Work It Out


The first half of Game 1 was pretty ugly. The Stars’ and the fans’ worst nightmares became reality as the guys found themselves in a 4-0 hole. I had suspected the Ducks would come out and overwhelm them and I was unfortunately correct. And who could blame them? A lot of the guys were playing in their first career playoff game and several others hadn’t been in a playoff game in years. In this season, it’s a victory just to be there, but who can blame everyone for wanting more?

By the end of the second period, the Stars seemed to get it together. The Stars’ first 5-on-3 goal of the season sparked a change in the team’s play and allowed them to induce a little bit of fear into the dominating Ducks. It’s impressive that they got three goals to make it a one-goal game, especially considering how little experience the team as a whole has. I can’t help but see that as a good sign for the rest of the series.

The game played out much like the rescheduled Columbus game from last Wednesday: a flat Stars team comes out, falls behind, figures it out, and attempts a comeback. 

This team is young and growing pains are inevitable. But what’s impressed me this entire season is the Stars’ ability to adapt. I think a lot of this falls on coaching–Lindy Ruff has been phenomenally patient with his team. Even though they came out a little hesitant and scared, by the end they seemed to get a grip. I anxiously await Game 2.

Go Stars.


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