Retiring 9


Just some thoughts on what was a really, really incredible night:

  • I love love love the fact that the Modano jerseys they wore during warm-ups were different sweaters that reflected the different eras of his career. So cool.
  • Image
  • Image
  • I knew Mo’s speech would be hard to watch, and he didn’t disappoint. He started choking up after three sentences. 
  • The cameos were amazing: the ’99 Cup team (unfortunately minus a few, including Sergei Zubov and Joe Nieuwendyk), Norm Green (hollaaaa), Tom Hicks (ugh), the families of the previously retired numbers (classy as hell), Bob Gainey, Doug Armstrong, Rick Wilson, and…the Stanley Cup. Amazing.
  • The game itself was a good one, even though it had its controversial moments…
  • like the Houla hit on Kari Lehtonen. The Tim Thomas trade is looking brilliant right now. Hopefully this will silence everyone moaning and whining about Thomas being a Star. I hate his politics, too, but let’s separate his personal life from his hockey life.
  • Matt Cooke is still the scum of the earth. Stop saying he’s a changed guy. A reformed Matt Cooke wouldn’t have thrown that dangerous knee on Val Nichushkin. 
  • Erik Cole scored the game-winner on Mike Modano night. Cole is number 72, and 7+2=9 so there.

Overall, it was an unforgettable night with an epic ceremony and a hard-earned two points that surely made Mike Modano proud.



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