team in the NHL.  What makes it even more amazing is the fact that the Pens got a load of free calls, including some that led to a lengthy 5-on-3, yet we still showed them what’s up.  One non-call that infuriated me was when Geno Malkin retaliated and put a blatant cross-check on Morrow, I think, and didn’t get a call.  I guarantee if a Stars player does that, he gets put in the box on a cross-check call. 

It was so sweet to beat the Pens at home for the first time in seven years. Some teams warrant a bit of a celebration after beating them, and Pittsburgh is one of those teams.  We played well and didn’t take any of the Penguins’ shit like most other teams do.

Loui Eriksson had highlight of the night:

Three words: sweet silky moves.  Jussi Jokinen would be proud of such a wonderful demonstration of his move.

Next up: Dave Tippett and the Yotes.

Make it happen.

“90 is just a number. 9 is forever.”

I did not expect that. And let’s be honest, did any of us? We fucking OWNED that game. Last night was full of personal expectations for me that were not met. I expected to cry when I saw Mike Modano, but I didn’t even shed a tear. I expected the Wings to obliterate us, but instead we showed them the Dallas stars Blitzkrieg.

Crazy, right?

We had goals from the guys we need goals from- Brad Richards, Brenden Morrow, Loui (LOUI) Eriksson, and James “Real Deal” Neal.  Fun fact: Brenden Morrow is among the league leaders in goals, Brad Richards is a leader in points assists, and plus-minus, and we’re 3-0. Kari Lehtonen was a solid presence in the net.   We were outshot, and Kari performed magnificently.  Oh, and the PK wasn’t as atrocious as it was.  I mean, we only let in one goal on the PK. That’s progress.

Mark Fistric was a monster, as evidenced by this hit to Johan Franzen that has the Wings camp in an uproar:

Franzen left and is rumored to have a concussion. But never fear, it was a totally clean hit.  Fishsticks hits people to play the game, unlike guys like James Wisniewski who hurt guys to settle this sick desire to hurt people. But that’s just my opinion.

The Stars were the better team last night, and they showed it by doing the little things.  I was really proud of them.  Bottom line, we’re three-and-oh, bitches.  Stats are useless; the only one that matters is wins.  Obviously the Stars will fall back to Earth sometime, but I want to enjoy this wondeful feeling while it lasts.  It’s fun being at the top.

Finally, here’s some Modano footage, including an interview:

Nest up, we play the Blues.  The big question is, Will the Stars finally crash back down to Earth? Or will they keep up this shocking run?

Let’s make it happen. GO STARS.

Welcome Back.

Now that’s the way to start the season.  Obviously the Stars weren’t perfect, but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is that they looked really, really good out there.  I’ll admit that I thought the game was lost after we fell behind 2-0.  But I’d waited 181 effing days to see them, and I wasn’t going to be so quick to turn the game off. 

Luckily, Ilya Kovalchuk’s shot rand off the post, allowing the Wonder Twins to cut the lead on half to 2-1.  After that, some hard work and being in the right place at the right time gave Loui Eriksson his first goal of the night, tying it up. 

Obviously it couldn’t be so simple.  The Devils scored on the power play after a questionable Steve Ott call (had it been anyone else, charging wouldn’t have been called).  Then, Nealer let out his inner Brad Richards and gave a perfect pass to an incoming B-Rad. 

The third period was scoreless, but extremely tense.  My favorite moment was Stephane Robidas’ game-saving defensive play.  No stick and kicked the puck away LIKE IT WAS NO BIG DEAL.  Robi saved the game right there. 

Then in overtime, Kovalchuk got tied up by Trevor Daley and B-Rad and Loui went in on the odd-man rush.  Loui scored, causing many to launch into cheers of “LOUI, LOUI!”  Just a little note, Kovalchuk: don’t be bothered by Trevor Daley; he’s really not that important.

Here are the highlights if you want to see them again (psh…as if you missed the game):

Unfortunately, they didn’t put in Jamie Benn’s big hit that sent a devil headfirst into his own bench.  Allow me to fawn over him, because he’s so wonderful.  Even though his line didn’t score, Bennster was a monster.

Also, I’m loving the Morrow-Ribeiro-Burish line.   They generated a lot of chances, and their one goal was a thing of beauty.  It’s good to have the Wonder Twins back, it really is.

In other Stars news, Mike Modano scored in his Red Wings debut.  I was so proud of him.  Don’t be a hater; he just wants to play hockey.  Is that such a crime?

Next up: Tonight against the Isles. Kari is the starter again.  Let’s not fall behind again, ok?