All Guts, None of the Glory


I knew I’d cry the day Stephane Robidas was no longer a Star. To me, Robi is a perfect hockey player. So few players have set such a leading example of what a hockey player is or embodied the toughness that Robi did in his years here. And yet his efforts have gone largely unnoticed. 

That’s just who Stephane Robidas is.

An all guts, no glory player who led by example and would always take one for the team but never asked for recognition or even a simple thank you. 

With his rather small size, at first glance he doesn’t look to be much. But did he ever bring it. Robidas’s contributions came largely in the form of physical sacrifices. Shot blocking? He’s on it. Puck to the face? Just another day at the office. He never shied away from hitting players twice his size if it meant helping his team win a game. 

The selfish part of me wanted Robidas to stay forever and retire as a Dallas Star, but Jim Nill did him right by letting him go to a contender. He deserves a shot at the Cup. No one deserves it more than Robi.  He’s seriously the best.

As if you needed more reason to love this classy, perfect human being:


I would have preferred he not go to a team the Stars could potentially play in the first round (fingers crossed that we hold on!), but honestly it doesn’t even matter that much. If Anaheim wins the Stanley Cup, I will have the biggest smile on my face because one of my all-time favorites will finally get the glory he deserves. 

I’ll miss the hell out of you, Robi. Thanks for 12 years.


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